Hotaru – Shaken Bonds

Day 3
Hotaru and Tatsuya walked through the halls, heading back from sparring and Dash appears. “Mind if we talk in private?.” He said with a confused face. Tatsuya and Hotaru nodded and followed him.

Time: 10:04
Location: Abandoned building structure
Outside to the abandoned broken down building, a few minutes away from the main tournament building, Tatsuya, Hotaru and Dash relaxed.
“Someone is working behind the scenes in this tournament.” Dash hinted as Tatsuya and Hotaru gives him a blank look. “Tao, a chinese murderer. Satoshi, a ninja runaway. Both attends the same tournament, I asked Masato about it but he said it wasn’t his doing. Don’t you find that strange?” Dash explains. “That’s true, if Masato doesn’t know, then who set them up to this?” Tatsuya nods. “Could it be a participant?” Hotaru asked. “I don’t think so.” Dash said as he pulls his phone from his pocket and turns it on. He shows her, “here’s the list of competitor’s info. None of these people’s affiliations are suspicious. Except you, Tatsuya.” Dash points out. Tatsuya snaps his head towards Dash, as Hotaru just looks from the corner of her eyes. “Are you familiar with the SRS?” Dash asked, but Tatsuya shooks his head. “If you aren’t representing this group, why are you registered as their representative?” He asked. “I don’t know, but I didn’t sign it. I’m probably being watched. In any case,Amadi and then father, isn’t that right Tsun-chan?” He notes as he looks at Hotaru. “Tsun-ch-” “Baka. This is your problem, don’t drag me into this.” She said as Hotaka gets impatient and leaves out, leaving both Dash and Tatsuya on the inside, but Tatsuya chases after her and grabs her by the arm. “Hang on.” making her snap to him. “What? My target is dead, now my mission is over!” Hotaru yells. “What about your clan? It’s bad enough your brother knows your location. I remember him saying some suspicious, ‘I’ve been watching over her since she got on the island. I’ll keep this short before she finishes her exercises. I’m going to test you to see if you are capable to defend my sister.’” He said as her eyes widen but shortens immediately as she looked away. “if you return to your vilage, you may get executed. I’ll do what I can to help during the tournament but don-.” Tatsuya tries to explain but…
“Screw the tournament, this suffering. It doesn’t have anything more to do with me, I just want to go home!” She said. His grip released and she starts to run and her string rings an empty melody. She stops and looks at him to see the reason to the strange sound. She saw him giving her a pained look.
“Your right. It doesn’t have anything to do with you. Neither the deal or Amadi. I’m sorry Tsun-chan.” Tatsuya responds as he gives a small smile and walks towards her direction. “Tatsu… ya?” She mumbles as her string emits a melody in her head;
His heart is crying.
“Don’t worry anymore. I’ll take care of Amadi and my father myself. I’ll set you free from my burden.” He said. Her string snaps immediately, a final sound emitted, hard for her to hear but she catches it as it fall.
Be safe
“This is fine isn’t it, Masato?” Tatsuya said as he appears from behind him. “It is, as long as some competitors withdraw. Unless someone offers-” Masato explains as he grins until Dash appears. “My team will withdraw.” He announced, shocking Tatsuya. “In that case, your proposal is accepted.” Masato declares with a smirk. “Thank you.” Tatsuya replies. “Hey, Tatsuya!” Dash called out, gaining his attention. “Don’t do anything stupid and watch your back.” He said raising a fist. Tatsuya nods and walks away. “Tatsu…” Hotaru mumbled as she stood there confused. She disappears in a bloom of lotuses.

Time: 11:30
Location: Room #4
Hotaru appears inside the room from the teleportation, and leans onto the door. She realized that tears had already started forming in her eyes, “Dammit, why? None of this was supposed to..” She mumbled as she stood there.
Hotaru was gazing at the sky from the padeo. “Where is he?” She thought as she looks back to when she started looking for him to apologize, but he did not appear. “He’ll be at the tournament.” A voice said, making her look up to see Hotaka. He was sitting on the edge of a branch of the tree that was parallel and rather close to the padeo. “Where is he?” Hotaru asked as she crosses her arms with an annoyed look on her face. “Can’t tell you.” Hotaka answers. Hotaru gets irritated and asks why.
“Because he told me not to say anything that can involve you any further.” Hotaka said as Hotaru’s annoyed look changes to one of worry. “What do you mean?” She asked as she uncrosses her arms. “Just like it sounds, but he doesn’t want you to track or worry about him. He said he’ll end it all.” Hotaka said as Hotaru starts to get impatient and starts to look down, and he sighed. “You’ll find him in the arena during the tournament tomorrow.” He said as she raised her head at his words. “You certain?” She asked with a look on her face. “Positive. He do after all want revenge.” Hotaka replies as he gets up from the branch. “… Than-” Hotaru said until Hotaka cuts her off. “Don’t thank me, you’ll regret it.” He said as he disappears in one jump. “What?” She wondered as she look back at the sky. “Tomorrow, I’ll get my chance to apologize to Tatsuya, and say farewell.” She said as she closes off her previous thoughts.
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