Chapter II. Preliminary Conflicts

Time: 12:00
Date: July 28
Location: Arena
Tatsuya and all of the competitors arrive. Masato announces the first match. Tatsuya/Hotaru vs Yue Jin/Kou.
Tatsuya and Hotaru walks down the hall and meets Yue Jin and Kou at the intersection. As Yue Jin and Hotaru walks down the straight hall to the open air arena. Kou walks nervously slow, until Tatsuya taps on her shoulder. “Let’s have a good match.” He said, taking her attention from the croud, leaving only the fight in her mind. “Yes” She said as they both head to the arena behind the other two. A new announcer appears before the two in the middle of the arena telling them the rules; 1. Weapons are allowed. 2. Anything goes, as long as the opponents are unconscious. 3. If your down and still conscious, you have to the count of 10 to get up. 4. Attacking an opponent after victory will get you disqualified, permanently. He said as he backed off. 5. No killing, the boss would rather the contestants return the next time he holds a tournament.
“Bow! Raundo 1! ! Faito!”
Hotaru draws her Kodachi and charges at Yue Jin, ignoring Kou. Until Kou appears before her and punches Hotaru in the stomach and chest with both of her arms the force from the impact causes Hotaru to fly back some distance but recovers on her feet immediately as Tatsuya and Yue Jin dashes towards each other. Yue Jin throws the first attack, being a jumping roundhouse which Tatsuya slides underneath on his knees and recovers at the same time as Yue Jin. He closes the distance and lands on his right foot, and swings a right hook at Yue Jin. She weaves and he throws three quick jabs with the last as a high right feint that she falls for and guards her face with a cross shield and he throws a strong left punch that connects with her vulnerable stomach and she staggers and recovers. “It’s time to fulfill that promise Yue Jin.” Tatsuya announces as he enters Wushu. Yue Jin nods “I can’t afford to lose this fight.” she announces as she starts her rush. “Neither can I” Tatsuya said as he mumbles,
Awaken, Fujin
Tatsuya’s eyes changes and Yue Jin’s movement were slower before him. He parries a punch with his left and strikes her with her own momentum with the wrist of the same arm, knocking her back and he grabs her with the same attacking arm as she falls back to pull her forward. She attempts to use the pull as an opening and tries to punch him with other arm but he weaves and sidesteps her, following with a snap kick to her chin as he releases her arm and steps his body towards her with the foot he used to kick her to appear in front of her as she struggles to regain control from the attack to the chin because of the shock to her nervous system. He strikes her twice with his right arm, the first as a fist and the second a palm strike, both directed towards her chest, causing her to fall back. Tatsuya assumes another stance immediately, Praying Mantis. “Damn!” She frustratingly thought as she charges back, with Hotaru fighting Kou in the background.

Hotaru swings her Kodachi at Kou, but she misses all swings, so she changes her attack pattern and throws a flurry of kicks to axe kicks to back kicks to roundhouses. Kou, unable to keep up, gets hit with a roundhouse and falls back on her knees as she spat blood. “Shit, I hit her too hard! Hey-” She thought as she was ready to ask of her wellbeing but was cut off with a hand. “I can still fight!” She announces as she gets back up and wipes the blood from her mouth and took a pose that resembles Bruce Lee. “Here I come.” Hotaru said as she hesitated to advance but not this time, understanding her willpower. “Koi!” Kou demands as she removes her scarf and dashes back at her. Hotaru attempts to slash and Kou but she ducks it. Hotaru throws her leg upwards at Kou’s chin but Kou uses the force in Hotaru’s leg to push herself up into the air on impact with her hands. Shocking Hotaru, Kou delivers a front-flip kick to Hotaru’s head but was blocked by her sheath, but the force in the kick pushed Hotaru on a knee with a small cravice under her. Kou jumps off her sheath as Hotaru attempts to cut her, and lands on her feet, with Hotaru closing distance as she swings at Kou while evading and blocking her strikes, mostly kicks but few punches were thrown in when Kou was closer. Hotaru attempts a heavy swing, but Kou knocks the blade from her hands with a right closed palm , and jabs Hotaru in the stomach with her left index and middle fingers bent , making her lean forward and receive the same closed palm to the cheek, knocking off her balance but not her concentration. Kou tries to reverse right roundhouse kick, but was parried, grabbed and jump kicked with the same attack, making her flip as she fall. Hotaru tries to attack her while she’s down but backs away while Kou throws kicks in as she recovers to gain distance. *like Capoeira users do*
“This has gone far enough” Hotaru thought. “Tatsuya!” She called out as Kou notices and is confused. “Alright!” Tatsuya answers as he evades Yue Jin’s attacks but a punch grazes him and he backs up. “Focus on the fight.” Yue Jin orders as she charges him again. He weaves and grabs Yue Jin’s next punch and throws her down in with Tatsuya’s back in Hotaru’s direction. She recovers and attempts a low sweep but was prevented from being pulled off from Tatsuya’s stepped leg, and Tatsuya rolled over her back as she is crouched and wraps arm around hers as he recovers and lifts Yue Jin off her knee and whispers “Sorry Yue Jin…” attacks her with a chain of mantis strikes to the chest, making her lose balance as he grabs her arm and dances to her falling direction and throws her to the same direction, making her to fly back and colliding with Kou. As they both get distracted from this Hotaru sweeps them both from underneath as she slid towards them. “Now!” She signals as Tatsuya appears and raises his hand. “But we win.” He said as he performs the same chi palm technique she does to him when they met, causing both Yue Jin and Kou to fal out the ring.
“And the winners are Tatsuya and Hotaru!” The announcer announces as the audience starts to cheer.
“Sorry master… I failed.” Yue Jin mumbles with tears forming in her eyes. “You didn’t fail.” Tatsuya corrects as she looks up at him as he stood there at the end of the stage. “You merely fulfilled an old promise. And how about I help you in your vengeance?” Tatsuya states with a smile, making her blush and nods with a smile in return “Only if you fight me every time I see you.” She said as she puts her fist in her palm and bowed in respect. “Cool.” He said as he looks to Kou, who’s face is hidden behind her hair but tears are visible. “Hey, Kou.” Tatsuya asked as Hotaru is in the background retrieving her Kodachi. “Did’ja have fun?” He asked as he pats her head. “Hai!” She responds with an overjoyous smile on her face and what actually appears to be tears of joy. “Then your a martial artist in my book. Welcome to the martial arts world Kou!” Tatsuya welcomes as she hugs him “Thank you.” She replies as she hugs him lightly with a blush on her face. “Is it over yet?” Hotaru asked as she subconsciously pulls Tatsuya away from Kou, aware that she is only 2 years younger than Tatsuya and is within the age gap. “Hotaru-nee is strong.” Kou compliments as she looks at Hotaru. “Nee? Me?!” Hotaru questions as she blushes as the thought of being a sister. “Hey!” A familiar teenage girl yells. “That’s your friend, right?” Tatsuya ask as he points to her. “Yeah, that’s Erika, my-” “Best friend and the only one allowed to be called ‘Nee’ by her.” Erika points out as she cuts off Kou. “Back off… Your annoying.” Hotaru replies as she crosses her arms and looks away. “Why yo-” Erika started until, “Erika, your scaring me. ;_; sniff” Kou said as she hid behind Tatsuya, breaking Erika’s ego. “Round two will begin in 5 minutes.” The announce said as he walks off the stage. “Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m gonna go back inside and watch from the monitors, it’s too loud here.” Hotaru announces as she walks off and everyone nods and follow after looking at each other.
It wasn’t long after that events in Dash’s match led the group back outside. They decided to watch closely, knowing that certain actions were impossible to catch on screen.
-Dash/Sheena vs Satoshi/Tao-
-Yun Feng/Amadi vs Hachi/Jin-
Time: 16:00
Location: Tournament hall
“Hello all, as you know, the tournament is reaching it’s end. Just a heads-up, the semi-finals will be a triple-way battle, making it just one fight before the finals. With that being said, enjoy a 3 day break. Later.” Masato announces, the competitors rest for the first day.
Link to Sheena – Available
Link to Jin –  Available
Link to Hotaru – Available
Semi-finals time
Time: 12:00
August 1
Location: Arena #2
“Welcome to the semi-finals. Due to some arranges and agreements, the match will be a 1 vs 2 fight. Tatsuya vs Yun Feng/Amadi. Information pertaining to the agreements will be kept secret. Without further ado. Fighters enter the stage.” Masato announces.
Yun Feng and Amadi appears first, making it to the stage. A moment passes by Tatsuya finally appears, covering his face with his hood, and bandages on his hands. “Bandages? Did he get hurt training? Yue Jin questions as she, Kou, Jin, and Dash watches him. “I don’t think so, his face is different than I remember. I see…” Jin said as he focuses on his face.


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