Universe 1 – Densetsu no Budokai

The main timeline of the Densetsu no Budokai series.

Recent – Vol. 1, Ch.V

Tatsuya and Amadi defeats Abuelo and learns that there are more types of Akuma out there, and out of nowhere Hotaru appears and destroys Abuelo completely, terminating what little bond Amadi’s body had with Abuelo, causing him to lose his eye sight. Tatsuya brings Hotaru back to her senses and Angelica causes the volcano to erupt, in which Tatsuya and his friends escapes from the land as Hotaka shows up with a motorboat and prevents them from being BBQ’d. Takeshi explains the reasons of Tatsuya’s abandonment and his mother’s disappearance before Tatsuya sets off with Hotaru to the Tengoku Ratosu village. But not before a prologue ending kiss.