Dash/Sheena vs Satoshi/Tao

Dash/Sheena vs Satoshi/Tao
Time: 13:05
Location: Arena
The contestants approached the arena. Dash stood there with his hands at his sides, focused on Tao “I know him, but from where?”. Sheena is hoping left and right as she waits for the battle to start.
Vanessa stanceExample

Satoshi is standing there with his hands in his hoodie holding something. Tao stands there with his hands behind his back and gives Dash and Sheena empty glares.
“Hotaru” Tatsuya calls as he continue watching the screen. “What?” She replies as she looks at him. “Satoshi might be your target.” He said as he looks at her. “Nani?” She said as she looks back at the screen and notices a scroll in his pocket.
“Bow! Raundo 2! Fighto!”
Satoshi throws a quick knife at Sheena that grazes her face “(I see how you play you bastard)” she thought as she turns to him but Tao stood before her, and Satoshi dashes at Dash. “He plays dirty. “His movements, he’s definitely the traitor.” Hotaru said as she gets up, but Tatsuya grabs her wrist. “Wait.” He said as he focuses on the fight. “You must be the sorriest sore loser I’ve ever seen.” Dash said as he anticipated Satoshi pulling another knife and he did indeed pull another but it was a switch knife. Nonetheless, Satoshi lunges at Dash with the knife but he weaves several swings before grabbing Satosshi’s arm and throws him over his shoulder onto the cement with the speed and force of Satoshi’s attack, making his back hit the floor and releasing a cough as the wind is knocked out of him from a punch delivered by Dash to the stomach. The damage done by the impact from falling on the floor and a blow to the stomach simultaneously, multiplies. Satoshi leans on his neck and tries to kick Dash as he recovers but misses as Dash jumps back.

Satoru throws two punches and kicks that were weaved easily. Dash ducks on the last strike and punches Satoru in his exposed ribs with his left as he leans right and pauses a hook to the face, causing Satoru to guard his right. Dash uppercuts him with his left and continues the motion on his right hook and lands both punches swiftly, causing Satoru to turn right and expose his left sides to Dash, who then kicks him in the back of his leg with his right, making him kneel on one leg. Satoru tries to back hand Dash but he catches his wrist and pushes Satoru down to the ground as a cop would, but Tao appears and kicks him in the back with enough force to make Dash fall forward and dislocates Satoru’s arm, since Dash’s grip never released. A loud scream from Satoru fills the arena with uneasiness. “That bastard!” Hotaru spat. “He doesn’t give a damn for comrades, huh?” Tatsuya said as he gets up and runs to the arena, with the others following behind him. “Shut up you fool.” Tao orders as Satoru is shrieking in pain. He kicks Satoru in stomach, lifting him up with his feet and hits him in the temple with “phoenix eye fist” instantly killing his teammate.. “Weak bug.” Tao spat as he looks to Dash. “You seem interesting. How about we play?” Tao rhetorically asks as Dash gives him a fierce look but realizes. “Wait, where’s Sheena?!” He wonders as he look around in a panic to see Sheena barely standing with cuts on her face, torso, and clothing , holding her right arm which appears to be immovable. He ran towards her as she gives him a smile and a lip message as she falls over.
Win this and I’ll reward you handsomely.
Dash catches her as she passes out. “Dammit you, screw the reward and live!” Dash screams as he presses on her wrist to ensure her safety. She was still alive but breathing is faint. He puts her down gently and notices the cuts were the same as the victim in his case. He chuckles and gets up and turns to Tao.
“I found you, you bastard, you are under arrest for murder.” Dash announces as he raises a sign with his hand. ‘That sign!” Leo said as she gets up and runs down to the arena.
“Oh, so your of the Chinese police? No matter, I’ll defeat all who stand in my way.” Tao said as he walks towards Dash. “Shut it scum, I’ll end this quickly.” Dash spat as he walks towards Tao even faster. They gets within 3 inches between each other and Tao throws the first strike, being a kick to the chin that Dash weaves back on. Tao immediately throws his foot down but Dash moves out the way and struggles to defends himself against a flurry of kicks by Tao and gets kicked several times, some in the stomach, some in the face. The last kick delivered was a low kick that makes Dash lose balance for a sec but not kneel. Tao pulls one of his left arm and lunges at Dash with an Eagle’s Claw that was weaved left by Dash, but Tao drops his fingers onto Dash’s shoulder with great force. A suppressed grunt released from Dash as he grabs Tao’s wrist with his left arm and pushes his grip from the shoulder, but Tao uses his other arm to wrap his hand around Dash’s neck, which he afterwards quickly throws a right high kick but was stopped immediately by a closed left palm by Tao, followed by a phoenix eye punch to a closed fist to his chest in half a second after releasing his right arm, making Dash fly back and kneel on one leg holding his chest after coughing blood. Leo arrives at the arena with Tatsuya and the other four and notices Dash’s condition, “Dash!” she screams as she was ready to enter the stage, but was stopped by Masato who appears from nowhere again. “What are you doi-?!” She screams until she notices how PISSED Masato’s face was. “Stay out of the ring woman.” He orders as he walks into the ring, stunning Tatsuya and Hotaru before looking to see the events that took place at the ring. “Satoshi’s dead.” Tatsuya noted, shocking Hotaru who was staring at Sheena. “Who did it?” She demanded with an enraged face. Tatsuya looks at her and then closed his eyes before, “Most likely…” He said not intending to finish as they stares at the culprit with a glare. “Tao.” Masato calls as both Dash looks at him and Tao puts his arms behind his back . “What was rule #5?” He asked as he put up his hand with all five fingers spreaded out to remind him, still walking to him. “Rules are restrictions that prevents martial artists from using their full abilities. Martial arts is the art of killing your opponent, we have no use for rules.” Tao responds as he spreads one of his arms to the side. In that instant Masato disappears and reappears under Tao. “Killing… sounds like someone needs punishment…” Masato said as Tao’s eye spurt blood immediately, scaring Kou and her friend, confusing the audience, but Tatsuya and Hotaru saw what happened thanks to their blood; Masato dashed towards Tao in half a second and jabs him in the eye with his finger and retracted his arm to prevent the blood from staining him in an instant. Tao lets out a scream in agony as he backs up 4 feet away from Masato covering his bloody eye. “and I’ll be the one to deliver it.” Masato finishes as he cocks his arm back like he was readying a punch.

“It’s like time stopped for a moment to him.” Tatsuya and Hotaru thought.

Dash grabs his arm, gaining his attention. “No, I’ll be the one. He’s my prey.” Dash announces with a fire in his eye. Masato took that as a sign to leave it to him, nods and backs off. “I’ll call the medic squad to take care of Sheena.” He said regaining his composure and grins. “Let the match continue.” He said disappearing.
“You bastards, you’ll all pay! But your first, then that brat comes next.” Tao hissed as he releases his hand from his eye, which appears to have lost it’s pupil. Hotaru starts to shake, not knowing how to respond to the situation. Tatsuya string rings and he grabs her shoulder, reassuring her as they both watch what was unfolding. “Shut the hell up. The one who’s paying is you!” Dash spat as he takes off and throws his jacket on the floor and starts walking towards Tao again, except his feet is emitting flames from every step and his hands faint red while emiited steam. Tao runs at him in a fit of uncontrollable rage, making his movements sloppy and predictable. Tao tries to Eagle Claw Dash with his right but he grips Tao’s hand inbetween the fingers and roasted his palms with his left, making Tao scream in pain. Tao swings his left arm at Dash using the phoenix eye fist, but Dash parries it to the side, leaving Tao’s chest exposed as Dash throws a straight at it, causing Tao to stagger. Dash follows up with a barrage of punches and fakes, to a kick to the side of his head with the functional eye. Thus taking Tao’s vision and his balance for a period of time, enough for Dash to perform his signature. No Shadow Kick: CUSTOM; A technique with many startings but Dash would jump and spin kick and if landed, rapidly kick their opponent 6 times with a back kick to the face as the last hit, causing the opponent to fall back. But with his newly developed fire ability, each kick landed plants chi spots embed with fire as it raises the person’s body temperature abnormally for firepower and as they hit the ground the energy explodes, possibly putting the enemy out of commission.
NSK Custom-2

The wide technique Dash pulls off successfully knocks out Tao and Dash puts the cuffs on him. “We have our winners! Dash and Sheena!” The announcer announces as the crowd goes wild. Tatsuya and Hotaru are shocked at the power they witnessed and knew that it wasn’t the power of Akuma. Leo calls for backup and rushes to Dash’s side, since his adrenaline wore off and the pain of the damage to his body returned and made him kneel, but he was smiling. They waited for the Police Force to arrive to take Tao away, but not before Jin dismisses Tao from his position as a “Chinese Court of Martial Arts” member.
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