Day 1 – Sheena

Time: 11:30
Location: Hospital room
Sheena is siting bed as she looks outside the window. Dash pays her a visit.
“Yo, I heard we won.” Sheena said as she looks in his direction.
“Yeah, but I might forfeit the tournament, since I don’t have an active partner.” He replies sitting on the chair that was nearby with his hands on his jacket pockets.
“Welp, better luck next time.” She responded as she lays back with her arms behind her head.
“If I even go next time.” He responds, scratching his head.
“You will, I’m coming too.” She responds getting close to his face with a grin on her face.
“Oh, and how do you know that?” Dash asks with an interested grin on his face as he gets his hands out his pocket and places both elbows onto his knees as he leans forward to focus on her explanation.
“Just a gut feeling.” She said with a smile, throwing off Dash.
“That’s all?” He asked as he regains his balance.
“Yeah, well… this gut feeling felt different than all the others.” She noted as she starts to think about it.
“Different huh, how’s that?” Dash said playing along.
“It felt ominous, that kid Tatsuya will be there, but he’ll be different. He’ll have no emotion.” She explained.
“Tatsuya? I doubt that kid’ll change. He’s special, something about him reminds me of…” Dash said as he starts to think back. The incident with Takeshi and the first round.
“Of?” She said as she starts to wonder what he’ll say.
“A dragon.” He said as he leans on the back of the chair, and notices her laughing her ass off.
“What’s funny?” He asked as he gives her a smug look.
“Nothing, just your answer to describe that fiesty kid. You may be right, so… what about me?” She teased as she closes in on him.
“A fox.” Dash said without giving it much thought. “A sly fox you are.” He said as she smiles and backs up.
“Maybe your right.” Sheena said as she reaches over the bed to the table and stumbles. “Sheena-!” Dash said as he leans forward to catch her but she lured him in and kissed him with her hand on his lap and the other that was reaching, on the back of his head, preventing him from moving. The kiss lasts a solid minute. She breaks the kiss and releases him.
“Hey, what was that for?” He said in an annoyed voice, she laughs a little.
“I said I’d reward you handsomely.” She said as she moved her hair back in place.
“You sly fox.” He said as he got up and moved towards the window.
“I know.” She said while watching him.
“… I think I should head out early.” He said as he looked back. “Green?” He said after opening the window for the wind to blow in on her sheets, displaying she wasn’t wearing pants and she blushes as he started heading for the door until a pillow flew in his direction. “Shut up!” She yelled after throwing the pillow. “I’ll visit later.” He said as he threw the pillow back and opened the door. She pouts at him after tucking the sheets and catching the pillow. The door closes and Sheena is alone in the room again. She looks out the window again, her smile turned to a straight face.

Time: 11:45
The businessman appears without making a sound as the wind blows.
“The operation will be held during the finals.” He said.
“I had a feeling as much.” She responds as she doesn’t look in his direction.
“Feelings for that guy?”
“Well discard them. Their not needed in this operati-”
“Shut up.”
“Agent Fox… don’t let personal feelings get involved with the mission.”
“I know that so shut up already.”
“Then listen to your orders and await for the signal on the day of the finals. You should be healed by then.” He said before leaving.
“Shut the hell up. I know that already so don’t…” Sheena said as she grits her teeth and sheds a tear.
Time: 15:55
Sheena hears gunshots and she wonders what the cause could be. “Gasp! Could it be? Shit!” Sheena assumes the businessman attacked Dash and starts to cry as she balls up her fists.
Time: 16:06
Dash appears again. Sheena looks at him with wide eyes and a smile, but it changed back a second after.
“You look a mess.” Sheena said without making eye contact
“Nice to see you too.” Dash replies as a moment passes as the room is quiet.
Time: 16:15
“That guy Frank… he said something to you. Something like a mission your here to accomplish.” Dash said as her eyes widen.

Time: 11:40
“You sly fox.” He said as he got up and moved towards the window.
“I know.” She said.
We’re being watched. I’m getting a nasty vibe from that guy. I guess we should have a lil chat.
” I think I should head out early.” He said as he looked back. “Green?” He said after opening the window for the wind to blow in on her sheets, displaying she wasn’t wearing pants and she blushes as he started heading for the door until a pillow flew in his direction. “Shut up!” She yelled after throwing the pillow. “I’ll visit later.” He said as he threw the pillow back and opened the door. He closes door and brushes his finger under his nose.
“You going to introduce yourself?” Dash said as he looks at the businessman.
“Outsiders should keep to themselves.” The man said.
“I wouldn’t say I’m an outsider, she is my partner.” Dash replies as he starts to walk away but stops. The businessman digs his hand inside his suit to grab a gun but when doing so, he realizes the gun was missing the top part (I don’t know the name of the parts of a handgun).
“Looking for this?” Dash said as he pulls out the missing part from his pocket and waves it around before tossing it towards the man.
“How?” The man questions as he puts away the gun and retrieves the missing part.
“Magic.” He responds as he walks away once more.

Time: 12:35
Dash meets with Leo, Hotaru and Tatsuya to have a friendly chat about… Idk uhhh… life. yeah life

Time: 14:00
Dash starts to think about the businessman and Sheena, so he asks Leo to look into that businessman’s background since her specialty is gathering information. She agrees but wants to know his reasons. He simply says he’s curious. She knew immediately that he couldn’t tell her for a good reason.

Time: 15:25
Location: Room #7
Dash gets a call from Leo, explaining that the businessman’s name is Frank. And he’s from the CIA. He forms a contract with Sheena and enters the tournament to carry out an important mission that may involve in her death afterwards to keep her silent. Dash prepares his equipment and heads over to the hospital immediately

Time: 15:50
Location: Hospital first floor [Main hall]
Dash arrives at the hospital and walks to the elevator but was blocked by Frank.
“Hey Frank, what are you here for anyway?” Dash asked as he stops with his hands in his pockets.
“What do you mean?” Frank asks pretending to be confused.
“Your not here to fight in the tournament. You and Sheena here for something in particular?” Dash asked as his eyes could see Frank’s.
“That is none of your concern.” Frank said.
“It actually is like I said before, she’s my partner in the tournament.” Dash said as he starts walking towards Frank.
“She is in no condition to continue with the tournament. Your partnership is done.” Frank said as he starts to walk towards Dash with his hand in his jacket.
“That’s not for you to decide.” Dash said as he starts walking towards Frank quickly with his hands behind his back under his own jacket.
“You are an obstacle that needs to be eradicated, and I’ll do it right now.” Frank said as he pulls out another gun and starts shooting at Dash.
“Try it you government dog.” Dash hissed as he pulls out a baton and deflects the bullets shot at him and dashes sideways behind the small pot structure in the middle of the room.
Frank tries to shoot through it and hit Dash as he walks around but his aim is like McDonald’s WiFi.
Dash counts the bullets Frank shoots and hears a click and Dash runs to the another cover since Frank was there. Dash pulls out his own handgun; a M9 handgun with dual magazine (idea is from Call of Duty but the concept is different) and shoots 4 shots at Frank, who dodges the bullets while standing his ground like the freaking Matrix. “Wha-? Damn!” Dash mumbled as he took cover once more. “Your last name don’t happen to be Smith does it?” Dash rhetorically asks, stalling for time to come up with a plan. “Actually it is.” Frank replies. “Fuck… well, there’s only one solution to this then.” Dash said as he leaves the cover and dashes towards Frank while shooting. He of course dodges but he shot at him twice while dodging. Dash smacks a bullet with the baton but the other grazes his left cheek as he threw his gun at Frank, making him dodge it as he is within Dash’s range. Dash knocks his gun out his hand with the baton but Frank closed in and threw 3 quick left jabs that were parried to a right mid punch to the stomach, that connects before Dash could counter it, to a left hook that connects with Dash’s face, making him stagger. Dash regains his balance and looks at him as he wipes the blood from his lip and threw the baton away and took his stance as Frank walks towards him, cracking his neck.
Frank throws a couple of jabs at Dash that was weaved and countered but Frank himself avoided direct hits. Dash moves in and tries to low kick feint into a high kick Frank but he weaves the low by raising his leg and slightly jumped back as he weaves back from the high kick and attempts to sweep Dash but he jumps off his balance leg and switches to perform a back kick on Frank, which connects with the side of his face. Making him fall back, and immediately recovering. Frank brushed off the dirt from Dash’s shoes and took off the shades and placed them inside his suit. As he finally takes a pose, that of Bryan Fury.
He dashes forward and throws a heavy ass right straight at Dash which causes him to stagger back 2 steps. He approaches once more and throws an accurate left-right at Dash who parries each attack but was caught off guard by the left mid hook and recieves a right hook that causes Dash’s whole body to shift right and stagger forward as Frank launches a left mid kick to the stomach, that Dash blocks with his arms making Dash move back a few steps in front of Frank as he right low kicks Dash in the left knee to a right mid kick, making him kneel then get kicked in the face. Dash gets up and shakes his arms and runs at Frank and stops as Frank launches a right punch with his left foot out, and Dash grabs his arm and throws him over his shoulder with his momentum as his back hits the ground and guards as Dash throws several punches at him while he’s down, and a low kick the temple but it misses as Frank leans forward, then back and forward to recover. With Frank’s back turned, Dash attempts to side kick Frank but he was already aware of it and sidesteps his kick as he turns around and back hands Dash like a Mishima. Causing him to fall on his shoulder. Dash tries to get up quickly but Frank jabs him in the face and grabs his ankle, swings him and throws him onto the small pot structure, filled with bullet holes. The impact of a human and the bullet holes, makes the structure break and Dash slides from the dirt. Frank walks to him slowly over the pieces and stops to look at Dash’s body, judging it to be out of commission and he reaches inside of his suit and turns around as he puts the shades back on. Dash gets back up. “This is my favorite jacket, I have to get it washed now.” Dash said as he takes off the jackets and wraps it around his waist. “Thanks for the wake up call. How about I return the favor.” Dash said as he starts jumping around with fire surrounding at each step. Frank walks towards him again. Dash dashed forward with his left foot and threw a quick left hook as he hops towards Frank, followed by a left-right-left jab combination to the body and a face shot, that was all parried as Dash jumps back. Frank moves a good step forward and throws a hook to a jab as Dash moved back and sideways. Frank threw right low kick but Dash jumps and back kicks him in the chest with fire, making him stagger backwards from the force. Dash moves forward and performs 5 repeated kicks that switch from right to left in a spinning motion as he moves towards Frank with every kick, pressuring him as he avoids each kick with a step back since there was no time in each kick to counter along with the fire. Dash right low sweeps Frank’s ankle, making him slip as Dash spins and punches Frank in the face with his left as fire sparks come from his cheek, making Frank tumble as his right leg returns to the original position. Frank tries to recover and kick Dash but he backs up enough to grab Frank’s legs and kick him in the back, planting his fire chi on his back as he straighten up and fall as Dash reverse spin kicks Frank in the chest while he’s in air, making him fall back towards the wall and impact the wall, making the fire chi to explode making Frank fall on his knees as he hits the floor. Before he can recover, Dash kicks him in the chin, raising him to his feet as Dash kicks him in the side of his face with the same foot, pressing him against the wall. Frank tries to elbow Dash but he reverse roundhouse kicks him in the face, dazing Frank as he sits there for a second. Dash pushes him to the wall as he balances himself on his right leg and performs his No Shadow Kick; CUSTOM, where he repeatedly kicks you in the chest and face non stop as he balances himself until you fall or collapses, but since Dash has him against the wall and his kicks infused with fire, Dash stops after 10 kicks and Frank stops moving after he hits his head on the wall and slides down the wall slowly and sits there passed out with broken shades on his dirty face.
Dash walks towards the elevator after calming down and patching himself up with the first-aid kit in the check-in room. He arrives at Sheena’s room and sits there for a second and takes a deep breath. Dash opens the door. Sheena looks at him with wide eyes and a smile, but it changed back a second after.
“You look a mess.” Sheena said without making eye contact.
“Nice to see you too.” Dash replies as a moment passes as the room is quiet.
“That guy Frank… he said something to you. Something like a mission your here to accomplish.” Dash said as her eyes widen.
She looks at him immediately and pulls a handgun from the sheet points it at him.
“You know too much.” Sheena said as she adjusts her aim.
“Your going to shoot me?” He asked with his hand on his waists.
“I… I can’t let you leave knowing that information.” Sheena said before clicking the (whats the name of that part of the gun that clicks back when you shoot a pistol?)
Dash scratches his head and starts walking to the window again, and looks at the sky.
“Hey!” Sheena said trying to get him to face her. “That should be enough…” Dash mumbled as he grabs the curtain.
“What’d you say? Ah!” She said before Dash pulls the certains, making the sun flash in her eyes.
“Dash, what are you-?!” She hissed as she tries to regain her sight and points the gun at him until Dash grabs the gun and pulls her towards him and takes her lips. This time, it lasted for 1 min and 30 seconds. Her eyes were wide, but after the first minute, she closed her eyes and a tear flows out. “Payback.” He said as he plucks her forehead after breaking the kiss. She holds her forehead and said, “Jerk.” She said as she blushed and looks down. “I won’t ask for the details of your plan, but I will ask if what your doing will involve the audience who came to watch the tournament.” He said as he sits on the chair.
“That man, he’s a business hacker who’s purpose here is to hack into the tournament’s files and gain information on that guy that’s running this tournament.” She explains.
“Masato, why?”
“It’s because-” Sheena said as she was cut off by a voice in the wind.
“I know the secrets to the world.” Masato said as he sits there on the window.
“?!” Both Dash and Sheena are stunned by his appearance.
“Your contractors wants my knowledge, everybody who knows of me wants it. Phew, that breeze was cold.” He said as he enters the room.
“I don’t expect you to tell me anything. It is after all the ‘secrets to the world’, even though I don’t buy it at all.”
“Who said I wouldn’t tell you?” Masato said as they both stares at him and looks in his eyes. They couldn’t tell if he was lying.
“And why would you do something like that?” Sheena asked with uncertainty in her tone
“Things’ll get interesting real quick. To be honest, all they had to do was ask.” Masato shrugs
“So, mind telling us?” Dash asked as he was interested.
“Hey.” Sheena said as she gave Dash a stern look.
“Yeah, I do sorta mind.” Masato said making the others look at him.
“You said you’d tell us.” Dash noted
“Yeah, but it’d be more interesting and faster if I showed you instead wouldn’t it?” Masato suggested.
“True but how are you going to-?!” Sheena asked until Masato places his finger on both their foreheads.

They saw everything he saw in a heartbeat. The knowledge was too much for them to accept so they collapsed, with Sheena being the first.

“What… are you?” Dash asked as his conscious fades. Masato sits at the window again and answers,” Just a person who wants to see humans at their finest.” before leaning and falling out the window. “Wait…” Dash demanded before passing out.
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