Martial Arts story mainly inspired by Dead or Alive/Tekken (trust me, you’ll know it when you see it.) This story is my attempt at making a story with cliche half-baked characters, the supernatural, and a unique plot to make a story web; a series of stories that bundles up and meets up at one event at the same time. The Legendary Martial Arts Tournament = DENSETSU NO BUDOKAI!
-By the way, 8/10 of the stories are planned to involve deepening bonds and romance plots and stuff, you know, the usual.
-IMPORTANT- I’ve never been good at writing novels and such, but I write how I see myself and other’s speak. I don’t have a specific style of writing/typing, just whatever feels comfortable to me; First/Third Person Perspective Mix.
– One thing I’ll also make clear. The characters will not be as clueless as you see in animes. I don’t like seeing it so I won’t make those who enjoy the series so I won’t do it to you either unless planned by character.
-I don’t know how the copyrights thing works but uhh… don’t copy my shit.
-Hope you enjoy, there may be times I don’t type for awhile and I apologize beforehand and without further ado, enjoy!