Part I. The Entounter

Gunshots, metals clashing and the sky sparkles blue as a war takes place, which erupts the lands, and the battle cries of unorganized classes. When numbers dropped and the sky sparkle no more, all that was !.

“Drake… ?… Saku… ?… Tess?!” A maiden calls out as she draws an arrow from her quiver and holds it between her teeth. She climbs onto a tree branch and waited, with an adaptive camoflage cloak.

“There are still four more, those idiots.” She mumbles as opens a container from her sash and dips the tip of the arrow into the container.

Four figures walks through the forest. three males, a warrior, a mage, and a knight, and one female priest. A plan begins to form as she observed each of their equipment. The knight and warrior’s weapons were sheathed but the mage and priest had theirs ready. The chances of her defeating them all by herself was slim, but she carries out her scheme in a quick and swift order.

“John, you should consider wearing a helmet next time. you almost lost your head.” The warrior recommends as he pats his shoulder.

“Pft, that was luck Smith. Catching us off guard like that means they just suck that bad.” The knight replies as he brushes against the cut on his cheek.

“You two still have enough mana?” The warrior questions, looking back at them.

“Yeah, we’re good.” The mage spoke. The priest simply nodded.

“Alright, how many do you think are left?” The warrior asks.

“Not sure. The announcement hasn’t been made yet. So let’s go take down more. More EXP for us.” The knight states with a laughter at the end, as if mocking their enemies.

The warrior agrees and joins him with amusement.

“Bastards, this isn’t a game.” The huntress mumbles to herself as she shoots the first arrow, commencing her plan.

The knight’s head is impaled with an arrow and falls to the ground, bursting into red data called metazytes. The warrior unsheathes his blade, deflecting an arrow shot at him and chases it’s direction. The huntress throws a container in his direction towards the sky.

“Come on, let’s get this chump!” The warrior orders as he runs towards the huntress. The priest was hesitant to follow, and before the mage could follow, the container appears and crashes on the surface, glowing bright.

The huntress jumps from the tree and lands in a crouching position to conceal her figure. The warrior steadily got closer but halted after a BOOM!

“What the he-?!” he questions as he looks towards his teammates direction, but hears the sound of the bushes moving. She was running away.

“Bastard.” He starts the chase immediately and follows her lead. The sound of bushes gradually getting louder as he draws near. The sound stops and he reaches the end of the bushes, where the sound ceased. With an immediate stop, he pants heavily while taking small steps back.

“Woah, where the hell this cliff come from?” The warrior questions beneath his breath. Looking down and around for his prey, he saw naught.

“Where the hell did he-?” He hissed until a shadowy figure appears before him.

“-she*” The huntress corrects before kicking the warrior down the cliff. The curses from the man is heard as his voice fades with distance.

“Now then, that mage should still be alive. Got to finish the job and- ” The huntress mumbles until the wind picks up. She turns to see the warrior flying towards her griping a cord.

“Gotcha!” The warrior mocks as he laughs a victorious tune while approaching her with his blade ready to kill.

“Damn!” The huntress growls as she raises her bow to defend herself. The force of the blade, combined with the momentum of his motion blows the huntress back within the forest, colliding with a bush before crashing onto a tree, dropping her bow and a few of her containers as she falls below the tree. Coughing and recuperating from the impact, her body felt heavy. He walks in on her with a sneer.

“You almost had me.” He comments as he stops before her.

“I DID have you. You just managed to bullshit your metazytation.” She replies with an agitated expression as his sword lats in front of her face.

“You damn straight, I’m losing to nobody!” He said as he raises his sword.

“Die.” He said as he drags his sword down towards her while she cover her head, as the wind is penetrated by steel like an arrow, until it stops all motion abruptly.

“…?” The melody of leaves could be heard through the silence. Until it breaks with stuttering agony.

“What the hell… you-?!”

“!” The huntress opens her eyes to see the warrior’s chest perpetuated by a blade.

“Where -” “Die.” A young moody voice commands as the owner of the blade brings the blade deeper in his chest and twists before pulling out. A shriek came and gone as a swift cut came to his neck. The weapon was different. A chain was heard as a semicircular blade slashes through the man’s neck. He broke down immediately, with terror in his eyes, as he bursts into metazytes. Revealing the face of a boy with an empty expression.

“(Isn’t he the one Drake scouted as a dummy?)” The huntress thought as she reaches for a dagger behind her, concealed by the cloak. “Warning.” The boy said as he raises the blade to her face. It was a katana with a short blade, a kodachi, and his semicircular blade, the sickle, or kama. “Allies.” He said, putting the blade away from her face, sheathing his kodachi and his sickle, before walking away.

“Hang on” She demands as she gets up. The boy stops and say nothing.

“Who are you?” She asked slowly approaching the boy. He turns to her and he throws 3 knives

in her direction. She notices the target wasn’t her and she steps forward while turning to see a gunner pierced in her dominant arm, the solar plexus and her head as she leans back from the impact and falls forward in the huntress direction, in which she moves away from the gunner’s collision path and bursts into metazytes. Speechless, she turns back to the boy unphased.

“A warning could’ve been nice, but you still didn’t answer my question.” She said, moving past the situation that just happened. An announcement came immediately;

“The winners of the friendly five versus five battle has been decided. Participants return to the main lobbyto see results.”

The boy starts walking again but to the main lobby. The huntress felt annoyed at the lack of response. “Fine jerk.” She said, walking in the same direction to the lobby. She arrives to the door that leads to the tavern. Upon moving through the door, space distorts and people and beast-alike surrounded her, chatting and bragging of their lives.

“She’s back!” A feminine voice calls out, alerting her. Three people approaches her and she approached them.

“You won Sora!” The voice identifies the huntress as she looks furious.

“Where were you guys?!” Sora questions with demand, indicating them as her allies.

“We were defeated three minutes in.” Drake replies΅


“Yeah, somehow they knew our locations and flanked each of us as a group. We shouldn’t have splitten up.” Tess added .

“But Anita won without us. Not surprising since its from the best of us.” Saku notes and the others started to laugh but Sora cuts them off.

“I didn’t win it by myself. That other dude saved me from elimination. He defeated my attacker.”

Sora corrects as she notices him walking towards the exit.


Sora and her group looks towards the leaderboards and was shocked with the sight.

The attacking team scored eight kills, all members dead, = Losers.

The defending team lost eight members.

Level. 24 “Sora” killed 1 enemy with 80 damage points = +$2,000 +1500 exp.

Level. 59 “  ” with 4 kills, receiving 0 damage points = +$8,000 +6000 exp.

“(Level 59?! Wait,  could it be that boy…) Blank, is that the dude you had fill in for our lack of members?” Sora questions with an unsatisfied expression.

“Yeah, I thought he was a nobody so I grabbed him. I couldn’t see his stats and he isn’t wearing any decent armor so I thought of him a newbie.” Drake responds with uncertainty ΅ .

“You thought wrong, and he didn’t get damaged either.” Sora notes as she recalls the encounter. She was handed a bag of money by a man. She hears the door open and follows it lead, leaving her friends calling out to her behind.

“Hey!” Sora calls out to the boy. He turns to her this time, with a shaking sound from the bag of money in his hand.

“What?” He asked with the usual poker face.

“Don’t give me that *​what?*, you still never answered my question! Who are you?” Sora demanded.

“Nothing.” He responds


“Nothing.” The boy repeats as he turns towards her. “I am nobody, as you are somebody, Sora.”

The boy said as he stares at her.

This answer surprises her. She felt annoyed because she felt like he was mocking her. But she knew he couldn’t be lying because she couldn’t feel a presence from his dead eyes. Before she could get to him, a pair of siblings approached the boy. Sora’s eyes glow and scans the siblings for their status, but it didn’t appear.

“*NPC? What would they want with a player?” Sora thought as she walks toward them.

The siblings looked poor as they stare boy a face of desperation.

“They want money? Who would give NPC money?” Sora wondered until she saw the boy open the bag. “No way”

The boy poured hand fills of money to their small cup-shaped hands. They thanked him and ran across the street to a group of people who appeared to be their family. They all made a gesture of appreciation to the boy. Sora saw his poker face smile and a thump in her chest.

“What the- my chest feels hot?” Sora mumbled as she wonders what the feeling was. At the same time the boy continues to walk off. Before she could pursue further, her friends caught up.
“What are you running for Sora? My stamina is almost out, chasing after your ass.” Drake questions as he caught up with her, panting. The girls were looking in the direction before Sora and saw the boy before he disappeared. They saw Sora’s face slightly red.

“I see what’s going on.” Tess noted, grabbing Sora’s shoulder with Saku joining in.

“What?” Sora questioned in confusion.

“What are you guys talking abo-?” Drake started until Tess covered his mouth.

“*Shut up and roll with it alright!*” Tess said through a brain call to Drake, making him nervous.

“*Okay.*” He replies.

Saku and Tess winks at Sora, who looks at them in confusion. “What the hell?”

“Saku, didn’t you say you wanted to go look around the accessory shop for those luxurious ornaments and amulets?” Tess asked with a sneering grin.

“Yes I did Tess. I did say that.” Saku replies as they released their arm from her shoulder.

“Drake’s treat.” They said as Tess pulls Drakes money card from his pocket. They start moving away from Sora as Drake chases them, “Hey, return that!” Leaving Sora alone.

“What was that all about?” Sora mumbled with confusion in her tone. She looks back to the family of NPC and smiles.

“Well, might as well find out more about that guy. Something about him is off.” Sora said as she starts the chase towards the boy.

Tess and Saku leads Drake to the shopping center and stops for him to catch up.

“What is your deal?” Drake questions as he gets onto his knees in exhaustion.

“You sure are slow.” Tess said

“Too slow.” Saku pressed onward

“What are you talking about?!” Drake demanded as he takes a brown ball shaped pill, recovering half of his stamina.

“Don’t worry about it.” Tess said

“😑… why?” Drake questions

Tess and Saku looked at each other with a grin.

“We are going on a date.” Tess said with a smirk.

“😒… who?” Drake questions again

“You and the two of us.” Tess replies, moving closer. She wore light armor and leather, so her cleavage was exposed from the top view, with a grin on her face. Saku did the same.

“😎… alright.” Drake broke under pressure.

“Great. Let’s go.” Tess said.

“*Drake’s paying.*” a thought synchronized to Saku and Tess as they cheered for Sora.


The boy walks through the town and by the time he got to the outskirts, he was surrounded.

“Hey kid.” A man with a huge build and a scarf around his arm said. Everyone else had scarves on their heads but him, indicating he was of a higher level, their boss.

“?😒” The boy turns to him, since his path was blocked.

“Give us the money.” The man said with a grin.

“No.😑” The boy replies and turns away and continues to walk in the same direction, despite it being blocked.

“No…😐… 😡 I don’t think you understand the situation.” The man noted as he equips a claw to both of his arms. The boy senses danger from the man and his subordinates and immediately drew his kodachi and kama and bump their back ends together, connecting a chain to them before entering a short stance.

“He thinks he can take all of us on?😬” A man from the group mocks as they equipped shields to barricade him inside.

“Keep talking like that and you’ll end up the only lose from our side. 😂” A woman said, making the others laugh.

“Defend” The boy mutters as he dashes to the group with shields. The boy jumps over a group of people, and falling amidst the group, causing panic as he hacks and slashes at everyone near. The boss sprints towards the boy and pierces his sword through the air to his prey. The boy leans back, barely missing the strike, scratching his arm. He returns with a kick to the rib towards the  boss, which lands but the man’s build lessened the damage.

“Argh!” But it nonetheless hurt. The man continuously swung his sword at the boy, but all were evaded. More blades were directed towards the boy. Both females, both long haired but one ponytailed, (girl A and B for now), with their strikes more agile and sharper than the boss. Some which scrapped the boy in different places. As the assault presses forward, the boy steadily gets pinned down by the blades upon him until he disappears, surprising them. A leaf falls between them. Alarmed the three were, scattered into two. The boss alone and the two women back to back. Focusing on their surroundings, they awaited the smallest sound. Only not to hear it but a faint scream.

“Horishito-” The boss croaked with a scarcely faint voice.

The two women turn towards his direction to see the boy and their boss’ figure without a head. The head was in the boy’s hand. The body bursts into metazytes as the head within the boy’s palm.

“Boss? Damn you, state your name!” Girl A demanded as they locked their attention to him. He looks at them and closes his eyes. Remembering past events in another world.

“I have no name.” He replies.

“What does that mean?” She questions as her anger gets stronger.

“You have names, I don’t. You both have identities as I remain without.” He said.

“What is your point?” Girl B asked.

“…” He opens his eyes.

“Such kindness, chained by darkness.” He responds.

Before they could respond, he dashes towards them like lightning, catching them shocked and their attacks choppy, allowing him to cuts them down simultaneously before heading to the rest of the group, who is shaken with fear from their boss’ defeat. Their morale dropped instantly so their metazytation took no time. He took a look around. The two girls were still there.

*Sigh* The boy sheathed his weapons and sat down at the nearest tree. He opens his bag and pulls out a roll of cloth, which he wraps around his wounded arm and rips the cloth. Storing what’s left into his bag and got up. Walking towards the immobilized women, he gives them each a painkiller and morphine. Without giving them his reason or even a word, he begins walking off out of town. The women looks at each other wondering who he think he was, picking up the medicine, ready to throw them away until they heard the bushes move.

“Are you really going to throw away your one chance to get back onto your feet without having to waste a **life beat**? ” Sora questions as she steps out of the bushes.

“Why in the hell did he even give this to us anyway?” Girl A asked in response.

“Yeah, is it pity?” Girl B adds.

“I don’t know.” Sora shakes

“What the hell, do you even know the guy?” Girl A asked as her mood drops from anger to annoyance.

“Not really. But he doesn’t seem like someone who would pity out of weakness. Besides, he left you both, a warrior and a samurai with 20 health points, but massacred the rest. I would’ve killed you two as well. But he left you alive, so I won’t.” Sora responds as she looks down the road the boy went.

“You could be right.” Girl B acknowledged as Girl A looks at her in shock, but accepts on her accord.

“Are you following him?” Girl B asked in curiosity.

“Only for awhile, he’s interesting.” Sora answers.

“Is it interest or is it something else?” Girl A teased with a chickle.

“Something else?” Sora questions, not understanding her statement.

“It’s nothing. In any case, get outta here before people show up. I rather people think we knocked each other loose than a single woman in a cloak.” Girl A responds. “Shoo.”

“Whatever” Sora said as she pulls on her hood and runs into the direction of the boy after jumping into the woods. Gone from sight.

“Picking on people again, **Chiyo** ?” Girl B rhetorically asks

“Hey, you let me. Your just as guilty as I am **Kayo** . Besides, I’m only 20, I’m allowed this much aren’t I?” Chiyo responds with a sneer, which Kayo laughs.

“I’m 21, so your alone on that one… well maybe.😏 I even thought of teasing the poker boy just now. Speaking of, have you noticed that they were just alike? That look on their faces. Seemed like they’ve been through a lot in life.” Kayo notes.

“Really? To me it seemed like the boy went through worse. The girl had a * human*  expression.” Chiyo responded as she injects the morphine into her after taking painkillers.

“Oh?” Kayo said, taking care of herself as well.

“Yeah, the boy’s expression was rather… void than poker. Like there was nobody there.” Chiyo explained as she got up.

“I see… not much to worry about then.” Kayo said as she got up and started walking down the street.

“What do you mean?” Chiyo asks

“He’s got her. Besides, people like him tend to attract people the most. Mostly bad though, but the good make up for it to be a good adventure.” Kayo answers.

😲“*oh wow*… Kayo transformed to Enlightened Musashi. I bet in the other world you were a hikikomori°.” Chiyo said in a mocking tone. 😆

°* By the way a hikikomori is an adolescent shut-in who prefers to be isolated from the outside. It differs from an Otaku because otaku are generalized as anime/game nerds/geeks but doesn’t isolate themselves often.*

“Those days gave me time to learn about things that I couldn’t see. That’s all.” Kayo rebukes.😔

😉“Uh-huh, whatever Kayo the Shaman.” Chiyo responded.

😉“That don’t sound too bad.” Kayo admits.

😑“Nah, too hell with it.” Chiyo said, making Kayo laugh for a minute.

😔“I think it is time we stop following Juro.” Kayo said.

😧 “Your right. But how?” Chiyo agreed

“…” Kayo stopped walking, which Chiyo stopped afterwards.

“We form a guild.” Kayo suggested.

“The name?” 😞

“Shamans of the East.”☺

“… okay.😒” Chiyo remains speechless afterwards.


The boy starts a bonfire and sat down. His legs were crossed as he clasps his hands together. Controlling his energy through his palms as he opens his hand without releasing the connection between his fingers and shoots his energy into the fire, burning it brighter than before and a wind vortex spiraling around the fire, compressing it’s mass as sparks slip out, creating a flame as bright as a rainbow.

“What is that? It’s so pure.” Sora wonders as she watches from a nearby tree. The fire sparkled in her eyes as the light mesmerized her. Easing her from concealing her presence. Making her noticeable.

The boy senses her but no hostility, so he continues with his activity. He reposition his hands into a diamond, with the opening centering his solar plexus.

Efil fo Emalf: Noitareneger!” The boy chanted, commanding the fire to enter the open space of his hand and enter the solar plexus, spreading the fire throughout his core as he glow bright from the flame within as he resists the unstable effects. The fire circles within the boy as he crosses his arms. With the drop of his arms and a spark of energy ripping through his skin, the fire merges with his being as the boy falls without hesitation. Alarming Sora, she runs to him and presses her finger onto his chest.

“(Budump. Budump.  Badump)” His heart responds, assuring he’s still alive.

“This guy is only unconscious. Actually making me worry for you. You suicidal basta-” Sora mumbled as she stares at the boy and notices his new and old wounds closing at a fast pace.

“This only happens when you level up. Just who are you?” Sora wondered as she reaches for his face. His eyes shot open and he retreated faster than she could react to him awaking.

“… Don’t touch me.” He said with a new expression, fitting a tiger protecting himself from predators.

“I wanna test something.” She approaches him as he drew only the kodachi this time and got into a defensive stance. She got closer and closer but he didn’t attack. She was before him, close enough to completely penetrate her with his kodachi. She reaches for his hand and grabs it, lowering his kodachi. The expression from his face remained still.

“Calmed down?” Sora asked as his expression eases up and he nods.

“Great, well then…” She said as she raises a hand to him.

“?” unaware of her intentions, he hesitates.

“Let’s be friends.” She said as she smiled a warm smile.

His heart skipped a beat and he felt warm inside. It was a feeling he has never felt before. Before he could respond, an arrow pierces through Sora rib, knocking her away from the boy, with seeping metazytes. Shocking the boy as his heart rate drops. A group of men approached as the boy stares at Sora after a brief pause. She was immobilized and her hp was dropping rapidly.

“What the hell… ” The boy said as he prys the arrow from her skin gently, causing her to moan in pain. Her pained expression made the boy’s stomach swirl and his mind race.

“You remember me boy?” A familiar man from the group said. It was the same boss who was beheaded at the town gate. “It doesn’t matter, get this guy before he can retaliate. It’s payback time.” The man ordered, commanding the men before him to launch an assault on the boy.

“You’ve gotta run, you’re no match for-” The immobilized Sora started until she witness his eyes. “?! Hey…” Sora mumbled as she remains speechless.

“What the hell did you just do?!” The boy said as he looked at them with a murderous gaze. Startling the men for a moment, but continues their assault, but before they could get close, the boy filled his fist with energy and punches the ground, causing the earth to shake and the men’s balance to shift. The boy drew his kusarigama and throws the kama at the shaken men, which several has fallen and the rest continued the attack. The boy dashes at them one by one and hacks at them each. Some put up a struggle, but not good enough to stop the boy. The boss watched in awe from the sidelines as his men was taken down. He signaled one of his men to sneak and the hidden archer to aim at the boy.

The boy continues his attack on the men, breaking their weapons and tearing their armor with every swing. He strikes the man before him down and he watches the body collapse and slowly disintegrate into metazytes. He hears a whistle and turn to the direction. He saw a man lifting Sora by her arm with a sword to her back. Panicked as the boy was, he began to dash to her, anticipated by the boss.

“Here comes the easy part.” The boss said as he signals the archer to shoot to kill. Sora notices and tells the boy not to come, but the boy ignores her and ran to her aid until an arrow shot in front of him before his feet, which he dodged and reached into his pocket and grabs a stone pebble with sharp edges, and chucks it to the archer with precision and force. The archer’s skull was penetrated and fell from his hiding location, disintegrating into metazytes.

“What the-?!” The boss said as the boy grabs the arrow the was lodged into the ground and ran to the freaked out man restraining Sora.

“(*Last time, I did nothing and I regretted it. Never again.*)” He thought as he reaches, grabbing her shoulder, pulling her to him and stabbing the man in the neck with the arrow. Sora falls into the boy’s arms as he releases the arrow from his grip to hold onto Sora. Metazytes spurting out of the man’s neck as he falls and bursts into metazytes. He lets her on her feet gently, which she gains enough balance to stand.

“Hey.” Sora said, trying to get the boy’s attention, but his gaze was fixed on the boss. Who was mortified by his actions.

“You monster!” He said as he backs up slowly.

“I’m not a monster. I’m nothing, but a former reaper.” The boy replies as he beams his kodachi to the man, piercing his chest and leaving him speechless as he follows its path. As he sticks onto a tree and began to disintegrate, the boy prepares to continue his attack until Sora grabs his arm.

“That’s enough.” She said. He stops on her signal and watches the man disintegrate for a moment then went to Sora. She grabs a medical kit from her bag and patches herself up. The boy watches her during the process, which she notices and asks for privacy. He backs off, but told her that the wound wouldn’t heal immediately, and would be a burden to her in the future. She acknowledges this fact as she was already aware. She intended to stay behind and rest. She still had friends waiting for her in the town. As she fell asleep, the boy approaches her and watches her sleep.


Sora wakes up to find herself alone in the forest.  Upon getting up, she heard a rattling sound. She looks to see a necklace and noticed she was emitting a colorless aura. She looks at her HUD and finds an icon beneath her status. She taps it and a confirmation box appears.


She wondered what the message meant. Was it dangerous, an event? Thinking of it, she came to the conclusion to accept it on the possibility it was helpful. Chameleon was superior at camoflage so it’d benefit her to gain anything that could assist her stealth. She held out her dominant hand and the aura that surrounded her began spiking colors. The intense wave of energy shocked her as she felt warm inside.

“Isn’t this color…” She thought as  mark forms at the center of her right palm. The aura bursts and she takes a look at the mark.

A black chameleon, she saw.

“Hm…” She mumbled while opening her profile.

Her status had skyrocketed.

“What is this? Why am I a lvl. 59?!”. Out of curiosity, she opens her “**MEMORY BANK** ” and scanned events that happened while she slept. Nothing happened during the scan until she went back 10 after she fell asleep. The boy sat beside her.

“Those people were weak. Yet you were hurt to this extent. Why you followed me here I don’t know. But the world we live in are vastly different. If you wish to continue, take this. You may need it more than me.” He said as he closes in on her face. She gasps as her face grows brighter.

The boy presses his lips against hers as she slept.  “That’s my…” She mumbled as she watches further. During this daring event, Sora’s body glowed and extracts the rainbow flame within the boy from his mouth to hers, which enters and transfers to her core.

“So that’s why I was given the confirmation.” She verifies and watches the rest.

He ends the embrace and gets up. After grabbing his equipment from a tree, he approaches her. Removing the necklace from his body and clenches into his palm. He  chants a spell, causing the necklace to change colors and the shape to change.

“Luatiritps Gnidnib: Noitcennoc”. He said, as the spell finishes.

“Farewell nice person. Stay well.” He said as he disappears within the night.

“What was that spell?” She wondered as she looks down at the necklace.

It’s shape was that of a valve, which contained a mystical liquid, coating 2 round pills.

She assessed the situation to understand;

– The boy gave her what could be an S-class booster, and the effects seen to last permanently.

– He gave her a unique necklace.

– He’s taken her first kiss. (Which upsets her.)

– He’s no ordinary boy.

– He left a helpless sleeping girl in the woods alone.

She readies her equipment and decides to go back to the city, which her teammates were last seen.

Before departing, she checks her message inbox and finds one by Drake, notifying her of his bankruptcy due to her companions and they were making their way to Honmaru for a special quest they found on the local bulletin board. Sora makes her way there herself, unaware of the sooner anticipated reunion with the boy.


Published by: Tomo

March 3, 1999 I believe only in what I see. If death is going to take me, then it'll happen when it does but not before I accomplish what I've been put on this Earth to do.

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