Chapter V. End of Prologue


Where am I… or rather what is this place?

The surroundings around Amadi used to be black. But now, there was no color, just a white, empty, empty space.

Amadi checks his surroundings but as expected, there was nothing there… no there was something there. Something watching him. He turns around to see a floating black orb with seeping aura suddenly.

“What is that?” Amadi thought out loud, shocking him as his thoughts were echoed throughout the space.

Taking a few steps closer, he found himself before the orb. Raising a hand to touch it, an eye surfaced from the orb and it’s aura explodes rapidly blowing Amadi away a solid 168 meters.

“This sensation… Abuelo?!” Amadi calls out as the orb started to emit a body.

“Ahh…mah…dee…” Abuelo calls out slowly as he forms. “Ah…mah..di…” repeating as he gains the body of a human with Akuma counterparts. “Ama..di.” Abuelo achieves the body and his aura drips into the space, coloring it gray, creating a sense of imbalance towards Amadi.

“Abuelo, it’s time you stopped.” Amadi announces as the stress building up from his takeovers finally took a toll and hit it’s peak. He confronts Abuelo who stands before him in a monochrome tone with the exception of his blood red eyes.

“Amadi!” Abuelo mutters with rage in his voice.

“I’m coming.” Amadi said as his raises his arms parallel and dashes at Abuelo.

Abuelo roars at Amadi as he approaches at a quick pace considering the distance between them.

A punch is thrown by Amadi and Abuelo. Amadi’s punch connects the hardest, embed with his speed and as though simultaneously and in sync…

CRACK! a loud impact from the wind is heard as AMADI is sent flying backwards. Tatsuya is standing there panting lightly with a few bruises of his own. “Come on, get up. Is that all you’ve got? For an Akuma, being retained by the person who almost beat me during the semi-finals, you aren’t doing too good.” Tatsuya taunts as he drops his guard. AMADI gets up and stares Tatsuya down before chanting: “Power karuwa/Power Increase.”

AMADI dashes to Tatsuya in the blink of an eye, shocking him before punching him in the gut, causing Tatsuya to expel a bit of saliva and stagger backwards while leaning forward and holding his stomach. Wasting no time, AMADI throws a hook to Tatsuya’s jaw, connecting and followed up with another hook, but was countered, and simultaneously, Amadi throws Abuelo over the shoulder and falls on his side.

AMADI evades a punch from Amadi before recovering on his feet, but met a kick to the nose before he could get Amadi in his view. “nnghn…” AMADI groaned as he rubs his nose.

Tatsuya found amusement by the sound and his motion when softly rubbing the spot he was kicked.

“Curious huh? Well the trick behind was after my punch failed to deck you, I used that hand as an axle and spun around and kicked you in your shit.” Tatsuya puts his hand on his own jaw and smirks, “Payback’s a bitch ain’t it?” Tatsuya mocks as he spreads his arms and a gust of wind surrounds him.
The air circulating around Tatsuya began to thicken in mass and faintly appear visible as waves. AMADI frowns at the sight and took notice that Tatsuya hasn’t awakened Fujin yet.

“Damn you, humans.” AMADI/Abuelo hisses, surprising both Tatsuya and Amadi of this outburst.

Humans? Heh, I see what’s going on. Do you, Amadi?
s? Tatsuya too huh? Well then.

If you can, then follow my lead! Tatsuya pushes his arms forward and the wind blasts at AMADI like a compressed ball. AMADI raises his guard and defends his chest. The airball explodes on impact and blasts his arms in the air, exposing his body to attacks of any nature.

“What?!” Abuelo questions as he is left vulnerable to attacks after Amadi knocks his guard down after a rising elbow attack from Amadi. He follows up with a jumping falling knee to the solar plexus, crashing into the ground, leaving Abuelo breathless as Tatsuya digs his fist deeper into his gut with momentum. Crack! The surface cracked under AMADI. Before Tatsuya retreated from his position to avoid a wake-up attack.
AMADI gets up and looks at Amadi, who gets on his feet and stares Abuelo down.
Abuelo’s rage dwindled for a second. “Don’t give me that look.” Amadi’s face showed regret, the sort of regret when you are betrayed by someone you trust, but you can’t bring yourself to hate the person.

Abuelo dashes at Amadi, who drops his guard.

AMADI prepares a final strike towards Tatsuya. But Tatsuya showed no sign of interest in receiving that attack.

POW! Amadi takes on a heavy blow to the face by Abuelo, almost blowing him off his feet. Before impact, Tatsuya sidesteps and grabs AMADI’s fist with his lead hand. Amadi regains his composure and yanks Abuelo forward and rocks him in the mouth with his spear arm.

With a loud impact;

and the mind breaking;

A shadow is shown leaving Amadi’s body as he flies back and crashes onto the floor.

Getting up and balancing himself on one knee, Amadi pants from the damage dealt to his body. “Ow, that hurts like a bitch. You sure don’t hold back don’t cha Tatsuya?” Amadi grieved as he sits there in pain and Tatsuya smirks while scratching his head like he was saying “nope, sorry.” before looking towards the shadow that stood between them.

“So that’s what you look like huh, Abuelo? Pretty damn spooky if you ask me.” Tatsuya mocks as he take in the sight of a pitch black humanoid with horns. Something was off about him though. He looked different from when he first met Amadi, and he was shaking like static electricity.

“What happened to you?” Amadi asked as he stood in front of Abuelo’s face. He looks at Amadi and snickers. “I just haven’t drunken in awhile, that’s all.” he said, what the hell? Amadi had an ominous feeling surrounding him, causing him to hesitate to ask but Tatsuya asked in his stead, “Drunken what?”

“Blood” was his reply. Sickened by this, I stepped back and before I realized how much stress I’ve been put through thus far, I felt a sweat fall down my cheek. “Why am I sweating now?” My mind went back to the present as I heard Tatsuya’s remark; “So what, we vampires now or something?” “Vampire, what is that, are there different types of Akuma?” Almost as if simultaneously…

“No, I’m a blood-sucking Akuma. The more blood I drink, the more powerful I become. It’s rather one sided though, after all… I get no weaker even if I don’t drink blood. It’s that sensation we get when we drink the blood of a living human, that makes us lose our sanity and rampage out of control to find flesh and blood.” Abuelo explains, as his red eyes shined and stared at Tatsuya, who seemed to have given him a look of disgust. “So if you had that craving all along, that crowd you’ve been surrounded in while I was fighting a human tiger, why didn’t you attack the civilians? You had the chance yet you chose Tsun-chan. And why do you want our power?” He asked as he crosses his arms. I can tell he’s still pissed about her kidnapping.

“I chose her because she’s a half-breed, so are you.” Abuelo responds, Tatsuya’s face was neutral so I couldn’t tell if he knew this already or he didn’t really care, but he just said… “so?”as if that wasn’t a clear explanation. Hell, I’m curious too. The hell does Abuelo mean half-breed?

“I’m sure you understand that among Akuma, there are cannibals right? It’s nature, so if no humans are in sight, Akuma will eat each other to satisfy their blood lust. But you two are half-Akuma, half-human. That’s a feast for Akuma. I even wonder what a half-breed taste like? How much stronger will I become? Will I ever taste taste human or Akuma flesh the same again? So many unanswered questions could be answered, as soon as I take a bite of that g-” Abuelo continued and explains his obsession towards his curiosity but when he points towards an empty direction. “?… !” A dark feminine figure appears below Abuelo’s sight and before he could notice it’s location. Hell, even we didn’t notice the figure until it was too late. Abuelo’s chest is penetrated by the figure’s arm and lotus flowers emit from his hole. Shocked from the sight, I took a step forward but Tatsuya prevented me from doing so. “Wait” he told me, his face showed nervousness so I decided to take his word for it and watch. The figure pulls out the arm from Abuelo’s chest and licks the blood. She looked unsatisfied, her plain face turned to one of disgust. “Begone, scum.” The figure said as Abuelo starts to shrivel up and lotus bloomed inside him. “Gwahhhh!-” Abuelo explodes into a lotus-work. The breakdown of Abuelo, causes the small bond that linked Amadi and Abuelo’s souls to shatter and I felt a sharp pain in my head, my vision felt faint but my consciousness was still intact.
“I… can’t see.”



I heard Fujin’s voice. He noticed it too. Hell he could’ve noticed before me. “Yeah, that’s her, but something’s wrong.” That was Hotaru, I remember her hair changing when I made that deal with my father, but this feels different. It almost feel like when I went out of control.

She killed him after licking his blood. Must’ve tasted like the end of the world for her to kill someone huh?” Fujin said, I couldn’t help but laugh my ass off on the inside. “I didn’t know you knew how to crack jokes like that.” I said as I looked at the wind dragon before me. “Just saying, if I tasted something that bad and I know who’s responsible, someone’s gonna have a bad day.” Fujin said as he rolls his giant eyes.

“You starting to sound like Dash. Who knows, maybe we should find a way to get you a body. We need to hang out.” I suggested, I couldn’t help it. I didn’t think I’d have a conversation like this with a demon. Of course our little chat would soon end with Hotaru staring into my eyes, and they were not the eyes of someone willing to at least TRY have a good time. We talking the ‘Give me your life’ stare. I looked past her and saw Amadi holding half of his face, and the uncovered side looked dazed. Amadi’s eyes are… pure white.

I had a bad feeling of what will happen in a moment as I saw Hotaru stare at Amadi and walks towards him slowly. “Amadi, hey!” I called, trying to snap him out of his trance. “Tatsuya? Damn, where…” Amadi replies as he lifts one of his arms forward and walks in my direction. No way, Amadi don’t tell me… your blind?! Damn, this situation can’t get any worse! Amadi is walking towards me but since Hotaru just killed Abuelo, who was between us, he’s also heading towards Hotaru. Can’t he notice her presence, or is she hiding it along with her footsteps on instinct? She drew her blade, shit! No options but to distract Hotaru.

I dashed towards Hotaru, the sudden footsteps alarmed Amadi and he steps back from a slash to the abdomen. “What’s going on?” Amadi asked as he felt the wind from the blade swing. I took that opportunity to tackle Hotaru, but she must’ve noticed my advance beforehand. She threw me into the air as soon as her back hit the ground, launching me with full momentum and enveloped her blade with lotus petals, extending her sword’s range before dashing at me. Her movements were much more precise and accurate, she had the intent to kill me, forcing me to awaken my Akuma blood. The Hotaru I know, wouldn’t aim to kill a friend or someone who isn’t a target. Could it be Sakuya-bime? I have to reach into her mind to see what the hell’s her… hold on.

“Hey Fujin” I called out. I had a hunch that needed to be answered as soon as possible.

“Huh?” Fujin responds as he loses focus of the battle to listen to Tatsuya.

“You knew of all this about Akuma right?” I asked him, I was annoyed by the fact that I hardly knew anything about Akuma and I had one living inside of me… seriously, what the fuck?

“Yes” He vaguely responded, annoying me even further as if he didn’t get the hint of what I was going to ask afterwards. Fucking-

“Why didn’t you say anything until now?! Gah, hang on… this can wait. Right now I need to survive this ordeal.” I said after hissing at Fujin for being so secretive about his race. “Okay, I don’ know if I’m right about this so I want you to verify. Is Sakuya-bime a blood-sucking Akuma?” I asked instead. I didn’t know anything about their race so I had to know anything of what I was facing currently.

“That is correct. I think I understand where you are going with this, if I understand you the way I think I do anyway.” Fujin replies. I find it amusing that even an S-class Akuma can’t comprehend my way of thinking. It must be the Infinite Memory. “So?”

“First off, the blood-sucking Akuma are called the “Strigoi”, or vampires in human tongue. This started 5 centuries ago, when Akuma wasn’t interested in human species. Humans were always thought of as a barbaric race with no meaning, until one Akuma met Romanian prince Vlad Tepes III. The Akuma wasn’t as visible to humans as they are recently so the Akuma watches prince Vlad carry out his days as Vlad the Impaler, without a specific place to return to. Watching Vlad drink the blood of the enemies he dispense. His curiosity was piqued to try out what this human was enjoying. He took a sip of the blood of a fallen man. The body disappeared from it’s location immediately. All that followed was the sound of flesh grinding and bones snapping before a gulp. That Akuma enjoyed that human and instantly gotten hooked. Years pass and the Akuma continued eating the corpses of Vlad’s foes after their deaths, until after Vlad’s death, his body was put into a coffin, separating him from the jaws of the Akuma. The Akuma, desperate to continue under the guide of Vlad the Impaler, he arrived to the conclusion to possess his body and strike live humans at night. His first victim was a 19-year old woman by the name of Lucy Westenra. “The blood of a live human is so much better!” The Akuma screams. While inside a human body, the ability to eat a human whole is impossible, he drunk her blood through biting through her skin, specifically the neck. His night time activities stirred the attention of other Akuma and soon, they started to eat humans as well. It was at this time humans were known as livestock. As Akuma evolved and formed separated races, one specific race started to crave blood at a mature age, losing their minds and eating anything with blood nearby, unlike the other races, with the ability to suppress their urge. This bloodthirsty race became known as Strigoi.” Fujin explains, he just kept rambling on, and on, and on, AND ON-! I almost lost my freaking head.

“Alright, so I understand that half-breeds are new and all since Hantingu pulls some strings so, she’s at that mature age where Sakuya-bime is craving blood and she herself is losing- no… lost her mind.” I deduced as I ran from Hotaru while avoiding the loss of my life, and Fujin had the nerve to reply with “That’s about it in a nutshell.” a nutshell? I’ll crack you up aside your skull with a nutshell, leaving me in the dark with all this shit. Hotaru strikes at me again and I parry the strike and kick her in the rib, knocking her away a few paces and a white ball . Not much strength was in the attack to harm her, but her onslaught pauses briefly after the sound of a ball of bundled string bounce from the ground. A familiar melody played. I stopped running and stared at her, with a look of shock and hesitation, that disappeared the moment the melody stopped.

“I know what to do, and I don’t like it.” I knew my plan could kill me, but it was the only way I can think of to save Hotaru. Tatsuya deduced to Fujin that he can probably snap her back to her normal self if he reattaches the fallen string to her body and she chomps into his bloodstream simultaneously, hoping she regains her senses before she sucks him dry. Just saying… I’m not feeling this plan on a scale of 8/10” Fujin notes. I couldn’t help but laugh a little because I’m going to be the one suffering.

Tatsuya puts his plan into motion immediately after praying to a god he doesn’t believe in. He lures Hotaru towards him with a vulnerable position and as soon as she gets 5 paces within Tatsuya’s reach, she aims to slash Tatsuya from the shoulder down to his midsection. Anticipating this, he uses Fujin to blast the weapon off trajectory and slashes his shoulder only. He felt the hell out of this but he resisted to continue the plan. He grabs with one arm by her waist and the other by the back of her shoulders as he pulls her closer, with the string in the hand behind her shoulders. A gust of wind breezed against the string and the sound emits in Hotaru’s ear, causing a reaction and during this reaction, Tatsuya uncovered the part of his clothing and revealed the skin of the shoulder cut. The blood that dripped from the wound glowed a luxurious red and emitting a rich smell of half-breed to Hotaru’s senses, the urge to chomp on his shoulder took over instantly and her fangs sharpens. She bites into his shoulder and boy did it hurt like hell. When Hotaru starts sucking Tatsuya dry, he used his strength to move his arms behind her head and ties the string to her hair.

“That should do it right? Now snap out of it Tsun-chan.” I started to feel faint. I did after all, have my shit drained from me like she was using a freaking straw.


Hotaru’s hair turns white and her crimson eyes loses its glow and Hotaru blinks and looked as if she doesn’t know what happened. Until she sees Tatsuya fall onto his knees with blood discharging from his open shoulder. She begins to recall what happens after staring into the blood and gasps, inducing tears from her eyes and a tear drops on the back of Tatsuya’s neck.
Sorry, this is all my fault.” Sakuya-bime reflects on her actions.
“Your… back? That’s good… now you owe me.” At the sound of his voice, Hotaru immediately drops down and helps hold Tatsuya up from falling over, calling him an idiot afterwards. He laughs.

“You are such a slave driver.” He said as he switches his position from a kneel to laying on his back… correction, on Hotaru’s lap, causing a blush. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Dash, Leo, Yue Jin, Yun Feng, Sheena, Kou and Erika, Tao and Hachi arrives at the scene. Yue Jin calls out to Hotaru first, unable to see Tatsuya in front of Hotaru. When she notices Tatsuya when she got closer and noticed Hotaru’s blush, she stopped and with a look of surprise, she smirked, apologizing for interrupting and turned elsewhere. Dash and the others gave a congratulating smile, earning the scowls of Hotaru.

“Yue Jin, is that you? That was Yue Jin wasn’t it?” Amadi calls out, looking in her direction. When she notices and looks at him, he was on one his knees and rubbing his eyes, she was walking to his direction calling out to him to come on until she notices his pupil-less eyes when he removes his hand. She gasps at the sight and ran to his aid. Dash and the others notices Yue Jin running and saw Amadi. They ran to his side as well. Tatsuya and Hotaru regains their solitude once more.

The sun starts to rise and Hotaru stares at the sight in awe. (They were both on top of a volcano, which is pretty high up in the sky if you think about it.)
Tatsuya stares into it with a smile. And the others look into it with a grin their own, besides Amadi who couldn’t see it.

A helicopter appears, this time though, it wasn’t an attack helicopter this time around. No, this was a UH-1 Huey and inside were the pilot, Frank, and Angelica. Frank stared down Erika, frightening her to an extend where she felt his intent to get revenge for that stab wound she gave him, but Kou blocks his sight with hers, her eyes was that of somebody who has something to protect. Angelica on the other hand briefly looked at Dash, then turned her attention to Hotaru and Tatsuya.

She raises her hand in the gesture for Frank to take aim. He pulls out an RPG and everyone freaking panics. Tatsuya forces himself to stand up and prepare himself to guide a missile. She drops her arm and Frank fires it at Hotaru and Tatsuya. Tatsuya’s desperate act to survive, force activates Fujin and blows the missile away from them, but it hits the dead center of the volcano mouth. An eruption took place, it felt like an explosion. Tatsuya falls once again from the shake of the surface but Hotaru grabs him once again. The lava starts spreading rapidly, Yun Feng carries Amadi, and Dash calls out to Hotaru and to come on. She shadow steps with Tatsuya in her arms and appears besides Dash and the group as they start to run. They ran down the volcano as lava starts to flow down the slopes as a quick pace, faster after every eruption. They arrives to a beach and nowhere to run. Hotaka appears with a motorboat and shouted to get their attention. “Let’s go!” Tao demands and they all jumped onto the motorboat. Hotaka took them from the area, safe from the lava.

“It’s about damn time you did something helpful this time, nii-san.” Hotaru blurted out, causing Hotaka to feel somewhat displeased. Everybody laughs but me and Amadi were focused on his eyesight. “Still black?” Tatsuya asked, in curiosity. The effects shouldn’t be permanently but; “Yes, I think I’ll have to adjust to living this way.” Amadi verifies that the blindness was apparently permanent as he saw no change in the darkness he viewed from that point on. Everybody got quiet and felt pity for Amadi’s condition.

“So what, you think this will be the end of our rivalry?” Tatsuya spoke up, gaining the attention of Amadi and everyone else. “Never. This is something I’ll overcome, just watch.” Amadi responds, and Tatsuya grins as if anticipating that answer and he raised his hand and swung his Amadi’s face. To some of their surprise, Amadi parries the strike and smiles afterwards. “Doesn’t seem like it’ll be too hard.” Tatsuya notes. “I’ll check up on you sometimes.” He finishes before asking everyone else what their plans were since the tournament was practically over. Yue Jin planned to return to China and honor her dead master’s grave, and continue her training. Tao said he’ll be leaving to China as well, taking Kou and Hachi to continue their training alongside his students, of course Erika insisted on joining them but Tao refuses, considering what her family would think. Dash and Leo planned to go on vacation, which Sheena chose to join up on, and Yun Feng was going to continue his travel among the world, to find stronger opponents and finish his quest for his answers on what true strength is. Hotaru was hesitant to speak up and Hotaka knew why. Tatsuya had a vague idea so he asked the both of them to talk about their plans privately.

Hotaru decided to return to Tengoku Ratosu. Tatsuya, not understanding why, but understood it was something she had to face. But he was also worried of her safety and chose to go with her. He did after all, have no specific home to go to. Hotaka, finding this to be amusing accepts his visit as leader of the Tengoku Ratosu. “The way you are now… I approve of you watching after my sister.” He mumbles as they drift to the part of the beach near the stadium, where the citizens resided.

Masato appears on top of the stadium with all the citizens held inside and watches as the lava approaches. Using the forces of the nature, he halts the lava’s advance and protects the citizens. Feeling a sense of relief, for what could’ve happened would be a devastation. He announces of their safety and that the return ships should arrive the next day.

The next day, Tatsuya goes to the hospital to see his father before he leaves. Takeshi had no visitors but one person, a rather frail woman. She was unfamiliar to Tatsuya but he knew she has been with him for years. Possibly since after I was left in the streets. I sauntered the room he resided in as he gave me a stare. Unlike the usual, it wasn’t as cold as before.
“Yo, I see your still alive, not kicking yet but alive is a start.” Tatsuya blurts out, gaining the scowl of the woman who was at Takeshi’s side. “Your here for the apology.” Takeshi sighs as he closes his eyes. “I’m past the point of wanting an apology.” Tatsuya replies, gaining Takeshi’s attention as to what he wanted. He didn’t know, but he did know exactly what he’d ask.
“Answers… I want answers to two questions; why did you abandon me and about my mother’s whereabouts.” Tatsuya demanded as he sat down and got comfortable. The lack of respect towards Takeshi caused the woman to grab a needle and spun a whole 360 degrees, gaining momentum and swing the needle at Tatsuya’s throat but was stopped before impact at the sound of Takeshi’s voice. “Rin, Halt!” The woman looked at Takeshi with a questioned look. “Fine, I did say you’ll find your answers in the fight, but we never got to properly end it. In the end, my son was still standing whereas I am where I’m at now.” Takeshi states as Rin, who hears of the Tatsuya as his son, withdraws from her assault immediately and apologizes. “Where do I start?” “How about a week before you abandoned me? That should cover some details nicely.”
“Right, a week before I abandoned you as a child, your mother and I had a feud, it was about that power you inherited from her at birth.” “Inherited? So she gave me this power, it wasn’t born with me?” Tatsuya quickly asked “Yes, but she didn’t give you all of it apparently. You had a weak body, so she cut the balance of her power and gave you half of her power. The way I see it, it works like Yin and Yang. With the intelligence you’ve displayed, I assume you already know of it, or at least heard of it. She gave you her Yang.” Takeshi explains as Tatsuya silently breaks down into incertitude, of course he wasn’t going to show it to his father. “So my mother kept the Yin? You make it sound like she died giving birth to me, but I know she’s still alive somewhere. Because if that was the case, the Akuma inside me would’ve been on a frenzy and I would’ve died alongside her during birth, but I’m still alive and so is she. As long as one lives, the other shall as well. After all, there must be balance or else that Masato guy would’ve already shown up and destroyed us.” Tatsuya finally responds as he shrugs his shoulders.
“Isn’t that right Masato?” He said as Masato opens the door and enters, with the usual amused smile on his face. “I must be getting bad at this.” He quoted as they all look at him. “Nah, your just repetitive, learn some new tricks and pick a better timing to appear, like when me and Tsun-chan met Amadi. You scared the shit out of me.” Tatsuya reassures as he puts one of his fists in front of him. He chuckles, “I’ll take that advice.” and pumps his fist against Tatsuya’s. “By the way, the boats will be here in an hour.” Masato said in advance. “And judging by your character, you should be up and moving by the time they get here.” He said as he looked at Takeshi, who in returns glares at him and scoffs. “Ciao” Masato said before exiting the room properly. Tatsuya and Takeshi returns to their conversation, but felt the need to make it short.
“Your mother was suppressing the urge to bring destruction around you and so she advised me to take you away from her, so I planned to take you to one of her siblings place. The day before I planned to drop you off, outside of the manor, your mother killed men in suits. Her eyes showed no remorse, no passion, but destruction. She glared at me as I watched her. She gave me a smile, one that gave me an uneasy feeling I’ve never experienced before. When she entered the house, the aura she emanated wasn’t Madoka’s. It was a demon’s. I knew well of the destiny you held. Even if I tried to keep you two away, you will meet again. So the only other option was to toughen you up, build hatred within you, The next day came and I ordered the men to drive me and you to the slums out of the city. I was well aware of your memory, so I had you blindfolded until we left Kanazawa. I dumped you on the streets, ordering you to survive on your own. I left without looking back and headed back to the mansion, or what was left of it anyway. The main building was torn down by a black tornado before we made it to the front door, the divided buildings for the men were caught in the aftermath. I entered first and saw Madoka standing in the middle of all the debris, I approached her and before I could get within arms length, I was slashed on the nose. Not by a blade, knife, scratch, no… I was cut by the black wind that surrounded her, becoming more visible the closer you are to her. She told me that she was leaving, demanding me not to look for her as she bid farewell and vanished with the wind. Look for her? I had no reason to look for a woman who can’t control herself.” Takeshi speaks as he stares at Tatsuya, who chuckles a little. Finding this to be annoying as to what was funny, he ignores it and finishes his explanation. “This of course is from my perspective. Whether or not it is correct is for Madoka to verify.” Takeshi said as he crosses his arms.
“Right, I get it… I get it hahahaha!!” Tatsuya’s laughter started to piss Takeshi off, demanding an explanation to his fit of laughter. Tatsuya walks to the door while answering to his father.
“One, that uneasy feeling you got from mom, that was fear. It’s nothing to be ashamed of. After all, I hear that mom’s are the scariest when they’ve lost it.” Tatsuya stops at the door
“Two, out of all choices you had to make sure I didn’t return home, you chose to blindfold me. You funny as shit, pops got jokes.” Tatsuya opens the door and stood on the other side and looked back.
“And three, You act like you don’t love mother, but you loved her more than anyone else. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have taken her advise to keep me from her. By the way, it’s not that you had no reason to look for her. You actually tried but you couldn’t find her. Your terrible at lying, you should put more work on that if you want to deceive anybody.” Tatsuya points out as he closes the door but not before leaving a crack and said;
“Well, one thing has changed after this conversation. I have a better view of you as a father than I did before.” He notes as he see Rin bow before he leaves, unable to see his father cover his face as he sheds a tear. “Stupid child”
Rin looks at him in confusion as she hesitates to put her hand on his shoulder.

Hotaru stood by on the ship that left to Honshu and watches the citizens get on board their respective ships. Hotaka already left during the night so Hotaru was stuck with-
“Yo” Tatsuya calls out as he approaches Hotaru, positioning herself on the opposite side of the ship like before. “You better not, one, tell anyone the location of our village, even if it kills you. And two, don’t start trouble in the village. I already have a bad enough reputation as it is.” Hotaru mentions, as she stares him dead in the eyes, watching as he nervously nods as he looks elsewhere. “The first one, I can do, the second is something that might be beyond my control.” Tatsuya said shrugging his shoulders until Hotaru gets in his face. “Promise!” She demands as he leans back on instinct and places a foot behind him. He hated making promises he wasn’t sure he could keep but he did so anyways. Sighing in relief, Hotaru looks to the land as they pull off from the island and gaze as it begins to appear shorter by the minute. Tatsuya notices the string in her hair and starts to look at his own wrist. “The mark hasn’t left yet, huh.” he reflects as he notices Hotaru with her hand out and a string in her palms. “You forgot this” she said as she looked at him with a expression that is telling him to hurry and grab the damn thing. Tatsuya grabs the string and connects it to his right earlobe and stared into the sunset for a brief period of time.
“Think it was coincidence we met?” Tatsuya asked, curious of her answer.
Hotaru doesn’t answer until a solid moment passed then replies, “Doesn’t matter much does it?” she asked as she turns her attention from the sunset to him.
“Nope… not really. Whether it was by fate or coincidence doesn’t matter. In the end, the person I still grew a bond and fallen in love with is Tsun-chan.” Tatsuya said as he looks at her.
“You really intend to not call me by my name huh?” She said as she gave him an annoyed look. “You never properly told me your name.” He responds as he lightly grabs her by her shoulders.
“Kono baka, my name is Hotaru. Say it, say my name.” Hotaru demands with Tatsuya gradually getting closer, she closes her eyes.
“I love you, Hotaru.” Tatsuya said as he lightly presses his lips against hers for a moment then breaks the kiss to ask; “How do you feel?” feeling teased, her face begins to lightly flush and instead of responding, she reaches up and pulls him back into the kiss as she show her affection with her actions. The kiss proved their affection for each other brilliant, like the sunset as they headed straight for the Tengoku Ratosu together.


The real story begins from here.

Had to make ending as cheesy as possible. Plan to retype some areas around the first 2 chapters. I don’t like the quick progression of development I’ve developed for Tatsuya and Hotaru. Hotaru’s character should be more cold in the beginning and slightly warmer near the end. I intend to fix that as soon as possible.


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