Location: Room #4
Hotaru lays Tatsuya’s unconscious body on the bed and Hotaru start to heal his injuries, but the stolen Akuma power cannot be treated. Hotaru senses the presense of Hantingu ninja approaching and her eyes narrowed. She turns off the light and runs to the closet and retrieves both her short swords, one of them having a red chord attacked to the back of the handle.

The door to the padeo opens, with a group of Hantingu ninja (roughly around 7, the room is quite big.) sneaking inside slowly with some hands on their sword handle. They look around and one of the ninja points to Tatsuya. Three of them, including the one who notices him walks towards him quietly, while half of the others watched over them and the rest was looking around the room. The three ninja stood before Tatsuya, lined up horizontal. The one in the middle reached for Tatsuya’s chest and held his arm an inch above it. The waves emitting from Tatsuya indicated he was what they were looking for. The ninja raised a sign to inform the ninja but his hand was cut, and then his neck, making him freeze as the blood spurts out a moment later from the shock, alerting the ninjas. They were looking about trying to track their predator, until a shadow falls from the dark celing and lands inbetween the two ninja around Tatsuya and stabs them both in the chest simultaneously, releasing a vague scream before the shadow threw shuriken at the ninja who was looking around, all killed but disabled one of the ninjas legs, and pulls the blades and dashes at the group supposedly watching over the dead ninja and cuts them down one by one, but not without a useless struggle, for the shadow was too fast to defend against. The last victim of the assault is slashed in the chest and falls onto the padeo door, splatting blood over the glass. The shadow’s position when the assault is finished is by the padeo, where the moonlight shined and illuminated the shadow. identifying Hotaru in her shozoku;
3 kodachi sheaths on her, two of which were being held by a tube that was hanging behind her waist by a string and one on her back. 2 small item packs hanged from the string aswell. A 3 set of silver needles rested on her forearm guantlets, hidden from plain sight but easily accessible.
Hotaru walks toward the disabled ninja, who is wreaking in quiet agony until he pulls the shuriken from his foot, but still unable to move freely. He notices Hotaru as she raises one of her Kodachi and slashes diagonally across the ninja’s chest, killing him and more blood getting on Hotaru. With all the ninja dead, Hotaru wipes the blood from her face and looks at Tatsuya’s unconscious body. She walks towards him and intends to put her hand on his face, but stops as she realized how bloody she was.
The world we live in is too different.” She said as she turned to the padeo and disappeared.



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