Time: 14:00
Location: Tatsuya
Tatsuya.” A voice calls out.
“What is it Fujin?” Tatsuya responds as a green-silver dragon appears.
Your personality is fading.” Fujin announced
“Personality, what does that mean?” Tatsuya asked not getting the news.
It means you will disappear.” Fujin answers
Tatsuya notices himself getting weaker and quickly understands.
“… What should I do to stop this?” Tatsuya asked
Switch personalities.” Fujin answers
“Switch personalities?” Tatsuya said unable to grasp the meaning.
Yes, you have an Akuma living within you, namely me. More than one being lives within this one shell. Creating split personalities to prevent the body from breaking apart.” Fujin explains
“Ah, I think I get it. So basically your telling me to give you control of my body while I ‘sleep’?” Tatsuya elaborates.
Yes, you must recover if you want to fight your father. Plus I’m not sure if you noticed but there is conflict happening outside.” Fujin advised
“Conflict?” Tatsuya not understanding what Fujin was talking about.
Yes, I sense death, tons of it.” Fujin answers.
“Death, is the kunoichi safe?!” Tatsuya asks as his eyes widen with worry.
I don’t know. You severed the string that connected your soul to hers. I can no longer sense her presence.” Fujin remarked
Damn, how fast can you wake up if I switch control with you?” Tatsuya asks with his hand on his chin.
It will take time, this is not an easy process, plus the chance of me going out of control from the atmosphere.” Fujin answers
“Huh, why’s that?” Tatsuya questions
The nitrogen in the Earth’s atmosphere is poison to Akuma, you must be resiliently powerful to the nitrogen to survive but their senses are affected and they lose their mind for a period of time or until something calms it down. If your a small fry, the waves will reduce you to colorless sand. It’s unknown if humans will be affected if they journey into the ‘Realm of Akuma’.” Fujin explains.
“Hm, well if you do go out of control, I’ll stop you.” Tatsuya said as he raises his fist.
Hmph, we’ll see.” Fujin mocked as he starts to glow and appears as Tatsuya’s spitting image and they both dashes towards each other and punches each others fist, causing a line of light to flash.

Time: 17:00
Location: Room #4
The padeo door creaks open slowly and wind starts to blow in and surround Tatsuya.
Tatsuya’s finger twitches and his body gets up and walks towards the padeo. He stands at the edge of the padeo, and his eyes finally open.
I have awakened.” TATSUYA said then he looked around and then towards the empty beach.
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