I. Introductions

Time: 12:30
Date: July 25, 2014
Location: Izu Islands

On an inhabited land formed of volcanic islands, a tournament is being held in an inhabited part of the land. A group of people arrives, a monk, a kunoichi, a ninja, martial artists, one young and two adolescent, a tribal teen, two police force members, two teenager girls, an african american with a businessman, a nobleman, a teenage boy, and a pack of unimportant people. Some will arrive at 13:30 by small boats, others at 13:45 by huge ships on tour.
“Wonder if I can find my answers at this Densetsu no Budokai tournament?” A monk said.
“The prize money will be mine.” one of the adolescent said as the other approaches behind him. “No, the prize money is of little concern. We must find meaning to our senile lives.” the other adolescent replies.
“Is it here Abuelo?” a tribal teen asked. ” Yes, I can feel it, it is definitely here.” A voice said.
“Don’t overdo it this time.” a woman said. “As long as it gets the job done, I want a vacation. Hey, I might stay here and take early release.” a man replies. “You’ll get fired.” she remarks annoyed. “Oh well, I’ll just sign up all over again, doesn’t say I can’t start over.” he said.
“…Think I got… a chance?” a teenaged girl asked as the other gave her a grin. ” Of course, you’ll win this easily.” she answers. “I… I hope not.” she replies, making the other girl confused. “Why?” she questions as a slight grin shows on the other’s face. “It’s more fun when it lasts longs.” she answers.
“Think this job’ll be easy?” an african american asked in a feminine voice. “Definitely, there is a low chance for high security in this empty place. If planned correctly, the tournament could be ours aswell.” a businessman answers while tapping his glasses. “You say that as if I don’t have a chance.” the american replies annoyed. “The contestants aren’t to be underestimated, but they aren’t who we’re after.” the businessman reminds her. “Yeah, yeah.”
“Satoshi, I’m coming for you, screw the tournament.” a kunoichi mumbles.
“Takeshi, I’m coming to seek vengeance.” a young martial artist growled.
The small boats arrive to their destinations and minority of the contestants are there.
On one of the huge ships, a colorless string is connected.
A kunoichi looks at the reflection in her Kodachi. “Why me?” She mumbles. “Why you what?” a teenage boy asked in amusement as he overheard her. “Nani?” She said as she looks at him confused. “You was talking to yourself, thought it wouldn’t hurt to add one in the conversation.” He replies. “It’s none of your business.” She said as she she regained her composure. “Okay… Nice blade you got there.” He teasingly said. She noticed that she still had the blade in her hands and quickly sheathed it. “Good choice, imagine if those police people came instead of me. You’d be in for it.” He mocked. “Pfft, what can a mere policeman do?” She said as he began to laugh. “I guess…” He said as he got closer to her, making her face flushed. “What?” She asked as she walks backwards slowly to gain space. “Your eyes are pretty, you know that?” He said, making her studder for a sec. “P-pretty?” She repeated as if she heard wrong. “Yeah, it goes great with that snow white hair. You look like an angel altogether.” He replies, her face red. “Whatever your playing at, it won’t work.” She said as she turns her face is turned so he can’t see her embarassed face. “Besides, it doesn’t matter.” She said. “Maybe, it doesn’t seem like your here for the tournament.” He said as she remains quiet. “You… your here to assassinate someone.” He said as she turns a eye towards him and then away again. “Your here for a traitor aren’t you?” He asked, making her jump and pull her blade to his neck. “Why do you know that?” She demanded, pressing the blade even further to his throat. “Maybe because a girl with white hair and red eyes told me as she pressed a blade to my throat the exact same way you did.” He answered as she felt embarassed and looked down slowly to think of what to do. “You got lucky, forget about me and my mission and don’t say anything.” “Not happening” “Wha- Dammit you! Why not?! Your life is at stake and you refuse, are you an idiot?!” She yelled as she got embarassed for trying. “Because my memory doesn’t allow me to forget anything I’ve seen.” He replies as he turns to look at the ocean. She couldn’t help but watch him, until he spoke up. “Say, if your from a ninja family, did your dad train you?” He asked. “… Sort of.” She replies with a sigh as she looks at the ocean. “Must be nice, training with your father, having a family.” He remarks, she subconsciously got furious and ready to spaz out at him until he spoke first. “Look, there’s the island.” He said, making her forget of her rage for a second to look out to the sea but sees nothing until a minute later. “What the? How did he see that?” She wondered
“Well, imma get my stuff ready. I’ll wait for ya.” He said with a smile as he started to walk down the hall, she was already ready, since she didn’t bring anything with her, expecting a quick mission. “Hey, I almost forgot to ask your name.” He said before walking any further. “Isn’t it impolite to ask for another’s name before giving your own?” She replied annoyed. “Guess your right, well. My name is Tatsuya.” He replies with a grin. “So, what’s your name?” Tatsuya asked as he got close again. “… Baka, i’m not telling.” She responded as she started to get flustered from him being so close. “Aw, that’s not fair.” Tatsuya responded with a face that looked like :L. “Fine… then I guess I’ll stick close until you tell me.” Tatsuya teased. “Nani?” She responds as he wraps a white string around her wrist and his wrist. “What is this string?” She asked as she tries to remove it with brute force. “It’s a specially made string I made on a whim. Looks like I can put it to use” Tatsuya responds. “Get it off of me then before I cut you.” Tatsuya starts to laugh and runs off. “Hey!” She yelled before he disappeared from her sight. “What’s his problem?!” She mumbled. She looked at the string for awhile and noticed that the string had energy embed within it. She shook her arm and heard a ring, like a bell. The sound rang in her head. “This sound, it’s so soft… and comfortable.” She whispered as she closes her eyes to focus on that sound. “Friend” came to mind as she listened to the sound. When it stopped, she unsheathes her blade once again to take another look at herself and noticed she had a smile on her face. “Friend…” She wondered as she took one last look at the string before heading to the main deck.
The huge ship finally arrived to the island and the contestants made their way out. The kunoichi was the second to last to exit the ship. “Where is that guy? Ah, doesn’t matter, time to find that trai-” She thought as she bumps into a nobleman. “Hey, watch where your going!” He said as he regained her balance. “Well, aren’t you lacking in manners.” She replies. “How dare you, you are speaking to-” “I don’t care about who you are, stay out of my way.” She demanded as she cut him off from his speech. A young girl appears from the crowd looking around as is searching for someone. “This is quite an impressive-looking bunch.” An elder said while stroking his beard. “Yes, but they feel weak. I see all bark and no bite amongst us.” the other elder said as he is annoyed at how little the competition appears. “Calm yourself Tao, things shall get interesting soon.” the elder said. “You better be right Jin, or I’ll be facing you early.” Tao remarked glaring at Jin for a moment and then at the crowd. “If it happens, it happens.” Jin replies to Tao’s remark. “I got a bad feeling.” The contestants starts to argue about who’s stronger than the rest.
The contestants quieted down as a man in a white karate gi appears.
The contestants mumbled about the man. “He’s a tiger.” “No, he’s a dragon.” “He’s a demon.”
The kunoichi hears these mumbles and looked at the man. “He does look intimidating. Better to steer clear of hi-” She thought as she was cut off by the young girl screaming, “TAKESHI! I’m here to claim vengeance against you!” She screamed as she ran towards him with rage. She threw a barrage of punches that were easily deflected with one hand, she chose to roundhouse kick Takeshi in the jaw, but he leaned back to avoid it. She jumped with the other leg as her other leg flew from where it was supposed to hit to gain momentum for the leg she jumps with and throw another roundhouse. He catches her leg in the act. “Shit!” She mumbles as he yanks her leg up then down to make her body straighten up to allign with his as he grabs her by the neck leaving her at least 5 inches off the ground. As she struggles to break free she yells “Face m-” until she was cut off my Takeshi. “Master your own style first brat.” He said before flicking her an inch into the air and flash jabbed her in the stomach. Causing her to fly and crash into the ship from the impact of the air pressure. “What the-” The kunoichi thought as she watches the girl struggle to get up. “Who is this man?” She looked at him with fear for whoever has to fight him last. She then saw a smirk on his face.
“You finally showed yourself, son.” Takeshi announced. “Son?” The kunoichi mumbled confusely as she turned around looked around for who he was talking about, to find everyone looking helpless as to who he’s talking about. “Hello father.” “?!” She turned back around to see Tatsuya in front of her walking to Takeshi. “When did he get behind… me.” She thought as she noticed that look in his eyes, his pupils changed to a ring with a slash through it. “Tatsuya?” She mumbled in shock as to who he was. That look in his eyes has pure bloodlust within them.
“You’ve gotten stronger.” Takeshi spoke. “That is an insult when coming from you.” Tatsuya hissed. “I see you’ve grown a tongue too.” Takeshi noted. “Yeah, to taste your blood when your dying body is resting in my fingers.” Tatsuya declared.
“This malice and hate.” She started to tremble at the power Tatsuya started to emit. “Tatsuya… TATSUYA!” She yelled out to him but he didn’t seem to hear her. She couldn’t understand what was going on, what happened to that happy child she met 20 minutes ago, what did Takeshi do to his son, is this the power of-? “?!” She noticed that Tatsuya was no longer in front of her but was behind his father with his back to the other. “Think you can back up your words with your fists?” Takeshi asked as his hair grew wilder and sharper. “Shut it, you failure of a father.” The kunoichi is wide opened as she remembers when he was asking about how good her family is. She then hears a sound from the string. “Dad”. A tear rising from her eyes when she regains her senses to see Tatsuya exchanging blows with Takeshi. “stop… Tatsuya STOP!” She screams. Tatsuya hears her sound ring from his bell, and he pauses for a slight second and gets hooked in the jaw, followed by a knee to the stomach and an elbow to the back. Afterwards raised by the shirt, also choking him. Tatsuya coughs blood from the combination he just recieved. “You are still weak.” Takeshi said before smacking Tatsuya in his temple with the back of his fist, causing him to fly and blast through the first layer of the building hosting the tournament. “Tatsuya… TATSUYA!” She yelled as she ran to his direction hoping he is alive. “This girl.” He wondered as she past him. She picks Tatsuya up through the rubble and presses her fingers on his neck. “(Good he’s still breathing, but it’s faint)” Relieved until she sensed Takeshi take a step towards her. “Stop right there.” She demanded with malice in her voice. Takeshi stops to look at her eyes. “Her eyes… is just like Tatsuya’s.” He wondered as he observed that bloodlust in her eyes. It reminded him of a lion ready to protect her cubs. He then grinned and said “You have a good look in your eyes. Will you entertain me better than the boy?” “Piss off you bastard.” She said as she focused her attention back to the boy who was lying motionless in her arms. He started to move closer until he see two more combatants. “Enough.” The tribal teen demanded. “This is no longer a battle but a bloodshed that needs to stop.” The monk said. “If you wish to continue, I, Yun Feng be your opponent.” He said as he stomps a crater into the ground and enters a Shaolin fighting stance.
“Alright, that’s enough teasing the combatants.” A young voice said as he appears. It was a young boy who looked at most 20. “Tease them too much and they’ll want to leave.” He said as he looked at the combatants who majority sat in fear while the minority stood there unphased or impressed. “I see there are grudges here and there but… Grudges shall be settled in the ring. This is a tournament not a war zone.” The combatants regained their composure and looked amongst each other, but didn’t say a thing. The preliminaries of the Densetsu no Budo tournament was to begin in the morning so they were to rest for the day.

Location: Tournament room #4
Tatsuya begins to wake up. “Your finally up? Baka.” The kunoichi said as she was sitting beside him in a chair with her arms folded. “What happened after I blacked out?” He asked. “You almost die and that’s the first thing that come to mind?” She pressed him out and he starts to wreathe in pain. “Geez, and here I almost worried about you.” She said. “Aw isn’t that sweet?” He teased, unable to phase her angry face. “Ta-tsu-ya.” She said and it was enough for him to know what she would ask. “You want to know, don’t you?” He asked, his expression flipped upside down. “Speak.” She demanded. Tatsuya was hesistant about telling her but he did so.
“15 years ago, my mother left us. Father started training me to learn the Dragon Fist, yet 6 years later when I was getting the hang of the style. My dad threw me out in the streets.” He explains as the kunoichi is silent throughout the story. “I was abandoned with nothing but a phrase, ‘get strong, rise to the top, and seek vengeance’, and that is what I plan to do. Time flew by as I starved and got beaten up by street thugs. 5 years pass and I developed skills made by memorizing other’s movements. 4 years later, I see a tournament poster with my father on it and here I am.” He finishes and notices the string shaking with sadness and a tear slides down the kunoichi’s face. “Hey, are you alright?!” He panicked, making her notice that she was crying. “Huh, what the?” Confused as to why she is crying and trying to wipe out the tears that keeps coming, until Tatsuya grabs her by the shoulders. “Tell me what’s wrong, now!” He demanded, stunned as her tears stopped but still there, she nodded. 5 minutes pass and before she began: “Before I can tell you about myself. I must tell you about our clan.” She explained and Tatsuya accepted.
“I am from a ninja clan who specializes in slaying demons. We are called the ‘Tengoku Ratosu’ which means Heaven Lotus. There was a history of demon sightings eating and slaying humans as they pleased during the Tokugawa era. But two groups of specially trained ninja were hired by the government to deal with these demons. One of which were the Tengoku Ratosu and the other were the vile group called the Hantingu (Hunting) ninja. The Tengoku Ratosu was formed to combat only demons. We call them Akuma now, but the Hantingu ninja were different. They hunted anything as long they were payed. Humans, animals, demons, rumors have it the death of Tokugawa Ieyasu was by poison from the Hantingu, though these reports appeared a week after the incident. We’ve had conflict with the Hantingu ninja since then. We’ve dealt with Akuma and the Hantingu ninja all this time.” She explained as the grin she had on her face disappears. “19 years ago, the Hantingu captured an S-class Akuma, and hid him in a deep underground dungeon. a few months later, they kidnapped my mom 3 hours before dusk while she was pregnant.” The tears started coming again but she didn’t give up. “She was missing for 4 weeks, until the Tengoku Ratosu found her in an abandoned Hantingu village. She was crying… as she was holding me.” She explained, hesistant to finish the story.
“You have demon blood in you?” He asked as she looks at him shocked. “I felt something similar inside you that was inside of me after I blacked out from my father’s pimp hand. I felt a resonance with you but wasn’t sure until now.” He said, she felt happy a little but it disappeared instantly when she said; “The story isn’t finished yet.” Leaving him shocked.
“Ever since birth I’ve been different than my family, my white hair and red eyes are from my demon blood. The noble family has blue eyes and dark brown hair until adolescence. At the age of 4, I was outcasted from the village, those who approached me would be punished by the elders. With the demon blood within me boosting my physical capabilities, at the age of 9, I was harshly trained by my family to become lesser than a common ninja. An assassin, we do the grunt and harsk work. I’ve eliminated many traitors, executed code breakers, this year, my assignment is another traitor, but I’m positive the elders have had their limit.” “Limit, what do you mean?” He asked. “The elders are like a council where the leader of the village can accept or veto the elder’s decisions. My father is the leader and his time is running near as in less than a week, maybe even today or yesterday, he’ll be an elder and can no longer protect me from their decision.” She explained as she started to gasp in tears.
“They’ll…” He started but dared to continue for she would break down completely and lose her motivation to live. “Hey.” He said in a light voice to get her attention. “Leave with me.” He suggested as he raised a hand to her. She looks at the hand and reaches for it but stops, thinking if she drags him into her problems, he could be in danger. “Sorry, but I can’t, not yet.” She said as she refuses his offer and he looks stunned but then it returns to a smile. “I got to finish my job first and then I’ll give…” She tries to explain but was cut off by Tatsuya, who pulls her into a gentle headbutt. “I understand.” She stops thinking of her clan and embraced what she felt in her heart. She started blushing and glared at him with annoyance in her eyes. “Baka. I’ll stab you.” She said as he started to laugh. “That may be true. But you said ‘yet’, I’m not leaving you alone until you tell me your name anyways, so I’ll go with you and wait for you even after your mission, I’ll follow you.” He answers in a playful manner while rocking back and forth with his legs crossed and hands on his feet while his face looks like :3. The face annoys her and she goes back to her usual self. “Baka. Baka-Tatsu! I like it… Baka-Tatsu. :p” She mocked as she turned her head. Tatsuya stopped rocking after recieving that nickname. “Hey… the nickname was a joke right? Come on… in that case, since you won’t tell me your name. Your nickname is Tsun-chan.” He mocked and started laughing until another blade was drawn to his face. He fell off the bed he was resting on and got up and peeked his head over the bed. “I see a red Tsun-chan holding a Kodachi with the ‘Baka, don’t you dare call me that!’ pose, am i right?” He asked. “BAKA, DON’T YOU DARE CALL ME THAT!” She hissed.

Time: 8:10
Date: July 26
Location: Tournament preliminary grounds
Tatsuya and the kunoichi arrives at the grounds. Tatsuya wearing what he wore yesterday;
A black inner shirt with a specially made flexible white fabric pants, that matches his white hoodie. He wears ninja footwear that opens at the toe area, like black Naruto shoes. His hair pulled back like a ducktail and his bangs split from the top of his forehead pushing sideways
The kunoichi wears a shozoku with a fishnet top behind her shozoku made with flexible and hard to cut thin and soft material so the material don’t cause stress to her skin and fishnet armsleeves made with the same material behind her gauntlets. She wears light armor and clothing to ensure her speed isn’t hindered but her armor reduces the chances of her being cut by mere blades. She ties her medium length hair in a short ponytail and her bangs that falls above her eyes but not in front, with her sideburns falling down to allign with the middle of her chapped lips.
“Hey you there!” A young girl called out. Tatsuya and the kunoichi stops. “Hm?” Tatsuya asked. “Your Takeshi’s son right? Fight me!” She demands as the kunoichi notices Tatsuya closing his eyes and controlling his breathe. “I’ll fight you in the ring Yue Jin. Not under anything personal, doesn’t this go against what we promised?” He replies. Both the kunoichi and Yue Jin are confused. “How do you know my name, it shouldn’t have been announced?” She asked. “A 14 year old boy you hit with a palm filled with chi, also makes a promise to fight you again in the future when they meet again, declaring he’ll be stronger than her.” He explained in a mocking tone, shocking her since she forgot about that boy. “Oh, your that pickpockete-.” She replies as he cuts her off at the last vowel. “Survivor… anyways since you forgot about the boy and most likely the deal, farewell.” He said as he grabbed the kunoichi by the back of her shoulders. “Nani?” “Let’s go Tsun-chan. :]” He said as he starts pushing her away from Yue Jin.”Hey!” She yelled as her voice gradually decreased until they couldn’t hear / see her anymore. They stop after running for at least 20 secs. “You could’ve warn me, Baka-Tatsu!” The kunoichi hissed as she bops Tatsuya in the head repeatedly as he laughs trying to get her to stop. “You seem to be enjoying yourself, especially after being beaten to a pulp yesterday.” The tribal teen said as he approaches the two. His appearance was unique;
He has tattoos on his arms, back and neck, wore important looking jewelry around his neck and wore sunglasses.
“She’s fun :3” He announced as he points to her, making her embarassed and kick him in the back of his knee, making him kneel on one leg for a second. “Well, my name is Amadi, nice to meet you.” He introduces as he requests to shake hands with them both. “Right, my name is Tatsuya.” He introduces. “…Nice to meet you.” She replies as she refuses to shake hands with him. “I see :L well, Tatsuya nice to meet you.” He said as they both shake hands. On impact, Amadi’s arm glew and both of their skin begins to crawl and with their other arm, they try to strike each other down, though their arms cancel each other out. Gaining the kunoichi’s and nearby attention and shock. “Sorry about that, that was unintentional.” Amadi apologizes trying to be as friendly as possible not trying to start any trouble. “Don’t worry, it was my fault too, we swung at the same time.” Tatsuya explained as he laughed. “Well, see you later, Amadi.” “Alright, meet you in the tournament.” Tatsuya walks off and the kunoichi follows him to an empty shallow area. “What was that all about?!” The kunoichi asked. “That guy…” Tatsuya said before losing his balance on his feet, making the kunoichi approach him and aid him up. “What’s wrong?” She asked as he tries to regain his composure. “has… an Akuma… living in him.” He struggles to say. “What was that?” “He has an Akuma… living inside of him.” He repeats getting on his feet. “The Akuma said that it plans to absorb the power of both me and you.” He said. “An Akuma possessing a human?” She wonders. “Why us?” She asks. “I don’t know but it want to gain more power. And it just got a part of my Akuma power.” “What? When… wait… the handshake.” She analyzes. “Yeah, and you got good intuition for refusing that handshake. I need private tutoring lessons from you on dealing with strangers.” “Yeah that may work until we meet someone like you.” She said as she starts to turn red thinking of how they met. “Aw, you were thinking about me weren’t you?” He teased as she got even redder and jabs him in the eyes and he starts screaming in pain for 3 minutes. “Hmph” “Anyways, watch your back. It got my power so I’m suspecting it’s going after your power too since he tried to get a handshake from you. To make sure your safe, I’ll stay with you 23 hours a day.” He noted but she denied immediately. “23 hours a day?! Never…” She growled. “Sigh, fine… but can I at least watch over you as you sleep?” He requests. “… sigh… fine, but if you try anything perverted, I’ll stab you.” “Oh come on, you know I’m unique.” “Yeah, you right. You are unique. I never seen anyone as unique as you in my life.” She said as she mocks Tatsuya. “You say that like an insult.” “Maybe it was?”

Time: 10:30
They return to the main preliminary square and Tatsuya is bored…so he;

“… Your adorable.” He teased making her blush and lose her balance. “Hey! What was that for?!” “Sorry, your just cute when your flustered like that.” He said as he laughs and she gets annoyed. “Dammit, Baka-Tatsu!” She hissed as she grabbed him but the collar.
The square immediately gets quiet.
“Thank you, Takeshi. Alright it is time for the preliminaries of the Densetsu no Bodukai to begin! We will begin with an elimination round. There are 46 of you, and 34 of you motherfuckers must go ASAP.” The young man announces as he laughs and the contestants are looking around at each other ready to kill. “Calm yourselves, don’t get tense yet. Let me continue.” Their murderous intent lowers to a calmer state. “Good, now there will three battle zones. The contestants in each will be uneven, but I will be honest with you. I don’t give a fuck. It doesn’t matter much since in any case, this many joined and in each of the three battle zones, there can be only 4 people standing.” He announces as the fighters watch him. “That’s how it is huh?” Tatsuya asked himself. “That’s a rather quick way to get things started.” The kunoichi mocked. “Hopefully this oppurtunity works out in my favor.” A voice said behind them. “Yo kid, that was quite the spectacle you showed yesterday.” A man said wearing casual clothing, a eather jacket, a t-shirt, jeans, sneakers, all black. He has a slight moustache and beard, indicating he was at least 20.
“Thank you, I try.” Tatsuya responds with a smile. “Maybe you tried to hard?” The man replies as they eye each other down for a brief moment. “Maybe I did, but the past is the past, be it a day or a few hours.” Tatsuya finally responds. “That may be true for some small cases, but vendetta, or mournings doesn’t pass like that.” “Then I guess i’m still immature in conversations, so I’d like to cut this short if you don’t mind?” Tatsuya responds in annoyance, making the man crack a laugh, breaking the tension. “Guess your right, my bad for startling you.” He said with a grin on his face. “My name is Dash.” He introduced himself as he reached for a handshake. Tatsuya looks at the kunoichi first for confirmation, she nods so he looks back at Dash. “Tatsuya, dragon assertive.” He introduces as he shakes Dash’s hand. “You messing with people again?” A feminine voice asks in annoyance as she appears from behind Dash. “No, I was just introducing myself, your too uptight.” He rebutes as he seems stressed by her appearance. “What did he say to you?” The woman asked, finding Dash’s answer to be fluke. “We were just exchanging words of wisdom, it’s alright.” Tatsuya said nervous as to how to deal with what was before him. “… Good.” She replies after a pause looking at the both of them. “See, couldn’t it help you to trust your partner every once in a while, Leo?” He asked as they couldn’t help but here her name. “Leo, so your name is Eleonora, huh?” Tatsuya asked as he noticed the kunoichi raising an eyebrow at him. “Huh? How’d you know?” She asked. “Leo, short for Eleonora, cognant for Eleanor, meaning foreign. Are you mixed blood? Half German, half Chinese?” Tatsuya deduced, surprising everyone there. “Wow, your… right. But how?” Leo asked. “I research certain things in my free time.” He replies as Dash just looks at him with a hand on his chin as if he was deep in thought. The kunoichi looks at him with the same look for a second but looks off with a ‘hmph’ Tatsuya hears as he see her with her arms crossed, looking away. “You jeally?” He whispers as his breath hits her ear making her blush and step away. “Too close, baka-Tatsu.” She hissed, Dash and Leo chuckled, Tatsu laughed. “Well, hope you go far in this tourny.” Dash noted. “You don’t sound like you want to win? Your here for somebody.” Tatsuya replies as he heards metal bars shaking from Dash. “Your here to arrest a combatant.” Tatsuya deduced as Dash gives him a stern look for a second and came to a conclusion.
“Tatsuya.” “Hm?” “Want to help us in a job?” He asked. Leo and the kunoichi and stunned and could only say “What?”. “Dash, are you kidding?! You know what the office would say if they found out you hired a citizen to help us?” Leo spat with frustration and disbelief. “Calm down, I was thinking for awhile now and I came to the conclusion that this kid can help us find the suspect, and get paid for his services.” Dash explains to her, enough for the other two to hear. “I’m flattered but there are some things I need to establish before I can accept.” Tatsuya replies holding up a fist ready to count down. “Alright, as long as you don’t push it.” Dash responds making Leo yell out his Dash.
“1. I’d like you to not call me kid, my name is Tatsuya, you can shorten it to anything you like, not baka-Tatsu. That’s reserved for a specific someone.” He stated, making the kunoichi blush. “Baka.” She whispered. “No problem, I’ll call you Tatsu.” Dash responds.
“2. Whether you succeed or fail, my job is locating the suspect. I am not held blame and is by no means involved in your job when you report.” He stated making sure he heard every word. “Without a doubt, this is between you, me, and maybe Leo.” Dash noted making Leo mumble “Hey…”
“3. For compensation, I want your help on something.” He said. “Is it money problems or something? If that’s so it’s not a proble-” Dash stated before being cut off. “No, not money, I need to find somebody myself. I don’t know what he looks like but he is carrying ancient Japanese scrolls with him that he stole from a friend’s family.” He explains as the kunoichi notices his request after she hears ‘scrolls’ and ‘stole’, and starts to blush. “That sounds like a fair exchange, alright is that it?” Dash asks. “Pretty much.” He states. “Deal.” Dash said as they sealed the deal with a handshake. “I will consider this a promise, and I have two rules to follow promises.” Tatsuya speaks, gaining their attention. “I become friends with those I promise, and I uphold those promises without sacrifices.” He states as he looks at Dash. “I don’t care what anybody say, we’re friends.” He claims as Dash gives him a look in thought. “Become friends with those you promise, and uphold without sacrifices.” He muttered, then smiled and said. “I like it.” “I’ve never seen Dash smile like that before, it looks… real.” Leo thought as she thinks back to the past 3 years ago.
3 years ago, I was assigned to be officer Xiao Xiao’s partner. Upon meeting him , he had this cold look on his face. I thought not much of it then and introduced myself. But he tells me “Extra help is not needed in my assignments. You’ll only hinder me.” and I felt offended, so I watched from the sidelines and observed him on the next job. He did splendidly in finding the suspect’s identity and catching him, until he crippled the suspect when he showed signs of trying to escape. I told at the office that he did too much, but he shook me off and said “justice was served to him, nothing else.” at that moment, I knew what my task was.
My task was to brighten him up after all these years, but I could only do so much, he definitely improved his social skills, he talks with his peers and can hold proper conversations, but his attitude was rather short and the emotions he displayed during those conversations were fake. But now, that Tatsuya kid managed to get a real smile from Dash. Leo thought as she changed her gaze from Dash to the other. “Who are you?” She thought as she stared at Tatsuya. “Leo… Eleonora!” Dash called her and then clapped his hand in her face making her blink and come back to her sense.”Eek! What was that for?!” Leo shouted as she flushed with embarassment. “I called you several times, and then I called you by your whole name. You know what happens after that.” Dash replies, making her face even more red. “What is it?” She asked. “They called the fighters to their designated locations, and the noncombatants to the booths.”Dash explained as he points to Tatsuya and the kunoichi as they head to location A. “Oh… right, well good luck, I’ll be cheering you on.” She responds and he nods. She ran towards the booths, and he walked to location B.
After 30 quiet minutes outside of the battle arenas. Three hatches opened and 4 people came out of each hatch.
Tatsuya, the kunoichi, Yun Feng, and Amadi from location A.
Dash, the american woman, a ninja, and a teenage girl from location B.
Tao, Jin, Yue Jin, and a nobleman from location C.
“You almost killed 5 of them, good thing I stopped you, you probably would’ve been disqualified.” Tatsuya said with a sigh. “I didn’t see a rule about killing. Did you?” The kunoichi mocked giving him an annoyed look as they walk side by side. “No… but does it even need to be stated? Killing in a tournament is ludicrous.” Tatsuya stated. “But it’s not illegal.” Tao said as he and Jin approaches Tatsuya and the kunoichi, gaining Tatsuya undivided attention. “Figures I’d hear that from a person who smells like my father.” Tatsuya remarked. “Oh, and what does he smell like?” Tao asked with a grin. “Blood.” Tatsuya answers with a frown, as the kunoichi notices his facial expression and resists the urge to reach to him, and hears Tao laugh. “You amuse me boy, survive until we fight.” He said as he turned and walked away, Jin however didn’t. “I apologize on his behalf.” Jin said, catching Tatsuya and the kunoichi off guard. “It’s alright, I just need to get used to the martial arts social world is all.” Tatsuya said as he calmed down from the positive energy from the old man. “That’s good.” Jin said as he laughs for a bit. “So, who’s the young lady with you?” Jin asked out of curiosity. Before she could say “none of your business!”, Tatsuya said; “She’s Tsun-chan.” He said with a smile as she got annoyed and replied “Don’t call me that!”, making Jin laugh. “Oh, how it is to be young.” He said. “With more age comes skill and wisdom.” Tatsuya responds. “And closer to extinction.” The kunoichi said as she turned sideways and looked around. “Sigh, she’s right. I can feel my bones getting older. I want a good match with a capable martial artists. Then I can retire and teach my student with full attention.” Jin said. Tatsuya pats his hand on Jin’s back. “Hey, if you make it far, I’ll challenge you.” He said. “I accept.” Jin said with relief in his tone.
“These 12 powerful fighters are left, and the main tournament can now begin! With that my name is Masato. Nice to meet you all, first off, the tournament will be tag team, so you know what to do. Go to the booth in the front desk to assign your tag partner and the matchups for the first round will be posted up tomorrow, and the first rounds will begin the day after. Video clips have been recorded of the preliminary matches and a copy has been sent to everyone’s room. So I advise you to learn your opponents. Or if your pretty confident, you can just relax and rest. Ja ne!” Masato announced.
“Tsu-n-cha-n” Tatsuya teased after hearing the announcement.
“Sigh, fine… you wouldn’t leave me alone otherwise.” The kunoichi said with a tone that couldn’t be helped but had a grin on her face.
“Well, I must be making my way back to Tao before he tries to kill a contestant who annoys him.” Jin said as he walks off waving his hand. “Laters.” Tatsuya said as he disappears amongst the crowd of people who came to spectate. He sees Takeshi at a door glaring at him son with a frowned face, taunting him “koi.” so he accepts the invitation.
“Can you go set up our tag team?” Tatsuya asked. She glares at him with denial. “Why me?” She demands a reason. “Simple, I don’t know your name. :j” “Tsk, fine… be right back.” she said in annoyance as she ran off to the sign up at the front desk. “Alright… now then.” Tatsuya said as he breath deeply and walks to Takeshi’s location.

Time: 13:00
Location: Underground Shrine.
“Where am I?” Tatsuya asked as his surroundings has a dark vibe. “The final stage.” Takeshi answers as he appears to be sitting with his back towards the entrance and in front of a fire surrounded by logs that lit the whole place. “… So this is where I fight you.” Tatsuya wondered out loud to make sure his father heard him. “Yes, if you can make it that far anyway.” Takeshi noted with question in his voice. “You underestimate your son.” Tatsuya said with annoyance in his voice. “It’s because your my son that I can underestimate you.” Takeshi reminded. “What do you mean by that?” Tatsuya asked that sounded more like a demand to explain himself. “You are soft, ever since you was a kid. That will be your downfall.” He answers.
“Geez! Where did that idiot go?” The kunoichi wondered as she looked around. Tatsuya balls up his fists and gritted his teeth. But calms down and released the pressure on himself, thinking of the kunoichi for a sec. Thus making her string shake a tune, “Dad, you won’t have your way you bastard… I won’t let you.” alarming the kunoichi as she hears his thoughts with a wide look on her face. “No.” She whispers as she starts to run on instinct.
“Takeshi.” Tatsuya called out. “Oh, not calling me father anymore? What a shame, I liked the sound of it.” “Tsk,Shut up.” Tatsuya growled. “I saw your preliminary match. Your way of fighting was full of openings like a sponge. It was sickening!” Takeshi hissed. “Shut up you…” Tatsuya demanded. “You cannot defeat me fighting like that.” Takeshi claimed.
“We’ll see about tha-!” “Stop Tatsuya!”
“?!” Tatsuya stunned as he hears the kunoichi as she appear through a small hurricane of white lotuses suddenly. “You… sigh, hehe.” Tatsuya chuckled as he calmed down and walked towards the kunoichi. “Huh, what are you babbling.” She asked until he grabbed her waist and pulled her closer to him, placing her breast on his chest between where her arms layed as she blushed deep red. “What are you-?” She yelled. “Father, you said I cannot defeat you. That may be true… but WE can take you down, definitely.” Tatsuya declared as the kunoichi tries to get his attention so she can get free since his hands were around her waist, “Tatsuya, let me-” “Wait for us, you better be ready.” Tatsuya noted as the kunoichi keeps trying, “Onegai Tatsuya!” She begs as she rapidly gets nervous from the situation she’s in.
“Relying on someone to win your battle, weak. None the less, you sound confident. How about a deal?” Takeshi suggested with an interested smirk. “What kind of deal?” Tatsuya asks as the kunoichi stops struggling and stood there in his arm. “If you win, I’ll apologize to you.” Takeshi stated with a straight face. But Tatsuya stood there at the thought of his father apologizing, his grip around the kunoichi weakened and she noticed his expression, but then his face straightens. “And if we lose?” Tatsuya asked as the kunoichi looks at the man with his back turned towards them, and he finally turns to them with the eyes of a dragon but the voice of a tiger.
“That girl there must cut you down with her blade.” Takeshi announced.
The kunoichi’s eyes widens and her heartbeat starts to rise. She looks at Tatsuya slowly and saw him shaking with his eyes closed, gritting his teeth, then the picture oh her cutting him down appears in her mind. She steps back a few times as she struggles to gasp for air under the pressure her heart was facing. “I must kill… Tatsuya?!” She thought as her presses her hands over her chest where her heart is. “No… no I can’t.” She mumbles as tears form in her eyes. “I don’t want to kill Tatsuya! I will never kill him.”She speaks under her voice as it increase to screams. “I WON’T!” She growled as her red eyes turned vermillion and her hair starts to grow dark as her gaze turns from Tatsuya to Takeshi. “TATSUYA IS MY-” She shouted with rage in her tone as she drew both Kodachi into an open arm stance as she is about to attack Takeshi, until Tatsuya pulls her into a deep hug. “Tat…suya?” She mumbled as her physical appearance changes back immediately with tears still in her eyes. Tatsuya whispers in her ear, telling her to close her eyes and listen to the strings. She hears a melody ‘It’s alright, we won’t lose. Trust me.’ and calms down a little. He releases her from the hug and turns to Takeshi, who looks annoyed. “We accept.” Tatsuya declares as they leave the room with the kunoichi behind him with her head down. “It’s just you and me now, show yourself ninja.” Takeshi demanded. A shadow appears, giving him a glare.

Time: 13:59
Location: Room #4
Tatsuya enters the room and turns on the light, with the kunoichi behind her, silent until she closes the door quickly and grabs Tatsuya from behind and hold onto him with a tight hold. “Tsun…” Tatsuya called out to her halfway but stopped when noticing she was still shaking. “Tatsuya… why… did you accept?” She mumbles, trying not to break down into more tears. “… Because…” Tatsuya hesistates as he tries to find the right words that would comfort her. But then, he stopped thinking and spoke.
“Because your heart told me to save your sorrow.” He replies after a minute. She is stunned from his words and looks at him in the eyes. “My… heart?” She mumbles as her voice cracks from the tears. “Yes, these strings tells us what the other’s heart is feeling. I heard your cries.” He explains and pulls her head towards his and rested her head on his gently like the headbutt from before. “So trust me, I’ll make sure we win.” He said as he looks at her and wipes her tears. “I’m tired of seeing your suffering face, Tsun-chan.” He said as he walked to and sat on the bed. “Tatsuya!” She yelled gaining his undivided attention as she ran towards him and kissed him, knocking his back onto the bed with her on top of him. She breaks the kiss with a line of drool breaking apart from the two. “Baka. It’s your fault.” She said as he winked and smiled at her. “Maybe.” He said as he places his hand on her cheek gently. “Jerk-“, the two engages in a passionate french kiss as he unties her hair and turns off the light.

Time: 9:45
Date: July 27
“Hey Tsun-chan… Tsun-chan?” Tatsuya called but she wasn’t there. “Wandering off are you? Oh well, guess I’ll look at the matchup board and then look for Dash, see if he knows anything.” Tatsuya mumbles as he walks to the padeo first for fresh air until he catches the kunoichi training. She was sweating, and focused enough not to notice his unhidden presence. “When did she the clothes…” He rhetorially mumbled to himself in confusion before he has the chance to join her in her training, he senses a presence behind him and decides to encounter the person first. So he closes the padeo door.
“So, mind introducing yourself since your already comfortable?” Tatsuya asked as he decides to look at the person before him sitting on the bed drinking a cup of tea, without making a sound, until, “I’m Hotaka, Hotaru’s brother.” He introduced as he puts the cup down on his lap and looks Tatsuya in the eye. ” “Hotaru?” “Yes, the kunoichi you are with.” He replies as he announces her name. “So I assume you are a Tengoku Ratosu ninja. am I right?” “… So she told you of the clan?” he said as he put the cup on the headboard and gets up. “Do you know of our clan rules?” He asked giving Tatsuya an empty look. “No, I wasn’t told of it. But I was told of the possibilty that a ninja was sent to assassinate her during her mission. Is it safe to assume that is you, her own brother?” Tatsuya asked as position stiffens with his left arm bent horizontal to Hotaka’s position and his right in his pocket. “Your intuition is impressive, but your wrong. I’ve been watching over her since she got on the island. I’ll keep this short before she finishes her exercises.” Hotaka corrects as he places his left arm behind his back and his right in front of him, the same way as one would Wing Chun, except his fingers bend in with the index finger bending the least following to the pinky finger bending the most as his thumb relaxes vertically straight. “I’m going to test you to see if you are capable to defend my sister.” Hotaka declared.
“That’s not for you to decide.” Tatsuya remarks as he swings his left arm towards Hotaka, parrying his strike and trying to use his momentum to strike Tatsuya with his right as he slide his right foot towards him for range. Tatsuya defends against this attack by pivoting his body right and raising his elbow to counter Hotaka’s jab, and both lowers his legs to a lower stance, both refusing to use the other hand. Hotaka’s stance was higher, his arm was positioned across his torso like he was ready to chop someone in the neck, except his hand represents a blade. Tatsuya’s was slightly lower and his battle arm has the elbow vertically down with the forearm bent towards the other direction, like he’s trying to look down at his watch but someone’s staring at him.
Tatsuya attempts to flick his fist at Hotaka, but Hotaka grabs his arm, leaving his whole body exposed. Hotaka goes for an axe kick to Tatsuya’s back after twisting his arm counter- clockwise but Tatsuya pivots his feet and attempts an reverse roundhouse kick with his right leg and redirects Hotaka’s axe kick to the side, making him release Tatsuya’s arm and follows the roundhouse’s path and threw a hook at Hotaka, but he weaves back and pivots his body right and connects his right foot into Tatsuya’s left leg, making him lose his balance and falling to his knee with his back turned towards Hotaka, since his motion involved him taking a step forward. Hotaka wraps his arm around Tatsuya’s neck to choke him out, Tatsuya struggles to break free, so he uses a tiger technique and gripped his fingers into Hotaka’s ribs, making his grip loosen. Tatsuya uses the opportunity to get out of his grasp and places his hand on the floor and jumps with his left foot and bends it, so he can kick Hotaka in the chest with the right foot. Hotaka grabs Tatsuya’s ankle and kicks him in the chest during the motion, causing Tatsuya to lift into the air, Hotaka’s attempts another kick but Tatsuya parries and uses it for momentum and rises just above Hotaka’s standing and Tatsuya delivers another kick to Hotaka’s chest and it connects this time, making Hotaka stagger backwards for 4 steps. Tatsuya recovers onto his feet and stands tall. Tatsuya returns to his stance, “Kakkate koi” Tatsuya taunts. Hotaka accepts his offer and closes the distance between them with one step, under Tatsuya’s vision. The motion was too fast for Tatsuya’s body to respond, he looks down but was hit by a palm strike to the chin, followed by a chop to the neck and used a judo technique, “Kosoto Gake”; he placed his left leg behind Tatsuya’s used his right arm to push and trip Tatsuya as he is unbalanced, onto his back with full force, enough Hotaru to hear and look up.
“Looks like somebody finally woke up. Sigh, guess I’ll head in after I finish up.” Hotaru sighs as she pants heavily.
Tatsuya moves his head left as Hotaka tries to punch him while he’s down. Tatsuya uses the Scissor Leg Takedown on Hotaka and make him fall on his back, he succeeds and they both quickly rises to their feet. But Tatsuya was faster and he throws a flurry of left hand punches that were avoided by Hotaka as he throws counters towards Tatsuya that were being repelled as well. In between their attempts they threw low kicks in but after the action earlier, they were aware and evaded each other’s legs, until Tatsuya throws his elbow at Hotaka, and he take the bait by countering with his arm. Tatsuya extends his forearm, but Hotaka pushes his elbow making his punch move away from his target. They both drew their other arms during this and ceased all movements with a jab to each other’s chest. The pressure caused a nearby wall picture frame made of glass, to break. The stared each other down.
“Our time is limited, I’m sure the kunoichi heard that.” Tatsuya stated as he looked to the padeo. “It’s alright, I got my answer, but at this rate, you’ll never defeat Takeshi.” Hotaka responds as he releases his arm from Tatsuya’s chest. But his fist remains there, agitated on the inside because even though the bout was a draw, he knew that if he were to fight Hotaka to the death, he would lose.
“?” Hotaru appears through her teleportation skill that she used in the shrine. “Looks like somebody woke up cranky.” She noticed that the picture frame broke and Tatsuya stands there motionless. “Hey, you hear me?” She called as her voice got annoyed when she thinks he is ignoring and she noticed his clothes were dusty. “He-!” She was about to call out until Tatsuya slams his arm into the wall shouting “Kuso!”, scaring Hotaru for a sec as his hand starts to bleed.
“Tatsuya! Baka, let me see your…” She demands as she notices the bruises he acquired from the bout. “Huh, Tsun-chan, weren’t you still practic-” Tatsuya said as he finally notices her presence, but was cut off. “Sit still.” She said as she lifted to his face and stared at his eyes, making him blush. Focusing, she looks into his memory 5 minutes ago. “I see, so you’ve met my brother.” She said with a sigh. “So he’s really your brother.” Tatsuya noted. “Yeah, and also the new leader of the Tengoku Ratosu.” She stated with her arms crossed. “I see…” He said in a calmer manner than before. “Anyways, back to your wou-” She was about to say until she saw that wound was already closed. “Never mind. Anyways.” She said as she grabbed him by the shirt and pulls him closer. “Why didn’t you notify me that my brother was here?” She said with a frown. “Because if he wanted to see you, he wouldn’t have left when he knew you were coming. Meaning he was only after me, if he was here to assassinate you, he could’ve done so after killing me.” He said with a straight face. “Besides, you were practicing so diligently, even your sweat was elegant.” He teased giving her a smirk, making her blush. “Announce yourself next time you watch me practice!” She orders as she gets even closer,he nods before saying. “Should I also announce myself when I’m being serviced by a gorgeous girl in white hair with her breasts?” He asked as she looks down to see her breasts placed on his chest. “Gah, temee!” She blushed backing away and smacking him.

Time: 13:00
Location: Tournament hall (match-up board)
“Hey!” The african american calls out to Tatsuya and Hotaru. “Hm?” “I seen you two on the video clips.” “You were rather impressive I must say.” She says as she eyes Tatsuya. “Thanks Sheena, but not as impressive as Dash, Tsun-chan, or the chinese elders.” He rebutes. “You know me?” She ask with a smile. “Sort of, your fighting style is kick boxing mixed with Sambo. Right?” He answers but asked for confirmation. “Not bad… you know, your not bad looking either.” She confirms as she gets closer and closer to Tatsuya. She closes the distance and attempts to kiss him. “You?!” Hotaru hissed as she reaches for her Kodachi until she notices that Tatsuya’s finger is inbetween their lips. “Nice try.” Tatsuya said as Sheena leans back to her original position, with her hand on her hip. “You tried to knock me out with the jack on the plastic attached to your lips.” He explains as he gently takes it from her and rubs the stuff against his fingers to get a better look and shows Hotaru. “Nice eye. How’d you know?” Sheena compliments as she looks at Hotaru and then Tatsuya. “A women I’ve never met before, approaches me, compliments me, and tries to kiss me. Almost sounds like an assassin’s plot to me.” He explains with a mocking tone at the end. “Who knows, it could’ve been love at first sight.” She replies with a tone expecting an answer, but Tatsuya chuckles a little. “As flattering as that is, I might’ve already met my match, this one.” He delares as he pulls Hotaru in closer. Hotaru said nothing unlike usual and she starts to blush and Sheena starts to laugh. “You pass.” She said while walking away laughing as Tatsuya and Hotaru remains silent “Baka.” She said as she crossed her arms and looked away, still blushing in his arms.
“Hey Tatsu.” Dash called, gaining their attention. “Yo, you were amazing yesterday. I saw your match.” Tatsuya complimented as Hotaru gets curious as to when did he see the matches. “I saw yours aswell. You know, you fight like me. You learned from the streets?” Dash notes and asks out of curiosity. “Yeah, life was rather… rough in the slums.” Tatsuya replies as he looks down while still holding an amused smile, though Hotaru knew he was reminiscing. “But I managed.” He said as he lifts his head up after a few seconds. “That’s good, well hope you go far. We’ll exchange information before the semi-finals.” Dash said as he left while looking around for his culprit. “He left before I could say okay.” Tatsuya said. “Hey, when did you watch the matches?” Hotaru asks with annoyance in her tone. “Last night after you went to sleep, I wanted to know my opponents.” He answers. “Next time tell me, I’d like to know too.” She responds and he nods. They approaches the board and looks at the matchups.

“Yue Jin and Kou eh? Guess that’s a pairing too.” Tatsuya said as he looked at the chart. “Who’s Kou?” Hotaru asked. “That quiet little girl that follows that annoying teenage.” Tatsuya answers as he points towards their direction.
Kou is trying to calm her friend down from starting conflict with Hachi, the rich guy.
“Ah, poor thing.” She said as her stares at her frightened eyes. “She looks like she’s afraid of people she don’t trust.” Tatsuya evaluates. “It’s sort of sad that we have to face her immediately. Don’t you think?” Hotaru asks with concern in her eyes. “Yeah, but I can’t hold back on her.” He answers. Hotaru shot him a glare, “Why not?! She’s just a kid!” She argues. “I’ve looked up the competition and this girl happens to love everything martial arts. She self-taught herself Jeet Kun Do because she was too nervous around people.” Tatsuya noted and then tells her to look at Kou. “Look at her. How would you feel if the very martial artists you look up to went easy on you because your a kid?” Tatsuya asked as he places them in her position. Hotaru sits there for a second and shakes her head. “Sigh, fine! I get it, so lets get a move on.” She demanded as she walks off with his arms crossed. “Tsun-ch-“Hmph She said cutting him off and not slowing down for him but bumps into Amadi. “Hey watch where your-!”
“Yo.” Amadi says in a friendly tone. “… Hi. So am I speaking with Amadi, or the Akuma?” Hotaru asked as one her hands is on her hip but the other on the sheathed Kodachi. “They know I have you in here Abuelo… What should we do?” Amadi mumbles under his breath.
“It matters not, let me take control.” “Sure”
Amadi’s eyeballs turn black.
“Your speaking with me.” AMADI announces as his voice gets deeper. “Are you possessing him or are two living as split personalities?” She asked. “Depending on your answer, may determine my course of action.” She demanded an answer as she got into a position to draw her Kodachi.
“Hey Abuelo, she sounds serious. Just tell her that I let you into my body it’s the truth.”
“I possessed him. >:)” AMADI replies, forcing the kunoichi to draw her sword.
“Then prepare to be slain. Sorry kid, but this Akuma cannot be allowed to survive.” Hotaru announces as she tells the kid to brace himself.
“Hang on, Hotaru.” A similar voice calls out to her as he appears.
“Nii san?” Hotaru asked as she announces Hotaka’s appearance.
“Akuma, you are fooling nobody. The kid let you in of his own discretion. Otherwise he’d be a moving corpse. But his voice was different awhile ago. So you are sharing a body.” Hotaka explains through the lies of the Akuma. “Is that true?” Hotaru asks as she lowers her Kodachi, wanting to hear his answer.
“Is he right Abuelo, or did you truly intend to possess me?”
“Sigh, fine, I lied… geez, an Akuma can’t have any fun huh?” AMADI responds with annoyance in his voice. “Not if pranks like that were suppose to be entertaining.” Hotaru answers. “That was rhetorical.” AMADI states. “Yet I answered it, big deal so shut up.” She rebutes as she is fed up with the demon. “Cranky little bitch aren’t you?” AMADI asked as Hotaru immediately draws her sword at the body. “You speaking back? Don’t think I won’t destroy you because your sharing a body with a living person.” She claims as she twists the sword from blunt to pierce ready.
“Just leave her alone Abuelo, she’s too fiesty to get involved with.”
“Enough Hotaru-” Hotaka orders until she snaps at him. “Urusai! What are you even doing here, the village sent you to assassinate me?” She claims as she stares her brother down. “You’re stepping out of line Hotaru, calm down-” Hotaka demands as he try to calm her down. “Not until you answer my question! Are you here to kill me for breaking our law of involving outsiders or by village orders-?!” Hotaru shouts as tears form in her eyes, and as Hotaru closes her eyes because Hotaka appears to get ready to smack her and a tear hits a string as she attempts to cover her face. Tatsuya appears and grabs his arm.
“You either plan to hit her because she’s right or she’s out of line right? In that case, I plan to kill you if you dare harm her.” Tatsuya declares. “Tatsuya.” She mumbles. “Stay out of thi-” Hotaka orders until he looks at Tatsuya’s dragon eyes. “What will you do?” Tatsuya asked as his grip seems to grow tighter.
“I understand now.” Hotaka says as his tense arm relaxes, and Tatsuya releases. “You two are attached to each other by fate.” He announces as he turns his back and walks away. “You haven’t answered me yet!” Hotaru yelled as she started to run after him but Tatsuya holds her back.He vanished within the crowd. “Nii san” She mumbles. “Now then, back to you, Amadi.” Tatsuya notes as he turns toward him pulling Hotaru behind him. “Or should I call you Abuelo?” Tatsuya glares making AMADI flinch, and then frown. “Why do you know that?” AMADI asked. “I can see and hear your soul. Isn’t that right Amadi?” Tatsuya asks while staring into his eyes.
“Your right.” Amadi answers as he switches control. “But please don’t tell anyone.” He asks. “Not like anyone’s gonna believe me…” Tatsuya said with a dropped eye like he expected it. “So why are you after us?” Hotaru asks with an impatient tone. “We’re not after you, Abuelo is after what’s inside of you.” Amadi corrects. “Why?” She ask. “Because Abuelo need enough power to create an artificial body so he can travel amongst humans freely. But he doesn-” “Hang on” Tatsuya cuts him off with a calm voice. “I can understand making an artificial body, but to travel amongst us seems fishy. Why would an Akuma want to get near a human much less move with us, if not to kill or eat us?” Tatsuya asked. “So he can create peace amongst demons and humans.” Amadi answers as Tatsuya’s eyes began to change to an Akuma’s again. “You screwed up.” Tatsuya said as his Akuma power starts to seep out. “You should’ve said something less naive like you was looking for someone, but peace amongst demons and humans can never exist. Beings like you, me and her are the closest to that description.” Tatsuya explains.
If it comes to thi-
“If it comes to what, Abuelo?” Tatsuya asks making the Akuma stop. “Now we can go about this two ways. 1. We settle this in the tournament. 2. I kill the Akuma now but Amadi survives.” Tatsuya suggests as Hotaru pulls her blade out again because of the pace of the events escalating. “We will go with option 1.” Amadi announces.
“Good, because imagine how devastated I’d be if contestants were to just drop like flies outside the arena, and the first rounds didn’t even begin, I’d be hurt.” Masato said as he appears between them instantly. “When did you…?” Hotaru asked as she sheathed her Kodachi. “I just got here, but I heard what was going on for the past 3 minutes. I’m glad you came to an acceptable agreement.” Masato responds as he walk to the two. “Oh and Tatsuya and Hotaru.” He said gaining their attention. “If you want to beat Takeshi, you better master your hidden power.” He advised. “Why are you telling us this, what’s your scheme?” Tatsuya asked in return. “Just want to see something good is all.” Masato answers as he lifts his hand. “20 hours and 30 minutes from now.” He vanishes like he appeared and nobody remembers him leaving. “20 hours for what?” Hotaru asks. “Until the first rounds start.” Tatsuya answers as he looks back and notices that Amadi is gone too. “Let’s go train.” Tatsuya suggested in his playful tone, trying to break the tension. “Hmph, I guess I can train with an unorthodox dope like you.” She replies with her hands on her hips, looking at him.

Time: 18:00
Location: Room#4 (Padeo)
Ever since that incident, Tatsuya and Hotaru trained mentally to understand their power.
Tatsuya encounters a wind dragon called Fujin
Hotaru encounters a nature phoenix called Sakuya-bime
They learn that they can call on the Akuma within them by calling their names or a keyword.
Time: 20:00
“Alright, I learned how to interact with my Akuma. You?” Tatsuya asks
“Of course I did.” Hotaru responded with cockiness. “Your just slow.” She mocks.
“I bet your Akuma has problems dealing with you.” Tatsuya mumbles.
“Whatever, anyways we’re the firsts to fight tomorrow so don’t oversleep or hold me back.” She orders as she head inside. “Alright, and you don’t try to attack me intentionally when I call you, Tsun-chan.” He responds. “Stop calling me that!” She hissed in annoyance. “I don’t have anything else to call you if not that.” Tatsuya noted. “Didn’t you learn my name already?” She asked with annoyance.
“It doesn’t mean anything unless you tell me yourself.” Tatsuya answers. “…” She remained silent at the response. “I’m gonna take a shower.” She replies. “Hai.” He nods.

Time: 12:00
Location: Tournament (Arena)
Tatsuya and all of the competitors arrive. Masato announces the first match. Tatsuya/Hotaru vs Yue Jin/Kou.
Densetsu no Budokai has begun.


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