Time: 13:45
Location: Hospital -First floor-
Dash and Leo accompanies Sheena from the hospital, talking and having a good time. Sheena, wearing her battle attire, but with a vest and hat with the same color, decides to tell Dash about her latest gut feeling, about some threat closing in and attacking the fighters. He drops his head in thought. And suddenly realizes that they were surrounded by hidden shadows.I’m starting to think this hospital is cursed.

“Hey…” Dash said, noticing Sheena sensed it too.
“Wanna play a game?” He said as Sheena narrows her eyebrows with a smirk
“Sure, all that laying around got me pretty stiff anyway.” She replied as Leo is standing there confused, unaware that a Hantingu ninja appears behind her. Before he could strike, he gets kicked in the neck and face simultaneously by Dash and Sheena, alerting Leo as she pulls her handgun and combat knife.
“Lets see who can take down the most enemies.” Dash said as he shakes his leg and shakes his hole body as he bounce around.
“Your on.” Sheena replies as she tightens her gloves and takes off her hat.
The Hantingu ninjas surrounds the three with their blades equipped as they walk around them, keeping their distance. Until the horde of ninja charges at them, starting from the back.

Dash, Sheena and Leo fights them off but haves a little difficulty as two figures appear, one being Angelica and the other, a 29 year old French man.
“You look fun.” The man said as he looked at Dash with a smirk and assumed a Military stance.
“Sambo huh?” Dash said as he shakes his wrists and closed his fist, emitting sparks from his palms.
So that’s how he defeated Frank. He gets more and more interesting.” Sheena thought as her surprised look turns from Dash to Angelica as she raises her brow in confusion as to why Leo stepped forward.
“Explain your reason for attacking us. Depending on your answer, I may decide to put you down for attacking an officer.” Leo ordered as Angelica narrows her brow. “You talk too much.” She replies as she takes off her glasses and the pin from her hair, making her long hair fall down to her waist. Without a moment’s hesistation, she threw the pin at Leo’s handgun, inside the muzzle, causing it to break apart. Shocking Leo as she sits there in shock, until she realizes that Angelica was right in front of her, only a feet away preparing an axe kick. Leo covers her head forgetting the knife in her hand, and hears an impact. She looks up to see Angelica’s axe kick being halted by Sheena’s leg as she helds it in the air.
“Forgetting someone?” She mocked as she narrows her eyes while grinning. “You’ll regret your actions.” She replies as she jumps with her other leg and launches it at Sheena, who blocks the kick and slides back a feet. Leo retreats and looks at Dash. “Hey… think the others are getting attacked?” She asked as Dash slides back from a power kick by the French man. “I don’t know. I need you to go check on them and help them if so. I’ll take care of this asshole.” Dash responds as he jumps up and down like how he fought against Frank. Leo nods and leaves the hospital. Sheena and Dash are standing side by side and staring down their foes.
“So… will you introduce yourselves? Or shall we go first?” Sheena asked as she assumes her fighting stance.
“… Angelica… and he’s Leon.” Angelica hesitantly responded. “But it’s not like you’ll live long enough to make use of it.” Leon remarks as he dashes towards Dash.
“I doubt that.” Dash said as he encounters Leon, followed by Sheena dashing at Angelica.
A battle unfolds as more conflicts erupt.
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