Chapter IV. Finals; Tatsuya vs Takeshi

“How dare you touch what’s mine!!!”

Time: 18:30
Location: Beach
Hotaru remains on the ground stunned as she watches Tatsuya’s Akuma lose his mind. Taizou flies back and roll on the ground before sticking his cracked blade into the sand to stop the momentum as he rests on his knee. “Damn.” Taizou mumbled as he gets back up. Hotaka appears next to him, both stare at each other for a second and then towards TATSUYA, understanding that the boy was too dangerous to leave be. Hotaka dashes towards TATSUYA with his blade in his right hand, and Taizou dashes with his cracked blade in his left. Hotaka was faster so he ran behind TATSUYA and dashed towards him from behind as Taizou approaches from the front. TATSUYA enters a dragon stance, similar to Takeshi’s but looked stiffer than his. He then crossed his arms over his chest and extends both with force, causing the wind to roar and the sand on the ground to lift up and follow the wind current, cutting whoever was near. Hotaka was cut in the shoulder and Taizou in the knee by a sharp sand rock, causing Taizou to fall forward, unable to keep his balance from the damage sustained from the previous assaults. Hotaka, forced to cease his advance, jumps back but not before throwing a shuriken. The shuriken was thrown off course and TATSUYA dashes towards Hotaka with his hands as a dragon. Hotaka switches his blade to the blunt side and ducks a dashing jump kick by TATSUYA and turns around a swung the blunt blade horizontally at TATSUYA but was blocked with his arm, knocking him back an inch but he dashes forward and lunges a series of paw at Hotaka, who weaves them, parrying several with an open arm and returns with several swings and kicks inbetween, some landed due to Tatsuya’s natural reflexes. Kou and Jin arrives to the beach due to an unpleasant feeling Jin had from the air. “Oh my…” He said as he watches the battle unfold between Hotaka and TATSUYA. “Tatsu-nii.” Kou mumbled as she noticed the leaking black aura from TATSUYA and his black eyes with an Akuma iris and pupil. “He’s possessed by some evil.” Jin explained as Kou clasp her hands together and prayed. “Tatsu-nii, please stop!” TATSUYA suddenly hesitates in his next paw strike after knocking Hotaka’s blade out of his hand, giving Hotaka the opportunity to grab him by the wrist and palm him in the chest with great force, causing TATSUYA to scream “ARGH!!!!” as he fall on his knee with eyes slowly closing as if looked ready to pass out for a moment, until his eyes shot open as Hotaka drops his guard and TATSUYA rises immediately and launches a mid spin kick at Hotaka as he turns and prepares to guard but “(Damn, too late.)” He thought until Kou appears and blocks the attack herself but the force knocks her back, creating a shockwave as she collides into Hotaka and fly through a few trees in the forest. “Kou!” Jin yells as he runs towards her location.
Dash, Leo and Sheena appears to the scene from behind them. “What the hell?” Dash said as he noticed Hotaka hanging onto a shaking Kou, who is unable to open her eyes willingly. Hotaka himself struggles to recover from the damage but is unable to in time for TATSUYA’s next attack as he dashes towards them with a claw dragging in the sand.
TATSUYA lunges the claw at Hotaka, creating a gust of wind but the attack was stopped by Dash as his hands emitted heat, burning TATSUYA’s wrist by the second. “Tatsuya, what do you think you’re doing?” Dash said in an angered tone. The heat started to turn into fire and TATSUYA grunted as he snatches his arm from Dash’s grip from his arm and backs up. Dash walks towards him, burning the sand layer below him as he stares TATSUYA down. “I don’t know what the hell is wrong with you, I don’t really care right now, but I’ll snap yo ass out of it… watch me.” Dash spat as he starts to run at TATSUYA. He roars at Dash, causing the wind to howl and Dash’s speed to drop. “The hell?” He thought as he puts his hands on the sand and kicked off like a race with burning speed which cuts through the wind as he connects a powerful punch in TATSUYA’s face, knocking him off of one of his feet but not all two and recovers. Dash snap kicks TATSUYA in the rib and threw a flurry of punches which were barely defended against but when TATSUYA launches a few strikes at Dash, he was hardly able to withstand each attack’s pressure. The battle became a slugfest that Dash loses but before collapsing as he falls back, he used his leg to gain balance and punched the ground, causing a burning shockwave that blows TATSUYA away and recovers on his hands and feet dug into the sand. Before he could move, a series of glowing rays were flying towards TATSUYA. Ready to take the impact, he puts up his guard. His skin was burned and cut simultaneously in several places, tearing his clothes up as he releases a groan. “What the hell was… glass?! Where’d he-” TATSUYA thought as he looks up after kneeling while blood drips from his wounds. Dash is standing there holding a handful of sand and burning it. “I see… damn you.” TATSUYA said as he stands once again after understanding what had happened. “Come at me bro.” Dash mocked as he tosses the burning sand into the air and kicks it towards TATSUYA. Aware of what was going on, TATSUYA dodges the sand-formed hot glass. Dash was only an inch away from him “!” Dash punches him in the face causing him to fly back and fall on his face. The sand reduces the impact damage and TATSUYA gets up slowly, finally feeling the effect of the damage he’s taken thus far. He looks at Dash with a squinted eye. “You done?” Dash asked with his guard still up. Frank emerges from the ocean with Angelica besides him. “Bastard, I’ll teach him-” Frank said as he takes a step towards TATSUYA until Angelica stops him. “That’s enough, let’s retreat. We’ll get our chance later. TAIZOU!” Angelica said getting his attention. “Find your own way out.” She ordered as she and Frank started to run the forest. “Leo, Sheena, chase them, don’t let them escape!” Dash orders as they begins the chase before he finishes. Distracted by the chase he notices TATSUYA in his face. Before he could react, he was punched in the gut with an air compressed bullet. Sending him a solid few feet away from his current location as he slides on the ground. “Shit. I was careless.” He thought as he sat their, the pain in his gut prevented him from moving. TATSUYA stood there. He stared into the sky. His eyes started to bleed. His fangs sharpened, his hair grew, and his ear pointy. “He’s becoming an Akuma.” Hotaka said, frightening Hotaru. She looked at him as he steadily transforms. “Tatsuya… an Akuma?”
“…No…” Hotaru mumbled with discontent in her eyes.
She activates her Akuma blood and stands her ground.
“That’s enough Tatsuya.” Hotaru said as she lifts one of her arms towards him.
Bloom, Sakuya-Bime.
Lotuses appear and surrounds TATSUYA. He begins to see illusions and the world around him was black and empty. TATSUYA saw Tatsuya standing before him smiling.

“It took her long enough. I don’t think I’ll ever hear the end of this from them.” Tatsuya sighed as he shook his head.
You waited for this to happen.”
“Pretty much. So, how does moving in a human body feel for the first time?”
“Don’t spare me the small talk.”
“Your wreaking havoc in my body. I appreciate you protecting Tsun-Chan. I don’t mind everybody else but you didn’t have to attack Kou and Dash.” Tatsuya said as he starts walking towards Fujin. “Those are my friends.”
“I don’t care. My priority was Hotaru.”
“Oh well, none the less, this needs to stop now. I’ll be taking back control over my body.” Tatsuya walks towards Fujin in a slow but fast pace.
“Your going to have to defeat me to get your body back.” Fujin raises a hand indicating Tatsuya to stop.
“You did lose your mind. Guess I’ll have to snap you out of it and take my body back by force.” Tatsuya replies as he walks forward again even faster.
Fujin lowers his arm and dashes at Tatsuya. He starts to run at Fujin.

Starting off with a solid punch that connects with each others fist. Continuing with a barrage of jabs and quick kicks thrown at each other while evading. Fujin lands more attacks on Tatsuya and lands a one-two combo on Tatsuya before finishing it with a reverse roundhouse, knocking Tatsuya back and landing on his hands and knees. Sensing Fujin behind him going for a low kick, he performs a hand stand to avoid the kick. Fujin misses the low kick but threw a straight punch into Tatsuya’s stomach with the arm opposite of the leg. Tatsuya gets knocked back once more and rolls this time to recover. Fujin quickly approaches him and kicks him in the gut with a straight leg. Making Tatsuya fly back but land on his feet but slides onto one of his knees and coughs blood. “This bastard. I better step my game up before I disappear.” Tatsuya stands once more while wiping his mouth and runs at Fujin . Fujin dashes once more at Tatsuya and Fujin attempts to jumps kick Tatsuya, but he evades and counters with a spinning back kick causing Fujin to fall back.
Fujin recovers and Tatsuya enters a stance similar to Hayate

But with middle and ring fingers on the hand in front, connected and the index finger raised but relaxed.
He dashes towards Fujin as he recovers and lunges a front snap kick at Fujin but he weaves backwards. Tatsuya drops his raised foot like an axe and caves Fujin’s chest in, forcing him onto a knee while his back remains leaned out because Tatsuya’s foot remained on his chest and Tatsuya jumps onto him forcing more pressure on Fujin and kicks him in the face with a low sweep, knocking Fujin back shortly after Tatsuya hops off from his chest after impact and lands on his hand. Fujin rolls on the floor and stops on his sides. “What the hell is this fighting style?” Fujin thought as Tatsuya run towards him after a startup boost. Tatsuya then tried to sweep Fujin’s ankles by sliding but he sidesteps and drops his forearm onto Tatsuya’s rib as he slides, forcing him to stop and grunt in pain. Fujin starts kicking him while he’s down but Tatsuya lifts himself from the ground and kicks Fujin in the neck;
although instead of falling, Fujin loses his balance and staggers.
Tatsuya lands and throws a front kick to the stomach, followed with a straight punch to a spinning back hand, causing Fujin to sway sideways with an arm hanging. Tatsuya grabs that arm and kicks him twice in the ribs and then in the back of the knee, causing Fujin to drop to a knee, Tatsuya pulls him towards him, lifting him up and dragon kicks him Fujin in the rib with the same leg, causing him to fall sideways. “I’m losing to a human!” Fujin thought as he looks at Tatsuya and stands up.
This last attack will determine the outcome.” They simultaneously thought as they dashes towards each other. Fujin has a claw raised and Tatsuya has a fist raised. A light flashes on impact and lotuses appears once more.
Tatsuya opens his eyes slowly and saw Hotaru in front of him. She notices and sighs in relief.
“Kono Baka.” She said with a relieved smile. Tatsuya smiles back but looks down and his eyes widened as he freezes in shock.
Hotaru notices his face and looks down to see her blade in his chest and gasped since she forgot about it and pulls it out, jerking Tatsuya forward from the momentum and his face was a breath away from Hotaru’s, making them both blush as they both back up and turn their backs towards each other. Tatsuya notices the damage he’s caused and closes his eyes for a second and breaths in a little and reopens his eyes and turns towards Hotaru. “Tsun-chan.” He muttered. “Still calling me that? I’ve never heard you call me by my name yet.” She replies with annoyance in her tone. “You never told me your name, that’s why.” Tatsuya responds as he starts to feel weak. He hides it from Hotaru as she answers “You’ve heard my name plenty of times before.”, holding himself up by balancing himself with a leg after replying. “It only counts when you say it yourself.” He said, making her blush at this comment. “Your rediculous.” She said as she looks towards him to see him smirking as he turns to the others once again and starts walking towards Hotaka and Kou slowly, stumbling partway but catches himself.
“You guys alright?” He asked as Hotaka looks at him with a batted eye before dropping it to the girl before him. “Would’ve been worse if she hadn’t blocked your strike in my stead. It’s a surprise she’s only uncon-… *shakes head* asleep after taking the force of that attack.” Hotaka replies looking at Kou and places his hand gently on her hair. “Your looking like a perv, Hota-nii.” Hotaru said with a suspicious look on her face, shocking Hotaka from the thought of being called a pervert by her younger sister, he drops into a depressed state;  tamaki_is_depressed_by_freakwithissues007 which Tatsuya laughs at before looking at Kou. “I’ll have to apologize when she wakes up.” He said.
“She’s the only you apologize too?” Tatsuya looks towards the voice to see Dash walking towards them holding his stomach.
“That’s mean of you, and I thought we were friends.” Dash said as Tatsuya nervously laughs.
“Gomen gomen! You were slugging me pretty good aswell.” Tatsuya said as he takes a step forward. “You gave me no choice.” Dash said as he extends a hand. “Welcome back from wherever-the-hell you just came from.” He said. “Glad to be back.” Tatsuya raised his hand and as soon as their hands make contact and connects-
Ngh!“Tatsuya grunts, startling everyone as he falls on his knees with Dash still holding onto his hand until he lets go. “Tatsuya?!” Hotaru called out as she hurries to support him. His eyes half closed as he starts chuckling. “Hehe… took long enough dammit.” He mumbles as his eyes shift towards Hotaru, and leans towards her ear and whispers in her ear. She raises a brow and looks at him to see he’s sleep. Dash crouches towards him and smirks. “He whoops our asses and goes to sleep. I should take advantage.” Dash said as he stretches his shoulders, a couple of cracks are heard. “Are you really going to-” Hotaru asked until she saw him swing at Tatsuya with a straight and she flinches. Dash’s punch was stopped before contact by Tatsuya’s arm, shocking Dash and Hotaru. “Was that by instinct?” Dash asked as Hotaru just shrugs her shoulders. “Let’s try that again.” Dash throws a two-piece at Tatsuya but all was blocked with one arm. “This is miraculous bullshit.” Dash laughs in denial as he shakes his head. “Is he even human?” Hotaru mumbles as she looks at him in confusion as he lays on her lap, Dash notices. “I see you two made up.” He said. “Huh? … *!*… NO! No you misunderstand! Jerk.” Hotaru replies as she blushes. He laughs and then looks around. “Hey, um… ninja.” He said. “The name’s Hotaka.” He replies, knowing he was referring to him. “Where’d that other guy go?” Dash asked. “…?!” Hotaka immediately gets up and looks around for Taizou and saw faint footprints leading into the forest. “Hotaka lifts Kou up and walks toward Jin, who was standing quietly nearby. “Take care of her.” He asks as he extends his arms to pass Kou to Jin. “Don’t worry, she’s my newest disciple, I fail as a master if I can’t ensure the safety of one of my own.” Jin replies before glaring at Hotaka. “But I can expect an explanation later right?” He demands in a form of a request. Hotaru nods as she lifts Tatsuya up. “Hm?… now that I think about it, he’s not that heavy.” Hotaru thought as she performs a shadow step to Room #4. Hotaka dashes and shadow steps towards Taizou’s direction. Dash runs after Sheena and Leo. Jin walks away with Kou shortly after everyone leaves and taking a breath of the air.
Time: 20:13
Location: Roof of the tournament building.
Angelica and Frank stops at the roof of the building and Angelica closes the phone in her hand. Leo and Sheena approaches and Leo points her gun towards them.
“Freeze!” Leo demands as both Angelica and Frank looks at them.
“I don’t think that cliche line works anymore Elie.” Sheena said as Frank and Angelica walks towards them. Leo equips her knife and enters a close-quarter-combat stance.
“15 minutes.” Angelica said without switching her focus.
“Alright.” Frank said as he cracks his neck.
Leo and Sheena battles Angelica and Frank for minutes, with Sheena holding her own against Frank, while chatting;
“I thought you were CIA. We were played for fools.” Sheena said as she throws powerful swings at Frank, who evades each while returning his own.
“The pay was better.” Frank replies with little tone in his voice as his attacks miss their target aswell.
“Yeah well the trust isn’t!” Sheena said as she lands a powerful reverse roundhouse kick on Frank’s neck that he resisted and grabs her leg and punches her in the stomach with the other arm, making her fall back and hit the floor.
A helicopter appears from the sky as the battle continues and drops a ladder.
“There’s our ride.” Frank said as he kicks Sheena away and ran towards the dropped ladder. Angelica follows after as Leo aims her gun towards them but the ladder was moving around too much to get an accurate aim towards them. “Damn.” She said as Dash appears. Frank stares down at him and points his finger at him as they escape. Dash puts his hands on his waist and sighs as he didn’t really care anymore. “I’ve had enough of today.” He said after standing idle for a solid minute as he calls out to Leo to Sheena and tells them to come on. They began walking to the tournament hall.
Hotaka catches up to Taizou, who was slowly heading down the island to an open field. Hotaka shadow steps before him as he stops after sensing his presence.
“Figured I wouldn’t get far.” Taizou said without turning to Hotaka.
“You weren’t planning on swimming weren’t you?” Hotaka rhetorically asked, wondering what was in the direction of Taizou’s path.
“Even I’m not stupid with these injuries.” Taizou answers with a chuckle but narrows his eyes afterwards.
“It’s time we finish our interrupted duel.” He said as he draws his cracked sword.
“… As you wish.” Hotoka replies drawing his blade and preparing himself.
Hotaka and Taizou exchange swing after swing, cracking Taizou’s blade even more to an unrepairable state. Hotaka kicks Taizou’s in the rib and both wounds opens up again as they both release a grunt. A standoff occurs and as they stare each other down panting.
“This is the last strike.” Hotaka mumbles as his gaze sharpens.
Hotaka and Taizou dashes towards each other and swings their blades simultaneously and remained idle. Taizou’s sword shatters into sparkling red and black shards that emitted a sound of peace as Taizou’s blood released sprays from his shoulder to the opposite side of his waist and collapses. Hotaka approaches him and asks as he sheathed his blade.
“Heh… To think a Tengoku-Ratosu would ask for something belonging to an Hantingu. But the spoils goes to the victor, I won’t need it anymore.” Taizou replies as he pulls out a key. “What you do is up to you.” He said as he hands Hotaka the key before collapsing from blood lost.
Hotaka stood there and said nothing in response before leaving towards Room #4.
“You set me up this whole time.”
“Not the whole time. If I did, I wouldn’t have let you hurt my friends.”
“Tch, your full of it.”
“You jest.”
“What now?”
“How will you deal with the situation? I hope your aware of the danger that could reappear. Plus you’re in the finals. Your fighting your father.”
“I’ll just keep on fighting.”
“That’s it, just fight?”
“Yeah, that seems to be my best answer. After all, I’m my father’s son.”
“Sigh… I’ve been with you your whole life, yet I am still unable to understand you.”
“I take that as a compliment. I remember at one point when I was a kid, I would scream ‘Ninja attack!’ and pull some sneaky pranks on the people and run.”
“Hey… Tatsuya.”
“… Nevermind. It’s not important.”
“What the… your weird.”
“Shut it you human.”
“This human whooped your ass, hehe!”

Time: 9:00
August 3
Location: Room #4
Tatsuya wakes up to see himself surrounded by familiar faces. Dash, Amadi, Hotaru and Kou. He observes their faces as Amadi and Kou gives a look of relief, as the other three just gave him a stern look that they needed to talk. So he nods and gets up.
“Finally awake you moron?” Hotaru asked with her arms crossed.
“Yep, you miss me?” Tatsuya responds as he spreads his arm for a hug.
“Sigh… baka.” She replies as she slowly facepalms and shakes her head.
“U-um…-” Kou said interrupting them and was nervous as she gained his attention.
“…” Trying but unable to speak, Kou begins to feel embarassed.
“Heh, sorry about that, you did well.” Tatsuya apologizes as he compliments her after patting her head in an affectionate manner, annoying Hotaru to a hidden degree.
“You look like your doing well.” Amadi noted in his caribbean accent as he places his arm on Tatsuya’s shoulder.
“Yeah… So, what happened to that Akuma of yours?” He asks as he didn’t feel the presence of that demon.
“He’s been quiet ever since that moment.” He said recalling the incident when Tatsuya’s power being absorbed and Masato appears and silences Abuelo.
“You are in no position to be worrying about others.” Hotaru said as she leans towards Tatsuya annoyed, making him move back. He realizes that Hotaru wasn’t wearing her ninja garb. Instead, she wore denim shorts, sneakers and a hoodie sweater.
“Tempting me won’t work unless I’m the one doing it.” Tatsuya jokes, earning a push to the forehead.
“Nevermind, your fine.” She said as she backs up once more, making Tatsuya laugh.
“How far have you gotten with that Akuma of yours?” Amadi asked with amusement.
“I’ve calmed him down for the most part, thanks to Tsun-chan.” Tatsuya replies while eyeing Hotaru from the corner of his eye.
“What does that have to do with me? All I did was stab you. It even felt good doing it.” She said, pricking at Tatsuya’s ego.
Ow. So, you look impatient ninja. Anything you want to say?” He said as he looks towards Hotaka, who was next to the door leaning on the wall.
One, my name is Hotaka.” He said annoyingly as starts to move forward slowly as Tatsuya’s face straightens, taking in Hotaka’s tone in his voice.
Two, your weak, you cannot defeat anyone. Neither me, nor your father.” “Is that a chall-”
Three… you can’t protect my little sister.”Tatsuya narrows his brow at this. “What-”
“Four, your a threat to the people you call friends.” Hotaka points at Kou, who looks away, making Tatsuya feel the guilt again.
“Five…” Hotaka pauses as he gets in Tatsuya’s face which shows anger to a small degree. “That’s enou-” Hotaru said before getting cut off, “Shut up.” Hotaka demands his sister to be quiet with hostility in his voice towards his own kin, which frightened her. He looks back at Tatsuya, who was giving him a dead look.
“You disappoint me.”
?!” Tatsuya grits his teeth as he remembers a man from his childhood days after being disowned by his father.
“Out of everybody I met from the city, I had expectations of you.”
“…” Tatsuya’s anger turns to dejection, Hotaru notices and starts to pity him and reaches out for him.
“I don’t need you or anybody else to expect anything of me.” Tatsuya mumbles out loud as everybody stood there in silence, Dash looks confused throughout all this and Kou just sat there silently. He looks at Hotaru, who noticed and looked away avoiding eye contact. Tatsuya then left from the bed and staggered for a bit but ran towards the padeo, opened the door and jumped off the balcony. Amadi, Kou and Dash ran to the balcony in shock. Hotaka and Hotaru stayed behind. The three looked down but didn’t see Tatsuya. Amadi immediately jumps and follows him.
“(Shadow step in mid-air? That memory is no joke.)” Hotaka thought as he blocks a sudden slap from Hotaru.
“Why did you have to go so far?” She questions
“To think you’d stick up for someone this badly. You must really like him huh?” Hotaka calmly notes, annoying Hotaru even more.
“Dammit you… now is not the time for this!” Hotaru yells as she starts to run to the padeo but was stopped by Hotaka.
“That kid needs to toughen up. He’s gotten this far alone, he can go farther until he hits a wall. That’s when we step in.” Hotaka explains
“… That’s just… your putting him through the same thing I-.” Hotaru mumbles but was cut off by an angered voice.
“We? Who’s we? Who exactly are you anyway?” Dash asked as he approaches the two.
“You heard my introduction.” Hotaka replies with lack of emotion in his tone.
“Hotaka right? Well I’ll tell you this. Try that shit again and you’ll deal with me ninja.” Dash warns as both Hotaka and Dash stare each other down until Dash walks out of the room, Kou soon following but bows before doing so.
I’ll keep that in mind.” Hotaka thought before noticing Hotaru’s change in expression.
“One friend after one huh?” Hotaru mumbles.
“Tatsuya, was intentional, but the others had little to do with-” Hotaka said as he walks towards the padeo.
“That’s enough… go back to the village. Now!”
“…” Hotaka looks towards Hotaru. Her Akuma eyes activated and her hair was jet black.
“(Your that serious huh?)”
Hotaka turns back to the padeo and opens the door and walks before the balcony. Looking up and then sigh before covering his face with his scarf. “I understand.” He said and shadow steps from the building.
Hotaru’s hair returns to normal as she leans against the wall while covering half of her face with a palm and gripping her hair with the fingers. “How much more depression must I deal with?” She mumbles
How much more will you put up with?” A voice called from inside her.
“If you can’t deal with it anymore, then don’t. Just run, nobody can blame you for doing so.”
“Your right. But…”
“It’s that boy,Tatsuya right? He’s the same as you so you know what he’s going through.”
“… Yeah, but-”
“Your oblivious of the real world, and he’s a naive brat. Your connected so much in so little time, no wonder that string had so much of an effect on me.”
“Yeah, my power seemed to have amplified when you were connected.”
“Amplified… in that case we shared power?”
“No.” “?”
“You created a bond formed from the soul, which grew the more your hearts connected.”
“… What should I do?” Hotaru starts to get depressed.
“What will you do?”
“What can I do?!-” Hotaru screamed until interrupted.
*SMACK!* Sakuya-Bime smacks Hotaru as her panicking ceases with the shock as tears formed.
“What do you want to do?”
“I…” Hotaru studders behind her tears.
“just want to be with Tatsuya.” Hotaru answers as she cries. Sakuya wraps her arms around her as the kimono covers her body.
Good. Follow your heart, I am always here to watch you.” Sakuya said as she disappears.
“…” Hotaru stood there in silence until she gets up. The look in her eyes were that of motivation and she storms out through the door. (For once)

Time: 14:00
Location: Yue Jin’s room
Kou walks to Yue Jin’s room and knocks on her door but the door was slightly opened it slowly creaks. “?” Kou walks in and searches for Yue Jin and hears banging outside. She walks to the window and looks down.
“?!” Yue Jin was fighting Tatsuya. Kou opens the window to jump but what she felt from the wind wasn’t danger. She took another glance at them and noticed both fighters with grins on their faces as they stood in one spot panting after dashing away from each other.
“Keh, your doing better, but not enough yet!” Yue Jin mocks as she dashes once again.
“Like you can do any better!” Tatsuya replies as he dashes forward.
As their battle continues, Kou starts to smile once again.
Tatsu-nii’s back.
She turns back and walks towards the door. Feeling sudden pressure on the back of her neck, she suddenly felt tired and went to sleep in seconds.
Time: 15:00
Location: Tournament Hall
Hachi walks around bored stiff until Erika appears and smacks the back of his head.
“What was that for you bi-?” Hachi spat before Erika gets in his face.
“Where… is… Kou?!” Erika questions in a rushing tone. “Too close!” He thought before moving back.
“What are you talking about? By the way, where have you been all this time?” Hachi responds.
“On that massage chair.” Erika replies pointing to a corner with an all black massage chai1r.
“:L . Okay… anyways your looking for Kou right, shouldn’t you of all people know that?” Hachi notes as he points to her with a finger, that she quickly grabbed and started yanking.
“If I knew that, I wouldn’t be asking a punk like you now would I?” She responds as Hachi is screaming ‘ow!’.
“How should I know? I’ve been training this whole time. Ask Master Jin, he’s mostly with her, she may be his ‘star’ pupil.” Hachi shrugs as he turns to the door and starts to walk to the door.
“Hey! At least tell me whe-” Erika’s voice became feint as Hachi walks through the door and notices a man carrying a small body. He darts towards the direction he saw the man in and turns the corner and finds nobody.
“Was that…” Hachi muttered as Erika catches up.
Kou?” “Hm, what about Kou?” Erika ask as she appears in his ear, but he ignores her and starts to run after the man. “Wait punk!” Erika yelled as she chases after him.
Location: Side of the tournament building
Jin walks around and enjoys the nature that surrounds him and he notices Dash nearby preparing to smoke a cigarette, but crushes the whole pack and burn it all.
“That was quite a sight.” Jin said as Dash looks back and then back down at the burnt remains.
“I used to smoke once a month. Now… it seems worthless.” Dash explains as he smirks at his own words.
“Yes, but now they are truly worthless, losing their new and only reason to exist. How inevitably sad for the environment.” Jin remarks as Dash looks at him and just chuckles while turning to look down.
“Your right. I guess it was inevitable huh? Just like those two.” Dash mumbles as he looks up.
“Tatsuya and Hotaru?” Jin confirms
“This is another challenge they must face together.” Jin explains
“Funny, that ninja said the same thing. But with you, it doesn’t anger me-” Dash notes until he see Hachi running around until they see Dash and Jin.
“You guys haven’t seen a man run by carrying a person have you?” Hachi asked.
“Huh, I haven’t, you?” “No, why?” Jin answers as he gives a curious eye.
“I think the person that man is carrying is Kou.” Hachi responds, shocking both Dash and Jin.
Hachi pants until he hears a tree branch snap as a foot steps and turns around to see Erika’s face in devastation. “What did you just say?” She asked as she stood in that spot.
(Damn, I panicked too much and didn’t notice her presence.)” Hachi thought as he tenses up.
“When did you see them?” Jin asked
“As soon as I left the tournament hall. They were in the corner of my eye and as I went to confirm, they were gone. I had a bad feeling so I tried to pursue but I got nowhere and I found you guys instead.” Hachi explains as Dash facepalms and sighs.
“Considering what happened recently, I assume it’s the same people from last night.” Dash said as he looks to Jin, who nods.
“Last night? What are you tal-” Hachi asked impatiently, only to be cut off.
“Hachi, don’t train today, be careful until tomorrow. Take care of that girl while you-?!”
They noticed that Erika was gone.
“This is bad.” Jin said as they looked at him.
“You noticed the anger in her eyes right? Those eyes had more thn enough hatred to motivate on to commit murder.” He explains as Hachi backs up from the statement as Dash starts to walk.
“I’ll look for the girl and you guys lookout for Kou, and avoid looking suspicious.” Dash said as he leaves in a hurry.
“I’ll check Yue Jin’s place. You check where you can.” Jin announces as he walks on.
“…” Hachi stood there confused as to what was going on.
Location:Underground Shrine
Takeshi is sitting in the Shrine in front of the fire and a figure approaches from the shadows.

“I’ve done that favor you asked. Now I think you should uphold your part of the deal.”
“Of course. This is the only way to toughen that brat even more than his current strength.”
“Also the one way I’ve managed to get my kin to hate my guts.”
“The method was yours to choose. That doesn’t have anything to do with me.”
“Fair point. Before we become strangers, I advise you be careful.”
“I don’t need a coward who hides in the shadows to warn me of anything. I’ve never met a threat who is capable to threaten me yet, not even you. Hotaka.” Takeshi claims as Hotaka crosses his arms.
“That stubborness… you really are his father.” Hotaka notes.
“Get lost.” Takeshi demands as force passes through the hall in speed.
“…” Hotaka disappears and Takeshi was alone in the underground shrine.
His father huh…” Takeshi mumbles to himself.
“You ready for your ‘fated‘ battle?”
“Ugh… stop popping up one after another.” Takeshi said as he turns to see Masato.
“Is this battle your way of atonement for regretting what you did to that child’s past?” Masato asked, intentionally pushing his buttons.
“… I don’t regret. I live with the mistakes and sins I’ve created…” Takeshi gets up and looks Masato in the eye.
“and this is no different, I’ll face it head-on until my fangs are destroyed.” Takeshi explains as his determination is represented by his aura, while staring down Masato.
“A speech worthy of a warrior such as yourself. On another note, are you sure you want to hold the final battle here?” Masato asked, noting how dark the room is.
“For what purpose did you build this wide shrine in an inhabited island if not for a battle to please the gods?” Takeshi asked as he’s starts to get annoyed.
“No reason. Welp… Guess I’ll go check on Tatsuya. He might be the new champion after all.” Masato said before disappearing.
“Tch. Keep your nose out of other’s affairs.” Takeshi scowls.
August 4
Location: Underground Shrine.
Tatsuya arrives at the final location of the tournament battles. Yun Feng and everybody else stayed outside and awaited for the winner to rise from the Shrine stairs.
Tatsuya moves forward and after 4 steps the candles in the room lit up in rapid succession. Tatsuya stops as he sees Takeshi in front of the fire once more, although he gets up slowly and walks in Tatsuya’s direction and stops at 10 paces. The room was lit with candles on the walls and a fire surrounded by logs that lit majority of the whole place.
Tatsuya and Takeshi stares each other down. Masato appears to announce the rules.
“First, congratulations for making it to the finals. Now;
1> The killing rule is now removed. You can take each other’s life at your own discretion, although I prefer you wouldn’t.
2> At this point, weapons aren’t allowed.
3> Last one standing and leaves this room wins.
“There’s your rules now it’s time for me to get out of your way.” Masato said before turning to door.
“Oh, just a warning, but I suggest you finish in 30 minutes.” Masato advised as he walks and disappears.
Tatsuya and Takeshi stood there alone, silently. They let their bodies do the talking and when their spirits clashes and a candle flickers, the battle began.
Location: Underground Shrine [OUTSIDE]

“I wonder how he’s faring.” Yue Jin thought as she looks around to see the crowd of people and notices Hotaru alone standing in the shadow of a tree with only one kodachi with her. “She looks like she could use the company.” Yue Jin thought as she smirked as she walked in Hotaru’s direction, which she notices.
“What do you want?” Hotaru asked as she looks away.
“(I’ll avoid using Tatsuya to piss her off this time.) You looked like you wanted company.”
“Well I don’t.”
“You have no cut cards do you?”
“… Oh be quiet.”
“(Now is a better time than ever.) Listen, sorry about before.”
“What?” Hotaru raises a brow and looks at her.
“You know, about me calling you a rude bastard and saying you pushed Tatsuya aside. I was wrong.” Yue Jin explains as Hotaru gets embarassed.
“That? You’re worrying over stupid things.” Hotaru commented with her back turned again.
“I know I know…” Yue Jin mocks as she joke around.
“Anyways… I guess I’m sorry for calling you useless, that was a mistake on my part.”
“(Heh, this side of her isn’t bad either.) I forgive you.” Yue Jin said as she raises a hand to propose a handshake to end the strife between them.
“Arigato.” Hotaru mumbles as she accepts with a subconscious smile that Yue Jin noticed and grinned.
“Hey, did you just thank me with a smile?” Yue Jin teased, striking at the opportunity to see Hotaru at her weakest.
“Huh? W-what are you talking about? That’s stupid.” Hotaru nervously shakes Yue Jin off but failed and got hugged by Yue Jin instead.
“Your adorable when your acting like this.” Yue Jin said, having a weakness for cute things, considering Hotaru to be like a cute and weak child.
“Get off me you ass!” Hotaru hisses as Yue Jin ignores and say “Come on, admit it”.
“Looks like you two became friends huh?” Amadi said as he approaches them.
“No-” “Yeah, we made up.” Yue Jin said after cutting off Hotaru who tries to deny his claim.
“That’s good, are they already fighting?” Amadi responds as he looks to the stairs to the shrine. “Most likely, who do you think’ll win Hotaru?” Yue Jin replies and asks. Hotaru crosses her arms and looks at the shrine. “…”
Time: 17:20
Location: Underground Shrine
A punch to the face delivered by Takeshi knocks Tatsuya back but not off his feet.
“Heh, I know you can do better than that.” Tatsuya taunts as he dashes towards Takeshi.
“Foolish boy.” Takeshi said as he runs towards Tatsuya.
3 paces away and Tatsuya throws a dash punch at Takeshi which was parried to the side, leaving him unbalanced and his chest in exposed. Takeshi throws a punch to Tatsuya’s gut with the same hand used to parry, followed with a hook to the jaw as he steps forward with leg parallel to hook arm and back hands Tatsuya with said arm and throws a straight palm at Tatsuya’s chin, which was countered and recieved a punch to the solar plexus, causing Takeshi to lean slightly forward, before getting chopped on the top of his head with the opposite arm, making him lean forward even more and a knee to the face. Takeshi throws a front kick to Tatsuya’s chest after stumbling back from the knee, making Tatsuya fall from the force, and Takeshi fall from the push, though recovering immediately. Tatsuya gets up and enters his custom stance.
“What is that stance?” Takeshi asked with a raised brow.
“Heh, it’s my own style of Mixed Martial Arts but I prefer being called a hybrid.” Tatsuya said as he points his thumb to himself with a smirk on his face.
“Let’s see how long your foolish acts will last.” Takeshi said as he dashes within Tatsuya’s space in no time. “Damn” Tatsuya thought as he evades a flurry of punches from Takeshi.
“His style is very similar to mine.”
I know that! He uses punches more than claw attacks and kicks. I’ll have to switch things around.” He thought in the midst of battle before getting kicked in the leg and kneeling down and looking up to see Takeshi with an arm raised above his head and Tatsuya rolls forward, evading a punch to the skull.
“Oi, you can’t just try to crack your son’s skull like a brick with your bare knuckles, fuck wrong with you. I did say I’ll defeat you, but killing isn’t my style. Although I get the feeling I said that exact same thing upon meeting him hehe.
“I’m punishing you for not giving your all in this fight.” Takeshi said as he stands tall.
“I am giving my all in this fight.” Tatsuya rebutes as he lifts himself up.
“You know what I mean.” Takeshi hissed.
“That power isn’t mine.” Tatsuya replies as he closes his eyes and shrug his shoulders.
“So you say that power belong to that demon inside of you?” Takeshi narrows his eyes as Tatsuya’s shot open.
“I’ve known all along, since your birth.” Takeshi notes as Tatsuya looks down for a moment with his eyes closed.
“… Is that why I was kicked out?” Tatsuya asked, with his eyes still closed, not noticing the bitterness in his face.
“The answer is for you to find out. Either by this fight, or by seeing the truth.” Takeshi answers in his fighting position.
“Fine, but I’m using my own power to finish this.” Tatsuya said as he dashes to Takeshi.
“That’s right, come at me as a fighter, not as my son. I don’t deserve that right.”
Location Underground Shrine [OUTSIDE]
Dash runs towards the crowd of people, panting and looks around.
“What took you so long?” Sheena asked as she points to the group of 6.
“Everybody else is here except for you, besides that partner of yours, the little girl and her friend.” Sheena explained
“She didn’t return yet?” Dash asked
“What do you mean?” Sheena asked confused
“Hachi saw Kou get kidnapped yesterday, and judging from his description it was our pal Frank.” Dash answers while slightly panting
“Come on, you gotta be kidding.” Sheena anguished.
“Wish I was but that look on his face told me he wasn’t lying.” Dash said as he straightens up his posture.
“Maybe that’s why I’ve been feeling nervous lately.” Sheena said with one eye opened looking at Dash.
“That gut feeling of yours huh? And I have that aching feeling shits about to get real in sec-.” Dash said until he was cut off by an explosion in front of the Shrine building. “Tch, correction… shit JUST got real.” Dash, Sheena and the others ran in front and saw the damage done to the people within the range of the explosion. A handful of casualties, a hulk handful of them dead.
“I think it’s time this tournament came to an end.”
The group looks up to see Angelica standing on the second floor balcony.
“I’ve had enough of your-” Dash started but- “Don’t move unless you don’t care about that friend of yours.” She warns, forcing Dash to stop moving forward.
Frank appears from behind while restraining Kou, causing the group to panick.
“Hey! What your doing, won’t go unpunished.” Yun Feng said as Jin steps forward.
“Right… anyways, things can go three ways.” Angelica said as the others stood there impatiently.
“1, Hotaru and Tatsuya comes with us.”
“Never!” Hotaru refused immediately.
“(Hotaru?)” Yue Jin thought as she looks towards her, curious as to why she and Tatsuya was mentioned.
“2, We’ll TAKE you at least by force, and bury Tatsuya in this shrine.”
“?!” The group stunned as Hotaru walks forward.
“I’ll kill you.” Hotaru mumbled as rage began to activate her Akuma blood. Angelica grinned as she points towards Amadi.
“3. We’ll let that KID take you, and await our chance to.”
“?” They turned to see she was pointing to Amadi, who was gripping his chest tightly.
Gah!” AmadI falls onto his knees and is covered by Akuma aura. “What is that?” Yue Jin wondered as the aura was visible to her eyes, including everyone else around.
Run!” Sakuya-Bime instructed but was too late.
AMADI dashed towards Hotaru and strikes her in the stomach with enough force while she was confused to knock her out and carries her as he escapes the scene in great speed.
“That’s one down.” Angelica said.
“What did you just do to Amadi and Hotaru?” Dash demanded as he charges a fireball in his palms, shocking Yue Jin to a small degree. “Is that fire made from chi? He don’t seem like a master.” She thought as she stares at the hot color of the flame.
“Have you lost your mind, to threaten me when we have the hostage?” Angelica questions, feeling vex
“Tch Guess not.” Dash replies with discontent.
“That’s what I thought. Hm?” Angelica said until she hears a raging cry.
RELEASE MY FRIEND YOU BASTARD!” Frank turns around to see Erika before him with a knife, waking Kou albeit slowly.
NOW!” Erika stabs Frank in the stomach as she forces him to collide with the balcony, freeing Kou, while shocking her to see the bloodlust in Erika’s eyes as the balcony breaks and she kicks Frank off the balcony and fall to the ground with the knife still in his stomach and impacts hard on his back.
E..rika?” Kou mumbles as she stood there panting. Erika looks at Kou and smiles a little as she mutters vague words until Erika gets kicked in the side of her face and falls behind Kou and slides a great distance. “Damn brat.” Angelica said as she looks down to see Frank, who lays on his back motionless.
ERIKA!” Kou screams as Erika lays on the ground motionless, indicating she passed out.
Angelica approaches from behind. “What’s going on?” Kou mumbles staring at Erika as she rests her back onto her arms. “Nothing that is of your concern-” Angelica said as she raised her heel for an axe kick on Kou’s head but was blocked with one arm from Kou, putting pressure on Kou’s knee, causing her skin to get damanged and bringing pain to Kou, but she glares at Angelica and mutters, “You’ll pay”. Dash appears before Angelica with a kick to the rib, knocking her back and falls to the ground. “Picking on kids now?” Dash rhetorically asked as he walks cracking his knuckles and pops his neck while she gets up and wipes the dust off. “Whatever I have to do to finish the job.” Angelica replies as she snaps her finger, with a horde of shinobi appearing and she enters a fighting stance, making note that Dash’s attention remains undivided towards her. “Whatever I have to do to teach your ass a lesson.” Dash encounters her with no regards to her gender, understanding the consequences that can take place of underestimating the threat before him. Kou assists in the battle.
A loud impact was heard as a fist was embedd in one another’s face and the force knocks each of them back. Tatsuya recovers on his feet and staggers slightly, Takeshi falls to a knee.
“You felt that huh? That what being stranded feels like.” Tatsuya smirked as he wipes the traces off blood from his lip.
“Same to you, that’s what seclusion feels like.” Takeshi remarks
“(Seclusion)… the hell? What’s that supposed to mea-?!” Tatsuya asks confused until he was cut off by a shockwave and small pieces of rubble falling from the ceiling. “Ah what is it this time?” He mumbles while recalling all the events that transpired in a few days.

Location: Underground Shrine [OUTSIDE]
Dash and Kou battles it out with Angelica, unknown what was about to happen.
LOOK OUT!” Yelled Hachi and before Dash and Kou could take in what he said as, an explosion occurs from the Shrine structure behind them and begins to collapse.
Location: Underground Shrine
The shrine starts to collapse and Tatsuya uses Fujin’s wind to blow chunks of debree away from him. But Takeshi was weakened at this point. A load of debree fell upon Tatsuya’s father, cloaking him with dust. Tatsuya notices and dashes towards Takeshi but was seperated with even more falling debree. “Damn!” He whispers as he looks up to the open gaps and activates Fujin and blows himself an entrance out. Landing on the ground and looking around to see warriors fighting ninjas, Dash an Kou recuperating from burns by the explosion. with Hachi assisting them.
“The hell is going on?” Tatsuya asked as a ninja falls in front of Tatsuya after bouncing from the ground indicating a very hard impact and Yun Feng appears to check if he’s down and Jin walks backwards towards them with his guard tight. “Those guys are back.” Jin said as he counters a ninja and puts him out with a chop to the throat. Yun Feng delivers a solid punch to the chest to a dashing ninja who attempted to catch him off guard with speed. “I don’t know what you are talking about but that Amadi kid was acting strange and kidnapped your girlfriend. Yue Jin followed after them in that direction.” Yun Feng said pointing towards a mountain far in the “Amadi kidnapped… Tch!” Tatsuya remarks as he looks down to his buried father and scowls before dashes in the direction of the mountain, leaving the others behind.
Time: 19:08
Location: Izu-no-Tori-Shima Volcano Top [Amadi]
“Abuelo what’s wrong with you?!”
The Akuma’s starts to blur and the eyes from red to pitch white.
“Huh, something’s wrong… Abuelo snap out it!”
“shuddap Shuddap SHUDDAP SHUDDAP!!!!!”
The Akuma’s shadow start to overlap Amadi.
Location: Izu-no-Tori-Shima Volcano Top
AMADI drags Hotaru to the center and drops her onto the ground and screams. Tatsuya appears and stares at AMADI and notices Hotaru but calmly stares AMADI down as he recalls himself going berserk.

“Hey… Amadi, you still there buddy?” Tatsuya asked with his hands in his pockets.
AMADI starts to cry blood.
“Woah now… a man doesn’t cry Amadi. But it’s good to know your not at fault here.” Tatsuya smirks as he starts to walk towards AMADI, who braces himself.
“Hey Abuelo, your a sick bastard you know that? Taking advantage of Amadi like this.” Tatsuya said as he hardens his fingers, emitting a cracking sound between joints.
“Now if you don’t mind, I’m taking my friend Amadi and my beloved tsundere back.”
Giving an intense stare, Tatsuya confronts a raging demon.

Oh my god it took way too long to type this shit out… This chapter started August 12 and it took until September 26 to get this. It took freaking 4x as long as all the others. Maybe I’m trying too hard to get cliche-less results? I’m starting to get stressed out with my senior year in school, procrastination, and typing this shit out. I think it’s time I actually lay off the Internet for awhile and satisfy my urge to procrastinate even a little. The next chapter will end the first Story and create a new Saga.


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