Character profiles

Concept Arts


Gender: Female
Race: Half-Japanese half-Akuma
Affiliation: Former Tengoku Rotasu ninja,
Personality: Tsundere, emotional, cocky.
Fighting Style: Ratosu-Ninjutsu, Assassination techniques
Inspiration: Ayane – DOA
A white haired girl with Ruby eyes aside from the rest of her family, making those around her make her of a failure/disgrace. The offspring of Emiko after receiving the essence of an S-class Akuma during her pregnancy. Hotaru was outcasted by her father and the people because of her blood and the elders of the village refused to allow the girl to become a ninja for it’d bring shame to their pride as the Tengoku-Rotasu(Heaven Lotus) ninja. She was assigned to the assassin’s corp the “Yami no Me(Darkness bud)”, where the savages and misfortunate ninja resides at the age of 11. Learning the S-class technique, the “Hebunri-Rotasu-Dansu (Heavenly Lotus Dance)” at the age of 17, gave her the standings to be becoming the leader of the assassination corps. This didn’t feel like an achievement to Hotaru, but more punishment from her father for a crime she has not permit. One year later, she is sent on a mission to eliminate a traitor and was soon ordered to be disposed of by the elders.


Gender: Male
Race: Japanese
Affiliation: None
Personality: Calm, Playful, Dangerous.
Fighting Style: Hybrid
Inspiration: Original + Terry Bogard
A boy who looks younger than his age with the green eyes and the pupils of a dragon if looked carefully. Born with the ability to memorize anything he sees and recreate it with minimum effort as long as it is within his physical abilities. Taught martial arts by his father Takeshi until the age of 9, where he was thrown out to the streets, abandoned by his father with nothing but a phrase, “Get strong, rise to the top, and seek vengeance”. Hatred towards his father was born at that moment. Lived in the slums at the age of 10, he struggled to survive as he was repeatedly beat up by street thugs. Until the age of 14 where he learns skills to survive his harsh environment by dirty means until he attempted to pickpocket Yue Jin, who parried his arm and striked him in the stomach with a palm supplied with her chi, and recieving a lecture from her. Making Tatsuya’s mood more calm and positive. He befriended Yue Jin and made a promise to fight her in the future as he’ll be stronger than her someday. At the age of 18 he lives fairly and is well known in the streets for his fighting abilities and catches wind of a fighting tournament and Takeshi was on the poster. Filled with rage, he sets out to find his father, unaware that he is being pursued by an organization that wants his DNA.


Gender: Male
Race: Japanese
Affiliation: Tengoku Ratosu Leader
Personality: Calm, Wise, Quickwitted.
Fighting Style: Ratosu-Ninjutsu
Inspiration: Ryu Hayabusa , Kage-Maru
A man who was born with superior talent unlike none else. Became a b-class Tengoku Ratosu ninja at the age of 10. Finding life to be simple such as to kill or to be killed, he payed not much attention to the villagers except for his little sister Hotaru. 2 and a half years later, he sees his little sister at the age of 9, getting harassed by the other children of the village and noticed Hotaru crying. He instantly gets enraged and defends his sister and makes a vow to protect his sister. With his new motivation, he became A-class at the age of 15. At the age of 20 his skills rank S and he becomes the Tengoku Ratosu Leader as his father retires and becomes an elder. Watching his sister become a candidate to be the Yami no Me leader made him make a second vow. To make his little sister’s life a little easier, until 1 year later he heard news of his sister’s eliminations. He goes against the clan and watches over her sister from the shadows and eliminates all traces of her from her pursuers, all the while, eliminating any Akuma he senses.


Gender: Male
Affiliation: Runaway ninja
Personality: Twisted, childish, joker.
Inspiration: Original
A man who was raised like a talentless child within the Tengoku Ratosu village. Sick and tired of being underestimated by his peers, he chose to secretly learn B-Class ninja skills and up during the night time. At the age of 26, with much gained knowledge of the Tengoku Ratosu skills, he knew it was time for him to prove himself to the outside world and leave his shell within the Tengoku Ratosu village. He stole S-class technique scrolls, and abandoned the village undetected. News of his betrayal reached 3 days after the scrolls were discovered missing. He went into hiding for a year, planning to make a comeback to the village that underestimated him.

Xiao Xiao/Dash

Age: 25
Gender: Male
Race: Chinese
Affiliation: Police Force
Personality: Brash, Short-tempered, selfless.
Fighting Style: Hybrid
Inspiration: Donnie Yen “Flashpoint”
A 10 year old kid born in a normal household, nothing unique happening to make his life any duller until a TV show came on that speaked of “Justice”, inspiring the kid to become a police officer. 12 years later and the kid turned man gets his first assignment and finishes it splendidly. He captured a terrorist who threatened to assassinate the Chinese president. He celebrates his achievement with his girlfriend. A week later he recieves a call during his second assignment from the terrorist telling him to go to the same location he captured him. Xiao got a bad feeling from the call so he went there in a hurry. He arrives to the destination and saw the terrorist shoot his girlfriend in the head. Xiao was psychologically scarred by the event. He finished his second assignment, leaving the culprit beatened half to death. He gains a partner who’s job is to keep him from going over board again. 3 years later and he gets a new assignment about a criminal entering in a tournament being held on an inhabited island, and his duty was to participate and capture the criminal without raising any commotion.

Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: British
Affiliation: Police Force
Personality: Brave, caring.
Fighting Style: Military Arts

Age: 16
Gender: Male
Race: Afro-Caribbean
Affiliation: None
Personality: Playful, joker, Cocky.
FIghting Style: Self-taught, Dambe
Inspiration: Original
Born in a south African tribe, destined to be sacrificed at birth, but the tribe was annihilated by (organization) but was taken in by a traveler during the massacre. 8 years later, the boy learned how to defend himself as he journeys with his companion across the world. At the age of 16, he reaches Japan, soon after the traveler passes away and Amadi encounters a pack of Akuma, 1 which appeared to be in trouble against his kind. So he tries to help and defeats all but one. He merges with the Akuma he saved and defeats the last Akuma. With an Akuma within him, tattoos appears on his body and glows when the Akuma reacts, giving him special abilities only restricted to Akuma. He calls this Akuma ‘Abuelo’ because it speaks like a grandfather would. Abuelo speaks to Amadi telepathically and instructs him to go to the island currently holding a tournament.





Affiliation: None

Personality: Playful, Wise, quickwitted, Sketchy


Yue Jin

Age: 19
Gender: Female
Race: Chinese
Affiliation: Currently Yue Household
Personality: Brave, Selfless, Nosy.
Fighting Style: Wudang-style Hybrid
Inspiration: Asuka Kazama, Pai Chan
A young woman raised in a prostigious Chinese family. Believes in public justice and maintains the peace and order whenever she is near, accepting all challenges. At a young age of 3 years old, she was trained in all styles of Chinese Kung Fu. At the age of 10, young Yue learns 2 Wudang styles; Bagua zhang and Tai chi ch’uan. Told that she wasn’t ready to learn the Baji chuan, she began training for perfect chi control at the age of 13. She moves to Japan to experience the outside world and learn Japanese. A year later passes and her chi control training comes to an end, the results weren’t what was intended but close enough to return home. As she departs, following by a group of guards, a young and desperate Tatsuya tries to pickpocket Yue Jin. She instinctly uses a chi technique on the boy. Not noticing his pickpocket attempt, she apologizes to the boy and he swore to fight her in the near future, claiming he’ll be stronger. She agrees to the challenge with a grin on her face she never expressed before. They instantly became friends and she departed again, with new motivation to her training. 4 years later and, Yue Jin’s master is murdered and the man rumored to have done so was a tiger named Takeshi. She swore vengeance against the man who had taken who she held precious. A year later and she learns of a tournament with a poster of a man who’s as fierce as a tiger but strikes like a dragon named “Takeshi“.
This is my chance! I’ll get revenge for my former master, no matter what.

Yun Feng

Gender: Male
Race: Chinese
Affiliation: Former Shaolin Monk
Personality: Brave, Bold, Selfless.
Fighting Style: Shaolin
Inspiration: Feng Wei
A man born into the Yun Household, as a child he was raised to rival those of the Yue family in skills of martial arts. At the age of 10, his family was ambushed by a squad of A-class Akuma ninja and eradicated. A monk passes by and Long’s father passes him to the monk, requesting him to look after the child as a dying will. The monk hesitantly accepts and takes Long with him. At the age of 20, he has learned the Shaolin kung fu styles. 2 years pass and Long sets out on his own journey to seek opponents and gain meaning to his fists. A year pass and Feng hears of a tournament. Wanting to gain more knowledge, he approaches the island hosting the tournament.


Age: 66

Gender: Male

Race: Chinese

Affiliation: Former Chinese Court of Martials Arts

Personality: Short-tempered,heartless.

Fighting Style: Eagle Claw + Dangerous Techniques

Inspiration: Original

A master of Eagle’s Claw who’s sole belief is that martial arts is the “Art of Death”. Majority of the martial artists he fights dies by his hands, be it a friendly match or a revenge match for those he’s killed, his actions wasn’t noticed until Dash exposes him. He was removed from the “Chinese Court of Martial Arts” by Jin before his arrest.


Age: 65

Gender: Male

Race: Chinese

Affiliation: Chinese Court of Martials Arts

Personality: Wise, calm, tolerant.

Fighting Style: Various Chinese Martial Arts

Inspiration: Gen Fu

The owner of a noodle shop and owner of a famous dojo. Jin is the master of a dojo that teaches the students the best martial arts style suited for them, but felt unsatisfied as of lately. He sees a tournament poster and decides to attend, and if he gets the battle he seeks, he will retire and dedicate his life to nurturing his promising pupils.

Kou + Erika
Gender: Female
Race: Japanese
Personality: Clumsy, Respectful, Tsundere
Fighting Style: Self-taught Jeet Kun Do
Inspiration: Original
A 13 year old girl fascinated by martial artists of all types but most specifically Bruce Lee. She was too nervous to join a dojo, so she taught herself Jeet Kun Do for 3 years. 16 years old and noticed (name) being picked on by thugs. So she came to her aide and defeats the thugs without being injured. (name) was impressed and wanted to be her friend, and she hid at first but accepted. (name) shows her a poster of a martial arts tournament 1 week away and asked if she wanted to go. She replies yes and (name) tags along for the journey.

Gender: Female
Race: African American
Affiliation: Military
Personality: Bold, Quickwitted.
Fighting Style: Sambo + Hybrid
Inspiration: Vanessa

A bold american lady who was judged by her skin color since her young age like her fellow race. Not being given many opportunities, Sheena at the age of 16, watches the military pass by and the general notices the lack of fear and rage in her eyes that the others of her kind gave. Out of amusement, he tests her skills by offering her to fight a soldier, she agrees with a smirk and he grins while giving her a knife and a handgun. She defeats the soldier easily, saying her gut feeling tells her that her victory was certain. Amusing the general, he takes her in and trains her in military martial arts. At the age of 18, she was well known amongst her colleagues, being the toughest soldier at the youngest age. At the age of 19, her latest assignment took place at a tournament being held in an inhabited island.


Gender: Male
Race: Japanese
Affiliation: Animal’s Den
Personality: Bold, Short-tempered, Wise.
Fighting Style: Dragon Tiger Palm (Hybrid= Tiger + Dragon)
Inspiration: Heihachi Mishima
A tiger, origins are unknown about his birth, his existence known to public at the age of 20. where he defeats a well-known martial artist. He meets Madoka, who doesn’t seem to flinch at the sight of Takeshi covered in the blood of his foes. He is attracted to the woman because of her strong sense of responsibility in her eyes. Takeshi marries Madoka and gave birth to Tatsuya at the age of 21. 8 and a half years later, he senses great power within Tatsuya. He threw his son out half a year later to toughen him up and to keep his dragon away from Madoka. For eight years, he fought and nearly kills several martial artists. Another year passes, and he is offered to participate in a tournament as the champion. He gets the feeling he’ll see his son if he accepts the offer so he does so and awaits his dragon child.
I will not repent for my sins, I will carry them with me until my justice is served, in battle!”

Age: 37
Gender: Female
Race: Japanese
Affiliation: Animal’s Den
Personality: Bold. Short-tempered, Wise.
Fighting Style: Akuma Arts
Inspiration: Kazumi Mishima
The mother of Tatsuya and the wife of Takeshi. Once an ordinary housewife who meets an S-Class Akuma. Forging a pact with the Akuma for vengeance towards her murdered fiance. She gains Akuma abilities that were also passed onto her son. 3 years pass and Madoka tells Takeshi that he will have to take care of Tatsuya alone. She will head out onto a journey to regain the true “Madoka”.


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