Welcome to my santuary.

17 years of age during the creation of the site.

Aspring artist/game designer/animator
Loves art. I draw on a daily basis, although I in particular draw mainly human characters and am absolutely terrible at drawing scenery xD (for now…)
Loves animation, it was the trigger to my envision of becoming an animator at first and in time I started seeking more but didn’t know what.
Though after playing a game series Dead or Alive I admired it as one of (if not) the best game series to the fighting genres. The idea of making a game crossed my mind so I researched the creator Tomonobu Itagaki and found his Facebook and Valhalla. I read his “Crosstalks” at the Valhalla Game Studio website and gained respect for the animators, programmers, artists, and Game Designers. His take on games and how bonding while working can affect a game’s outcome sparked my curiosity. But after reading the crosstalk I learned of another side to the world that looked like a place I can be comfortable in. I may not reach the same space as Itagaki but he has become a role model to my eyes and I will aspire to be a person he can shake hands to as a human being on equal footing.


Published by: Tomo

March 3, 1999 I believe only in what I see. If death is going to take me, then it'll happen when it does but not before I accomplish what I've been put on this Earth to do.

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