Beliefs and thoughts

My first post shall be on my beliefs and thoughts about the events that occurs anywhere and everywhere. This may give you a clearer idea on who I am. If not than I guess I’m not the only one.

Actions, events and the things people do on a daily basis always have a reason. May it be just because or habits. These are still legit reasons. I’m positive my place on the Earth was not determine by God but by my own actions and the actions of those around me. The way I think is because of those around me, the things I hear, see, experience. The term “blame” is ludicrous. You can place blame on somebody for something you either knew or didn’t know somebody did. It can be out of anger, jealousy, it doesn’t matter. You didn’t do anything to stop it, it could’ve been an accident or intentional, it’s not a matter of who did it or not, but a matter of how you can fix what happens or if your going to throw it aside. I don’t care about the public’s right or wrong. I do what I believe feels right for me and those close to me.

I remember having a conversation with a relative;

Relative; Me;

I’m disappointed in you, you should’ve stopped sleeping in school instead of on your laptop all night playing around. Now you might possibly stay back. You won’t get far without your education.

I’m not playing around on my laptop all the time. And school isn’t everything.

Without education, no job is going to hire you, you may get lucky if you can work at McDonalds, but that is not going to get you a place to stay. You gonna be out in the streets.

What I need isn’t just education, I need experience! What if I applied to a job and had the knowledge but didn’t know what to do?

You would go through training and-

That’s EXPERIENCE!! What would you do if your being threatened with a knife? You going to rely on the education provided from school and try to talk your way out of it? Its only going to either make the culprit even more suspicious of you, get more pissed at you talking and probably stab you, or if your lucky he will leave, but the chances of him stealing from you are neutral. With experience, you have more options when dealing with such.

Are you learning this nonsense from those shows you watch? That fake crap is nothing compared to reality. 

The fake crap your talking about was made by the very humans who struggle in life on a daily basis. Their knowledge and EXPERIENCE was poured into the making of these entertainment videos.

Those videos are fiction anyone can make up.


In any case i’m disappointed in you.


I experience stuff like that on a monthly basis. Fiction was made by people who put experiences and knowledge into their works.
I don’t believe in god, I believe only what I see , hear, feel, and experience. I don’t believe in being reborn but I consider the phrase “A phoenix rising from the ashes.” to be a favorite of mine. I even catch myself doing things I wouldn’t even see myself doing in the first place.


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