Location: Room #4
Hotaka appears at the padeo and looks at the glass door which appears to have blood all over it. He opens the door and a body falls from it, alarming Hotaka as he looks inside the room to see a den of corpses scattered around the room.
“… This is Hotaru’s doing.” Hotaru deduced after analyzing the cuts on one of the bodies. He then looks to the bed and notices Tatsuya. “?!” He rushes to Tatsuya’s unconscious body and places his finger on his neck to check his pulse. “He’s alive.” Hotaka said, relieved until he notices the energy emitting from Tatsuya’s body and places his hand on his forehead and senses an unbalanced energy surging. He releases his hand from Tatsuya and walks back to the padeo. “This is an obstacle he must overcome on his own.” He mumbled as he shadow steps and disappears, leaving the door open.

Location: Tournament grounds and forest
Hotaka slays scattered ninjas everywhere he looked, finding difficulty to understand why it so difficult to find them in such a small area compared to a forest and a city.



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