Hotaru’s Search

Time: 13:00
Location: Tournament hall
Hotaru walks around the hall looking for Tatsuya and sees Yue Jin and Jin. “Hey, Jin Yue!” Hotaru calls, unaware of the China’s name pronunciation making Yue Jin correct her. “My name is Yue Jin.” “Whatever, have you seen Baka-Tatsu?” She ask as her arms are crossed. “No, not today. Bu-” She answers until Hotaru cuts her off. “Geez, your useless when your needed. Nevermind.” She annoyingly said as she walks off but was grabbed on the shoulder by Yue Jin. “Hold on, there was no need to be so rude! You didn’t even let me finish.” She complained before Hotaru pushes her arm off “Don’t touch me,and if you didn’t see him then leave me alone.” She hissed as Yue Jin starts to get mad.
“You know, without Tatsuya around, you are a rude bastard. I bet your mad right now because he’s not with you.”
“Anta wa Urusai.”
“Did you get into a fight with him? I could understand why he’d leave you alone.”
“Let me guess, he’s your only friend and you pushed him aside, didn’t you.”
“! No, that’s…” Hotaru mumbled as she starts to look down. “That isn’t…”
“You did didn’t you?! You bastard, do you care only for yourss-?!” “Silence!” Yue Jin hissed until Jin interupts her. “You both should be acting your ages, not like little girls.” He spat as Hotaru, dealing with enough elderly tantrums in her life, got annoyed. “Shut it old geezer, I don’t need anybody lecturing me! She growled and she drops her head in anger. “So please just leave me alone.. She asked before raising her head with her eyes changed to Sakuya-Bime’s, “before I kill you.” She said as she put her hand on her sword handle. “(This bloodlust.) Calm down, besides, you didn’t even hear Yue Jin’s full explanation. She said ‘but’. Jin said as he tries to calm her down. it worked, her eyes turned back. “… Please tell me.” Hotaru asked in a begging voice. “Fine… I didn’t see him today but I heard a group of people talking about a man who looked like Tatsuya punching and kicking holes in punching bags in the workout room.Sooner after, he started punching walls until his hands started bleeding and grew numb. There was a huge hole in the wall 3 minutes after the incident and a lot of blood on the floor.” She explained. “… Arigato… bye” Hotaru said embarassingly as she ran towards the rumored location.
Time: 13:25
Location: Workout Room
Hotaru looked at the room and it indeed had broken sandbags, and a huge hole in the wall with blood stains surrounding it. “Could this… no, he’s not this reckless.” She don’t believe he’d do something like this, but just to make sure, she approached the bloody area and made sure nobody was watching her as she touched a part of the blood and vanished.
Location: Outside (forest)
Hotaru focused on the blood on her finger and she realized it was indeed Tatsuya’s blood. She wonders why, until she hears a sound surround her. She looks around to see Hantingu ninja surrounding her. “Damn, why are they here?” She mumbled as a woman appears from the shadows. Unlike the ninjas, she wore a business suit. “A contractor?” Hotaru identified the woman. “I prefer to be called Angelica, thank you.” She replies, confirming her identity to be related to Latin. She wore a grey suit, has black hair, banks fold to her right side, covering half of her face. “What are you doing here?” Hotaru ask as she draws her Kodachi. “That blood belongs to that boy if I’m correct? Give it to me.” She demands without haste, eyeing down Hotaru. “I don’t know what your talking about.” Hotaru answers as she licks the blood from her hand and grabs her other Kodachi. “You are stubborn. Someone you cherish?” Angelica asked with no curiosity but Hotaru stops as her face flushes and shakes off her emotion for a moment, “Enough! Shi-ne!” Hotaru dashes at her.
Hotaru has taken down majority of the ninjas, but more shows up and surrounds her once more. “Kuso!” She thought as she regains her ground but she has her share of damage. Angelica laughs as a helicopter appears and Hotaru is blocking her face from the wind. “Your gonna have to try harder than that, but some other time. We’re busy, so I believe this is where we say bye.” She said as the ninjas started to leave, and she jumps onto the helicopter. “Damare Konoyarou!” Hotaru growled as she threw a kunai at her but she lifts her leg up and kicks the knife to the ground with her heel, shocking Hotaru. Angelica flew off and Hotaru glares at her. “What do those bastards want Tatsuya for, his Akuma blood?” She thought as she puts her blades back and heard people approaching, “I heard it from over here.” she heard and tried to gather her energy but couldn’t, “Damn! I can’t jump.” she mumbled as ran to Room #4 while avoiding contact.
Location: Room #4
Hotaru arrives but the outside padeo and checked her surroundings. She walked inside and immediately took a shower, while thinking of Tatsuya.
“He still didn’t show up? Now I’m wondering if he’ll be back. Maybe I should wait for awhile.” She thought as she waits for him at the padeo.
-Return to Hotaru-


Published by: Tomo

March 3, 1999 I believe only in what I see. If death is going to take me, then it'll happen when it does but not before I accomplish what I've been put on this Earth to do.

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