Chapter III. Invasion before the Finals

Author note; ‘shadow step’ will replace ‘teleport’ when a ninja moves fast enough to disappear.
Time: 12:02
Location: Outside Tournament Arena
Hotaru approaches the arena without haste, yearning to see Tatsuya’s face.

Hotaka appears before her and blocks her path, forcing her to stop
“Hotaka, move. Now.” Hotaru demanded, knowing what he was there for. “No, I made a deal with Tatsuya. To ensure your safety, I’m not to let you into the arena.” Hotaka explained. Hotaru’s expression drops. Eyes filled with bloodlust and desperation. “Move, nii-san. I’m warning you.” She demanded as she got into her hand to hand fighting stance. “No.” He said as he enters his own stance. They both engage in combat as the tournament starts.
Time: 12:03
Location: Arena
Tatsuya enters the arena with a blank look as he approaches the arena staring at the two that awaited him, specifically Amadi.

He stares him down and doesn’t even put up a guard. “Amadi, let’s fight him one vs one.” Yun Feng advised Amadi. “Fine, your first.” He answers as he backs up. “DId you hear that?! Amadi and Yun Feng decides to fight Tatsuya one at a time!” The announcer announces as Masato makes an announcement. “We indeed heard it. Since it doesn’t seem like it’ll affect the match much, I’ll add one special rule. This match with be an endurance match. Tatsuya will fight Yun Feng first and Amadi will be the last fighter, if Tatsuya wins, he’ll advance to the finals and fight Takeshi to be champion.” Masato announces as the announcer starts to get hype. “BET! Tatsuya vs Yun Feng!” He yells as he starts the countdown.
Bow! Raundo 1! Fighto!
Yun Feng stomps on the ground and dashes towards Tatsuya, but…
Howl, Fujin.
The wind surrounds Tatsuya and the wind dashes towards Yun Feng, cutting him and making him stop. “What the he-?” He said before his cheek was cut.
Blow him away.”
The wind surrounding Tatsuya dashes at Yun Feng altogether and sweeps him off his feet and blows him out the stage and caves him into the wall, leaving a bigger print as he is getting pressed onto the structure. The wind stops and Yun Feng passes out as he falls from the damaged wall. The audience remained in silence and Yue Jin wondered what did she just see.

“That boy, has dangerous power in him. If he had kept the wind pressuring him any longer then Yun Feng would be dead.” Jin said as Yue Jin and Kou gives Tatsuya a shocked look, noticing his eyes changed. “Is that really Tatsuya?” Yue Jin mumbled as she stood there shocked, Jin saw her expression and looked back at Tatsuya. “No, that’s not nii-san, that is an empty shell.” Kou said with a focused expression. ” I believe in you, Tatsu-nii” She thought.
“Wow… ok… well um…” The announcer muttered as he looks at his watch. “25 seconds.” He thought with an unpleasant feeling.
Bow! Raundo 2! Fighto!
Tatsuya walks to Amadi, but Amadi sits there with a frown on his face. Amadi stands his ground as Tatsuya is in front of his face, standing there.

“Stay out of my way and leave the girl alone, promise me that and I won’t cripple you.” Tatsuya said with force in his eyes. Amadi looks him in the eye and said, “I refuse to take orders from a bloodthirsty man who sees his opponents as obstacles and not equals. Abuelo is after your Akuma power, not you.” Amadi explained as he throws a kick to the side of Tatsuya’s head. “Still the same.” Tatsuya replies as he blocks the kick with his forearm. Tatsuya punches Amadi in the stomach and he slides back but doesn’t fall and regains his ground. He looks up and notices Tatsuya approaching him.
Hotaru flies back and hits the ground hard from a double palm strike by Hotaka. “Damn.” She thought as she gets up and dashes at Hotaka who stood at the entrance to the arena. She threw a punch, that was weaved and several kicks that were parried and weaved as well before getting shut down by Hotaka as he counters her mid kick with an ankle kick, launching her in the air horizontal, and receiving three hurricane kicks to the torso, making her fall back once more.
Hurricane Kick“I can’t get past him. What if I get through by other means?” She thought as she started to run to the side of the building and runs up the wall since the arena is open air, but Hotaka was faster and grabs her by her ankle as she reached for the top ledge of the arena walls, and throws her away from the arena. She lands on her feet and starts to run towards the arena as Hotaka falls from the sky. He anticipated such and runs down the wall as he threw a shuriken with a string attached to it at the wall near the entrance and swung down at full speed and reaches the entrance before her. But as he recovers from the swing, Hotaru approaches while unsheathing her blade. She swings her blade and Hotaka does the same but faster and their blades clashed, causing the sound from the impact to be loud and sharp, waking Hotaka’s eyes as he realizes that he was standing there and Hotaru at the entrance with her back facing him and her Akuma eye returning to normal. Hotaka grins and said “You’ve defeated me, go.” causing Hotaru to start running but stops after hearing him again. “Hey, Hotaru.” She stops but don’t turn around. “I know our relationship as family hasn’t been a good one, but I’m proud of you sis.” He said, making her smile a little as she shed a tear before she started running again. He watched her run inside and turns back as he draws his blade.

“Now then.” He mumbled as he faced a horde of Hantingu ninja. “If it isn’t the new leader of the Tengoku Ratosu, Hotaka. Angelica said as she appears in front of the ninja. “A traitor? No, a spy.” Hotaka concluded. “We’re busy at the moment, so can you move aside? We have some Akuma to retrieve.” Angelica asked as he points his sword at her. “No, Begone.” He threatened. “Why is the Tengoku Ratosu so fiesty? It’s always the simple tasks that they treat like it’s hard as hell to accomplish.” Angelica wondered out loud. “Because we have to deal with internal affairs and people like you.” Hotaka answers as he enters his sword stance. “Prepare.”
Tatsuya delivers a flurry of punches while leaning left and right for body shots, but Amadi’s defense was tough as he threw a couple of counters here and there. Tatsuya stops his flurry for a second to kick Amadi in the side of his head but it was blocked, the force though was enough to push Amadi sideways and recover on his feet with enough time to defend against the 2nd punch of the continued flurry. Tatsuya tries to kick Amadi again but Amadi drops on his hand and kicks Tatsuya in the chest but he puts his feet behind him to prevent staggering and grabs Amadi’s legs and kicked him in the chest making him lift up into the air. Tatsuya attempts to prepare a kick but sensed an attack “!”. He puts up his guard and Amadi backflips twice before kick both feet onto Tatsuya arms, causing great pressure onto him and making him kneel. Hotaru appears in the corner filled with shadow near Jin’s group and notices the situation, “?!”. Before Tatsuya can recover Amadi’s body immediately drops with his legs still on Tatsuya’s arms until he places his hands on the ground for balance and safe recovery and releases his legs one at a time of Tatsuya’s arms and spin kicks him in the rib then the face as he dances on the floor with his arms, making Tatsuya fall sideways. Amadi recovers and starts to pant, the same for Tatsuya as he gets up and sits with a knee up. “That attack.” Tatsuya reminisces to when Kou performed this attack on Hotaru.
“Hotaru throws her leg upwards at Kou’s chin but Kou uses the force in Hotaru’s leg to push herself up into the air on impact with her hands. Shocking Hotaru, Kou delivers a front-flip kick to Hotaru’s head but was blocked by her sheath, but the force in the kick pushed Hotaru on a knee with a small cravice under her”

“You have the same ability as me, maybe even better.” Tatsuya noted, making Amadi give him a confused look as he focuses, trying not to get distracted. “You can see an attack once and perform it any time you want. But you can adapt it your liking and perform extra attacks.” Tatsuya explains as he smirks. “I don’t know what your limit is, but I’m not losing this fight. As a fighter, I have respect for you. As an enemy, I’ll show no mercy. And in my eyes, you are both.” Tatsuya claimed as he puts up an appropriate fighting stance, a stance of his own. “Same here, but I don’t consider you an enemy Tatsuya. I consider you a friend!” Amadi responds, shocking both Tatsuya and Hotaru. “A… friend, why?” Tatsuya asks as his demeanor returns. “Because we are both the same, including your friend.” Amadi answers as he drops from his stance to offer a handshake again. “Really?” Tatsuya said before dashing towards Amadi and swinging his fist at him, shocking the fighters except Jin and Hotaru. “You didn’t flinch.” Tatsuya said as his fist is barely touching Amadi’s forehead, who has yet to move from his position. “I trusted you wouldn’t perform a coward’s act.” Amadi responds with a smile, making Tatsuya chuckle as his eyes revert and his bloodlust towards Amadi subside. “You sure are something.” He said tapping his knuckle on Amadi’s head, “I won’t accept us as friends yet.” He said, making Amadi’s face turn upside down as his head drops and lowers his hand until, “But…” Tatsuya said as Amadi raises his head. “I will accept you as a rival.” Tatsuya finishes, making Amadi smirk with a shrug and raises his hand and Tatsuya shakes. This time nothing happened but a rivalry was formed, the audience started to cheer aswell, and Jin laughs a little, with the others smiling. “Thats Tatsu-nii.” Kou mumbled as she started to smile. Hotaru was sitting there in silence, getting a bad vibe from Amadi. “Something isn’t right.” She thought as she watches them walk away from each other.
“Shall we?” Tatsuya asked as he drops back into his stance. “Yeah, lets give these people a show.” Amadi answers as they both grinned enough for their teeth to show. “Hey ref!” Tatsuya called out. “Huh?” He responds like he was caught off guard. “Restart the round will ya?” Tatsuya asked. The request got the referee/announcer suddenly hyped and picked up his mic.
“We restarting this round fresh with a countdown, everybody say it with me!” The announcer announced* as he raises his hand in a fist.
an: announcer announced*- I like that phrase.
Bow! Raundo 2! Fighto!” The crowd yells as the announcer opens his palm at “Raundo 2!” and drops it and backs up at “Fighto!“.
Tatsuya and Amadi dashes at each other and threw a punch that collided with each other’s fist. Holding their ground, they stood into each other’s eyes to anticipate the other’s next attack and they break the standoff and dashes back and forward. Tatsuya throws the first punch but Amadi ducks it and uppercuts Tatsuya in the chin, followed by a jumping back kick to the chest, knocking him back but recovers quickly as Amadi moves towards him and throw 3 quick left kicks that were weaved and the last grabbed by Tatsuya’s as he back punches Amadi in the face, making him fall off balanced and hit the floor on his shoulder, but rolls back onto a handstand before Tatsuya can sweep him while he’s down. Amadi walks forward with his hands while kicking his feet at Tatsuya, who is parrying the kicks while walking back. Amadi pushes himself upwards into the air to Tatsuya’s height and grips his hands on Tatsuya’s shoulders and tries to knee him in the stomach while pulling him, but Tatsuya remembers the attack and moves right, causing Amadi’s attack to lose it’s target and he recovers himself in mid-air, but Tatsuya grabs him by his left shoulder with his right and clothesline Amadi in the neck but stops enough for him to fly back and not down. Tatsuya releases his right hand to punch Amadi in the stomach as his body flies past him, forcing his body down to hit the ground with his fist in his stomach. Amadi sits there and grabs Tatsuya arm and wraps his leg around it to his chest and forces Tatsuya down into an arm hold. Tatsuya grabs the leg strangling him with his other arm and struggles to break free and Amadi struggles to keep his grip.
“This has become a battle of spirits.” Jin said as he watches but gains Yue Jin, Kou, and Hachi’s attentions. “Battle of spirits?” Yue Jin wondered. “The person with more will to survive this will determine the outcome of this struggle and possibly the match.” Jin explained as Hotaru hears this and whispers, “Tatsuya.”.
Tatsuya starts to lose his breath, and Amadi is controlling his. Tatsuya notices this and imitates it to stay conscious. Amadi notices this immediately and puts more strength into the hold and Tatsuya starts to gasp. “Tatsuya!” Hotaru thought as she subconsciously drops a tear. Tatsuya senses it hitting the floor and Amadi’s leg starts to shake. “What?” Amadi said as he notices the unusual strength. “That isn’t Akuma power, he’s forcing his arm to lift even if it pops a vein. Hehe. What a crazy guy.” Amadi said as his leg was raised and Tatsuya regained his breath and pushes Amadi off. Their both squatting and panting.

“This next attack will decide the match.” Jin said as they tensed up.

Amadi and Tatsuya both dashes at each other with their fist back, letting each other know their intentions. They stopped with each other’s foot parallel and connects a straight to each other’s face, emitting a loud impact sound across the arena. Both contestants fall on their knees with their torso straight. “Tatsuya!” Hotaru yells from the arena, gaining everyone’s attention. Her voice prevents Tatsuya from collapsing as he places his hands on the floor. Amadi collapses though, he lost the strength to fight. Tatsuya gets up but his balance is off.
“That was a good fight. So… Are you able to continue?” The announcer asks. “No, this is my loss.” Amadi said as he turns himself around on the floor. “In that case, we have a winner! Tatsuya! The crowd goes wild, Hotaru’s feeling about Amadi begin to spike. “Something is definitely wrong here!” Hotaru thought as she starts to walk towards the arena.
“Good fight Amadi.” Tatsuya said while staggering towards him. “Yeah, your victory.” He replied as he manages to sit up (on his ass). “Both of our victories as long both put their all into it.” Tatsuya said as he stretches his hand. Amadi chuckles and raises his hand to his slowly. “Tatsuya, don’t!” Hotaru subconsciously shouted as she started to run to him. “Huh?” Tatsuya said until he hears AMADI;

Weak… you lost to this amateur because you refused my power. I will show you real power.

AMADI takes control and grips Tatsuya’s hand and starts to absorb Tatsuya’s power. Tatsuya screaming, unable to release his grip. A shockwave occurs that prevents Hotaru from getting closer and AMADI starts to laugh.

ABUELO, what are you doing?!

“I’m fixing your mistake, you should’ve just done this from the start!” AMADI responds. “Hey.” Masato said as he appears in the midst. “What the- you again, how?!” AMADI questions. “Didn’t your host accept his lost? Who are you to interfere? Lastly, your injuring a participant.” Masato argued as he grabs AMADI’s arm and cancels the absorption, and breaking his grip from Tatsuya. Tatsuya passes out on his feet and falls back, but in Hotaru’s open arms. “Tatsuya wake up?!” She yelled as she started shaking him, but felt a maliciously dark aura and looked at Masato. “Thanks to you, my finalist must take a day to recover, causing the final to be postponed a day. Akuma, you have one warning. Next time you attack a participant, or his partner…” He said as he looks at Hotaru, who gives him a look then down at Tatsuya. “I’ll destroy you, and erase Amadi’s memory of you completely. Your existence will cease.” Masato finished, projecting his aura into Amadi and damaging the control AMADI has over him, “Gaahhh!!” were his last words before control was returned to Amadi, who passes out from the activity. “His aura, it’s darker than an Akuma’s. Who are you?!” Hotaru thought as she subconsciously puts her hand on her blade. “Calm yourself.” Masato said as his aura dissipates and his bloodlust subsides but the frown is still there as he walks past her.
“Your friends are causing a ruckus.” Masato whispered in her ear. She looks at Yue Jin and the group approaching Tatsuya. “Not them.” Masato whispers. She looked at his direction but he was gone. She looked back at Tatsuya and shadow steps both him and her in bloom of lotuses. “They disappeared!” Yue Jin said as they stopped running as Kou looks around. “That girl… Sigh” Jin thought as he turns towards Amadi and walks towards him. “This boy, what negative power within.” He thought as he asks Hachi to take him to the hospital. He sighed but accepts to do so because it was an accept by an elder martial artist. “Something big is going to happen soon.” Jin said as the wind blew across his face.
Hotaka slays all of the Hantingu ninja present except one that standing before him and he attempts to flee but Hotaka throws a kunai at him, impaling his back as he collapses and die.
“Where did that woman… wait, damn!” Hotaka said as he shadow steps to run to room #4.

[HOTARU]– Available

-[DASH]- Available

-[HOTAKA]- Available

-[TATSUYA]-  Available

Time: 18:00
Location: Beach
Hotaka arrives at the beach after eliminating the rest of the ninjas. What awaited him was Frank, Angelica and a ninja with black spikey hair and a scar on his left closed eye. Hotaka observed all three of them. Angelica and Frank wore business outfits and the ninja carried one sword with him, it gave Hotaka a chill he gets from the dead. He notices his palm has the mark of Hantingu.
“Government dogs working with Hantingu ninja, that’s rich.” Hotaka deduced after the analysis. “Hotaka, you indeed work fast. I’m impressed.” Angelica complimented as she slowly claps her hands. “But one of our targets should appear any moment.”She said as she stops clapping her hands and shakes her head to right. Hotaka looks in that direction but just enough to see Hotaru appearing in a bloom of lotuses, still covered in fresh blood. “Brother…” Hotaru mumbled as she looks at Hotaka, then towards Angelica with her Akuma eyes. “I’ve had enough of you.” She said as her aura seeps out as she raises her right arm towards the three.
Bloom, Sakuya-bime!” Hotaru chanted as a horde of lotuses forms from her aura and surrounds her arm like a hurricane.
Pierce!” She said as the lotuses dashes towards the group like an explosion of wind and forms a sharp flower needle.
Weak.” The ninja said as he draws his blade and cuts down the lotus attack.

What?!” Hotaru shouted as she remains in the same position in shock, until her eyes narrow and draws her Kodachi and dashes at the ninja. “You first.” She thought as she positions the blade tip towards him in a stabbing pose. His sword starts to glow and he swings his blade three times at her, despite the range still being great. “What is he swinging at-?!” Hotaru said as her shoulder gets cut, shocking Hotaka as he shadowsteps her away from her course. “What was that?” She said as she holds her shoulder. “He’s probably using the wind as a blade every time he swings that blade of his.” Hotaka answers as he gets up and draws his own blade. “That’s not quite right.” The ninja replies as he dashes towards Hotaka while swinging his sword once at him, causing an invisible trail to move in Hotaka’s direction. He cuts down the attack and defends himself against the ninja’s personal swing and they both remain at a standoff for a moment.
“Who are you, and what is that blade? I get a bad vibe from that thing.” Hotaka questioned while remaining his posture until he breaks the standoff and swings at him, until the ninja dashes back a good distance in a crouching pose. “The name is Taizou, of the Hantingu ninja.” He said as he rises back up while lifting his sword up as it starts glowing again. “The name of this sword is, ‘Tamashi no Ita‘; the Soul Eater. As the name implies, this sword eats the souls of the foes it slays.” Taizo explains as he assumes his stance. Ninjutasu-master

“Hotaka, of the Tengoku-Ratosu ninja.” Hotaka replies as he enters a relaxed stance used for speed.

Koi!” They both said as they dashed at each other and confront each other. Meanwhile…

“Brat, you have two choices.” Angelica suggested, gaining Hotaru’s attention.
“You can either come along without struggling, or we can take you with us half-dead.” She explained as she crosses her arms.

“Fuzakeru na! (Don’t screw with me!)” Hotaru replied as she sheathed her blade and throws a couple of shuriken at both Angelica and Frank but they both avoided the ninja stars, one going left, the other right. Hotaru chases after Angelica and jumps while she lunges her right leg to Angelica’s neck but she blocks it in time with her left arm but the force had impact. “You damn pest!” Angelica mumbled as she grabs her leg with the same defense arm and pulls her a little to break Hotaru’s balance and kicks her in the stomach with her right leg filled with force and blasts Hotaru towards Frank. “Gah!!!” Hotaru screamed from the pain in her stomach until she starts rolling on the floor. Frank kicks her in the rib with his right foot as she rolled towards him, causing her roll to start and lift up as Frank throws recieving a left straight to Hotaru but she absorbs the blow and grabs his arm and touches the ground and turns around to frontflip kick him in the chin and lands on his face, then jumps off his face like a piston and throws him to the ground, making him bounce to his stomach.

Ayane throw
DOA5 – Ayane

She throws shuriken at him while he’s down but he dashes to her falling location in a low position after recovering. “Tsk.” Hotaru drop kicks Frank but her foot met with his uppercut and the force from the punch was overwhelming, knocked her from her balance as she flips backwards and gets punched by Frank’s other arm, knocking her back once more.
These bastards are only aiming for my stomach. Their really trying to knock me out!” Hotaru thought as she puts her guard up towards Frank, who stood there guardless. “Something’s not right, where’s that woman?!” Hotaru notices as she looks around. She notices a shadow and looks up to find Angelica over her head with an axe kick prepared. “Damn!” Hotaru tries to raise her arms on time but was too late, she was hit on the top of her head with an axe kick; an instant ko with heels on. She fell onto the sand face first onto the sand and Angelica recovers over her.
“Should’ve listened to what was offered to you girl.” She hissed as Frank approaches.
“Grab her.” She ordered as Frank catches up to Angelica.
He looks at her struggling to get up but the damage to her head caused her nervous system to stutter.

The wind starts to blow and he starts to reach for her but a gust of wind blows him off his feet and several feet out to the sea, shocking Angelica as she faced towards the forest, which was blowing fiercely. A shadow appears from the trees and grass and the moon light shined upon the figure. Tatsuya had arrived.

How dare you touch what’s mine.

TATSUYA appears as the look of surprise came upon Hotaru’s face and Hotaka’s battle with Taizou pauses to see what was disturbing the wind.
… Tatsuya?” Hotaru mumbled as she looks at his eyes.
A pale white Iris with a raging demon pupil with sharp ears, his fangs showed as his face appears empty.

You’ll pay for hurting Tsun-Chan. Prepare to die.” TATSUYA spoke as the wind starts to appear visibly black and storming around TATSUYA, pulling in everyone towards him slowly. Hotaru holds onto the sand with her Kodachi and Hotaka stands his grounds. Angelica is being pulled in against her will, scaring her to a small degree, but not enough to shake her confidence. Taizou dashes at TATSUYA with the force of the wind with his blade ready to stab. “You’re too dangerous, I must eradicate immediately.” He said as he jumps towards TATSUYA as he stands motionless with his hands at his side. Until he raises one palm towards the blade and the wind forms a barrier between TATSUYA and Taizou’s sword and the wind compresses into a small black orb and explodes in Taizou’s face, causing an air bomb to occur, blasting him away, but he recovers on his feet before hitting the ground. His sword was cracked by the attack. “Impossible.” Taizou muttered before looking at TATSUYA.

You damn monster.” He muttered.

Hotaru stares at TATSUYA with her Akuma eyes and sheds a tear.

What the hell Tatsuya… What the hell?!!!

Are you going to sit there and do nothing?


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