Yun Feng/Amadi vs Hachi/Jin

Time: 14:30
Location: Arena
An hour passes since Dash’s victory. The arena is cleaned up and the last preliminary round begins. Yun Feng bows and Hachi and Jin returns the respect. Amadi remains in an idle position but focused. Yun Feng took his Shaolin stance as Jin assumes his Tai Chi stance, Hachi assumes his Praying Mantis stance, and Amadi remains idle.
Bow! Raundo 3! Fighto!
Hachi dashes at Yun Feng, remaining low and throws 3 quick jabs to his stomach that were absorbed by an iron defense technique and returned with a force filled punch that missed Hachi as he jumps and pushes him arm down, gaining more air. Yun Feng focused on Hachi attempts another punch before Hachi tries anything but was swept by Jin, who was hiding behind Hachi and now under him. Hachi lands his hands on Jin’s back and kicks Yun Feng who was still in the air, away. Amadi dashes between Hachi and Jin and tries to back hand them both but each caught an arm. Hachi jabs his rib with a mantis strike, Jin elbows the opposite rib in sync and Amadi releases a groan. They then raises his arms and kicks him in the stomach/chest and sends him flying.
“Wow, that rich guy is surprisingly good, despite being so rude.” Hotaru said with her arms crossed. “Apparently he has respect for his elders, but it’s the opposite when it comes to those around his age.” Tatsuya notes. “How does that work?’ She asked with disbelief in his saying. “Common children was probably jealous of him so they picked on him. But the adults were nice to him and compliment him and what not, I don’t know. It could just be his personality.” Tatsuya said as he shrugs his shoulder. “… Whatever.” Hotaru said as she disregard the info. “Their teamwork are very good.” Yue Jin compliments as she looks towards Kou. “If we had worked on our teamwork, things could’ve gone differently.” She said with her fist up in high hopes. “Nah, I doubt that.” Both Tatsuya and Hotaru said in sync. “And what makes you so sure of that?” Yue Jin asks with an annoyed look on her face. “We were prepared for that possibility.” Tatsuya said. “Our plan would’ve shifted if you had used teamwork, but our first plan went into motion the moment you and Tatsuya engaged in battle. We started to go into plan B after Kou intercepted me in the beginning but you dashed at Tatsuya so we shifted the moment Tatsuya passed me.” Hotaru explained. “So it’s my fault we lost?” Yue Jin pouted. “Nah, we were just better. That’s all.” Hotaru said with a blank face as she appears to have a cup of tea in her hands. “Kisama!” Yue Jin hissed as she realizes Hotaru was sipping on some tea. “Where’d you get the tea?!” Yue Jin asked. “But I must say, our teamwork isn’t as well coordinated as theirs.” Tatsuya noted as he has a cup of tea of his own and starts sipping, Yue Jin loses her mind over this. “We need to start teamwork training if we’re gonna defeat my father Tsun-chan.” Tatsuya stated as he looks at Hotaru through the corner of his eye. She looks back at him and looks towards the fight.
Amadi throws a couple of punches at Hachi that were parried and blocked, and Jin shoulder attacks Amadi in the back pushes him towards Hachi. Hachi then back kicks Amadi in the chin, making him fall back as Jin gets under Amadi’s falling body and leans his body enough for Amadi to recover on his feet off balance and Hachi to jump over Jin and scissor kick Amadi in the head and raises his arms and legs for Jin to place his hands on them and cartwheel over him and shoulder bashes Amadi with great force despite Jin’s age, making Amadi fly once again. “Dammit.” Amadi said as he gets up and looks at Yun Feng who slides to his direction recovering. “Attack after me.” Amadi instructed, Yun Feng nods and runs behind Amadi. Amadi attempts to punch Jin, but he drops both hands on his arm with force and raises them up and backhands Amadi’s chin, followed by a kick to the stomach making him lean forward and Yun Feng kicks over Amadi and grazes Jin’s beard as his attention was thrown from Amadi for enough time for him to place his hands on the floor and kick Jin in the stomach with enough force to throw him into the air. Yun Feng jumps after him as he recovers his composure in mid-air. They throw flurries of punches and kicks parrying and canceling each other’s out until Feng clasps his hands together and then pushes his palms forward compressed with internal energy. Jin understands that he doesn’t have the chi he had when he was younger so he can’t counter the strike. So he blocks the strike with chi in his arms to reduce the damage and gets pushed back by Yun Feng. Hachi tries to catch Jin in air but Amadi appears and grabs Hachi by the leg and throws him to the floor, but he recovers and flips off the ground. “This fight will be one v one.” Amadi claims as he smirks and dashes to Hachi with great speed. Hachi ready to defend his front, braces himself but to his surprise Amadi dashes behind him and kicks him in the back, knocking him forward as he turns around. Amadi dashes again and stops, dashing once more, throwing Hachi for a loop and elbows him in the rib, making Hachi grunt in pain. He keeps his ground as he tries to reverse roundkick Amadi but he ducks it as he turns around got on his hands to lift kick Hachi in the chin with both feet but weaves on time to avoid a hit, but Amadi grabs both Hachi’s knees and drops his knees in his stomach as he pulls his knees, making Hachi fall with Amadi’s knees in his stomach, Gaahhh! Hachi screams as he fails to catch his breath. Jin hears the scream and peeks at his partner. “Hachi!” Jin yells as his gaze returns to Yun Feng and weaves a roundhouse kick followed by a high kick that was blocked on impact but Jin was unfazed by the strike and closes the space and double palm Feng in the stomach with chi, making him slide backwards leaning forward. “He’s sharp, it’s best I stick to what I grew up on.” Jin thought as he closes his eyes. “His eyes are closed? Tch, is he underestimating me?” Yun Feng thought as he walks slowly towards Jin. “I hope I still got it.” He thought as he empties his mind of the battle and stands there motionless. Yun Feng throws a punch at the still man, but he pushes his hand to side without force. Yun Feng stands there stunned, but lunges his right leg at him, but Jin parries it with his left hand as he pivots his right left and palms Feng in the chin with his right simultaneously, he positions his right leg behind Feng’s and pushes his right palm onto Feng’s chest and knocks him onto the ground. “What style is this?! I’ve never fought a person who doesn’t use his eyes.” Yun Feng thought as he forms a smile on his face, as Jin’s eyes open. “This is what I’ve been looking for!” They both thought as they walk slowly towards each other with a hand exposed to each other. As soon as their hand touch they swing with a fist full of chi.
“Jin may win this bout, but he’s lost the match.” Tatsuya stated as he observes the battle unfolding. “What makes you so sure?” Hotaru asks. “He’s more experienced and skilled than Yun Feng, but his age is hindering him. His body probably can’t keep up with his movements and instincts. In the case he do defeat Feng, he has to deal with Amadi. That is no cakewalk.” Tatsuya answers as he stares at Amadi as he watches the fight unfolding before him as Hachi is behind him on the floor in agony. Tatsuya hears a loud crash and looks to see.
Feng and Jin stood there, charging their chi for one last assault. Feng cocks back a punch and Jin waits in anticipation to throw most of his chi into protecting the one spot Feng attacks. Feng takes a destructive step forward and punches Jin in the stomach. The chi attack broke through Jin’s defense 3 seconds after impact, but within the 3 seconds, Jin strikes him in the chest with 3 strikes, the first being the finger tips, the second, a knuckle, and the third being a fist, all in rapid succession and a final burst of chi into Jin’s fist as he seven inch punch Feng. After the 3 seconds were over, they both flew back, landing on their feet after sliding and regaining their balance. Both were huffing and puffing, “Your very impressive young man. I got the fight I was looking for in this tournament.” Jin said as he looks back. “The same for me, I think I’m one step closer to the answer I seek.” Feng replies as he bows. “Indeed, this match goes to you.” Jin said as he bows. “You hear that?! The winners are Yue Feng and Amadi!” The announcer announces while thinking. “It’s matches like these that signed me up, not like that last match, whoo.”
“That was a good fight.” Tatsuya states as he gets up and leaves the area. Hotaru stood there watching Amadi for a sec until walking away, unaware that afterwards HE was staring back, smiling. Yue Jin was getting hungry so she left the area to find something to eat. Kou sat there waiting for Jin, Erika was sleep after half the fight with earbuds in her ears. Jin arrives from the arena while rotating his arm and putting them behind his back before noticing Kou bowing to him. “Oh, what is this for?” He asked as Kou lifts her head. “Um…I… wanted to con… congratulate you for a good match!” She said as she closes her eyes with uneasiness. Jin laughs a little and pats her on the head. “Thank you, you had a good fight aswell. You handled yourself perfectly against an armed opponent. Your skills may be unrefined but you have potential.” He compliments as she smiles. “Hey.” Hachi said as he pops up from behind Jin, scaring Kou. “You were impressive out there, but not enough.” He states as he reels in closer to Kou with a sneering look on his face, she backs up quickly. Jin raises an eyebrow confused, “Well, how about you come with me after this tournament ends and I can help you refine your skills as I teach my pupils?” He said as he strokes his beard. “Yes sir.” She said as she bows once again, confusing Hachi. “Me too!” He said trying not to be slow on the uptake.
-Return to main timeline-


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